Making Money With AllAdvantage

Today someone pointed out this page from the Web Archive to me. Man, that brought back a lot of memories. The first was how ugly my site looked back then. The second was how crazy a time the dot com boom was. AllAdvantage was a company that offer to pay you while you surf the internet. How can they afford to do that? While you’re surfing you had to run a viewbar that showed advertising. You get paid $.50 for every hour up to 25 hours/month for your personal surfing. However, the company was set up with a multilevel structure and you could make money off people you referred to AllAdvantage and make money off your referral’s referrals (down 4 levels).

I use that AllAdvantage sales page to sign up over 10,000 people into my surfing network. It was among the easiest money I have ever made on the net. I signed up so many people that the Globe & Mail, Canada’s biggest newspaper did a feature article on me. Then the internet crashed, and AllAdvantage went with it. But before they went under, I took them for quite a bit of cash.

I can only imagine how many people I would have in my network today had AllAdvantage survive the dot com crash. When people ask me how I signed up that many people, I tell it was all done with that sale page. AllAdvantage was the start of what I would later call “Value Added Advertising.” While AllAdvantage recommend putting a banner on your site to get new signed up, I use that sale letter to “pre-sell” the web surfer. I didn’t write the core of that letter but I added heavily to it in order to give it more impact. The difference between that letter and a banner is like night and day. People were blind to banners, but when you explain to them how they can make money while surfing the web, they lined up to sign up.

The TTZ Hot Deals page, which is my most profitable page, is based on lessons learned from the AllAdvantage page. Will there be another AllAdvantage? I highly doubt it. We’re in the Google era now.

6 thoughts on “Making Money With AllAdvantage”

  1. Wow is that how old TechZone is? Didn’t know it was around in 2000.


    BTW did you send a press release to Globe & Mail or did AllAdvantage?

  2. Carl says:

    I was one of your 10,000 people, and I had a couple thousand of my own! Ah those were the days, when money truly did grow on trees.

  3. Carl says:

    And by the way, the reason you signed up so many people is because you showed them how to cheat the system and make money without actually seeing ads, and told them that they should sign up as your referral if they use that method. That’s why so many people signed up, including me 😉

  4. John Chow says:

    The Globe & Mail contacted me. They were doing an article about AllAdvantage and asked me to part of it. How they find out about me I am not sure – mostly from The TechZone. If you can find a Friday, June 9, 2000 issue of the Globe, my picture on the cover on the business section.

    Ya, cheating was a massive problem with AllAdvantage. That and the fact that they had vew few advertisers. They lack the technology to fight the cheats. Google could have ran into the same problem if they didn’t have such great anti-cheat technology.

  5. Stephen says:

    Ahh… Good ole AllAdvantage! My biggest achievement was getting my internet bill and cell phone bill paid for by it each month.

    Can’t you find that paper scanned somewhere? Library?

  6. John Chow says:

    Ya, the library would have it on micro-film I think. I must make a point of getting a hard copy of that Globe story one day.

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