Making Money with Black Friday


Black Friday is just a few days away and that means big money for retailers and sites that knows how to take advantage of it. Whenever I talk about Black Friday to my friends they don’t know what it is. This is because we don’t have a Black Friday in Canada. For those who don’t know, Black Friday is day after US Thanksgiving.

Why Is It Call Black Friday?

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally known as the biggest shopping day of the year (it really isn’t). It’s very much like Canada’s Boxing Day (December 26). People line up for hours on end to get their hands on the great deals. The Black Friday name comes from an accounting term. Black Friday is the day retailers turn a profit, or enter the black. Before this date, it’s presumed that they were operating in the red (losing money). I don’t know about you, but waiting until late November to enter the black is not the kind of business I want to be in!

Making Money from Black Friday

Black Friday is ideally set up for the shopping related sites because everyone is in a buying mood. The most famous Black Friday site is, run by Michael Brim and Dan Silvers. The site post scans of Black Friday newspaper ads from the major retailers like Best Buy and Costco. It’s a place for consumers to check out what the big retailers are offering before the ads hit the newspapers.

Not all retailers are happy having their ads posted on Some have sent cease-and-desist letter to get their ads pulled from the site. Two years ago, was sued by Office Depot for posting their Black Friday ads under the name “Office Despot” to get around the cease-and-desist letter. The case never made it to court but generated a lot of tier 1 press and made the site even bigger. makes money by posting Black Friday affiliate deals on the front page and running both Google AdSense and TTZ Media ads. Last November, BFAds served up 55 million page views, and this year, traffic has increased three times. You can take a guess at how much money that is worth. 😈

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  1. Black Friday is ALSO international buy nothing day;

    “A 24 hour moratorium on consumer spending – participate by not participating”

    1. Israel says:

      ahha, i never heard of that one.

    2. An interesting idea for most American consumers! :mrgreen:

  2. Jamie Harrop says:

    As a UK guy, I always thought the “black” in Black Friday referred to the colour you see as you’re stamped on while piling in to the store. 🙂

    1. Pam Hoffman says:

      I expect that would be ‘red’ : )

      I am always very careful to avoid shopping on that day – I just don’t like crowds!!

      I wouldn’t mind figuring out how to profit from the stampede however…

      Pam Hoffman

  3. MoneyNing says:

    Does TTZ Media give black friday discounts? 😉

    1. they should give a discount for the lag…

  4. I’ll be standing outside Best Buy in the cold on Boxing Day to get a new TV. I will be looking forward to seeing KTLA’s coverage of Black Friday though. They always do a good job.

  5. zaki says:

    It’s really great having something like ‘boxing day’. I experienced something like that when I was in UK. Now, in my country, there’s nothing similar to that…. 😯

  6. Steven says:

    It’s great for consumers who know how to shop and turn a profit to resell as well. Take for instance this awesome deal on a laptop being offered:

    It’s all about getting there early, buying max number items with the best turn around profit. Do it right, and you can generate thousands in a few days.

  7. Ad Tracker says:

    Kinda like the Black Friday Bargains search engine I have on my site 👿

    1. You gotta be kidding me! that’s just a google adsense search bar! nice try for some spam on here…

  8. Garry Conn says:


    A little late on offering this tip. I have racked in over $3500 dollars in the last two weeks by heavily capitalizing on black Friday. It is peeking now as we speak. Things like this require more planning then just jumping the gun at the last minute. It would have been better to offer up this tip a few weeks ago.

    1. I should be so lucky! Congratulations. Next year will surely be better!

  9. serge says:

    9 bil in sales last year, imagine how much of that was credit card purchases, how much of that is still being payed for.

    1. Let’s not forget to add the interest charges at 20% pa, it should be about 10.8 billion by now… All on products from Taiwan, Japan, and China… Cool! Thanks, guys! 😛

      1. It might be a black day for the businesses, but I wonder when it is a black day for credit card companies and those they milk the money from… !

  10. Jimson Lee says:

    The Canadian equivalent would be Red Flag Deals, but that’s every day, and not strictly BF.

    1. Gary R. Hess says:

      They still have red flag deals here (at least in Texas). It is mostly used for car deals though.

  11. PatBiz says:

    That might explain the recent and surprising increase in my PPC Affiliate Marketing… Can’t wait to see if it will continue to grow as it did in the past week or if it will fade out…

  12. It’s a shame that most of the good deals are cleared out by 5 AM on black Friday. Effin’ eBayers.

  13. Terrence says:

    I personally hate black Fridays. I avoid the malls and shopping outlets like there is no tomorrow. Nothing worse than a angry mob of shoppers trying to save 20% on something they will never use anyway.

  14. Israel says:

    this is the time of year where affiliates sites make a killing.

    1. The quality of your comments have been on the downward spiral. 😈 doesn’t ttz media do affiliate ads on bf? nice cross promotion. i was wondering why bf was the only link.

  15. Lucy Lastic says:

    Here in the UK we not only have Boxing Day, but are unfortunate enough to have the DFS sofa sale (complete with cheesy ads) which seems to be EVERY day 🙄

  16. shane says:

    Im eagerly anticipating Black Friday for shopping. Gonna get my kid another pair of hockey skates and few more new pieces of body armor, he keeps wrecking his jock ( Don’t ask) oh and a few sticks, one for myself. And oh yeah that new mac with leopard I’ve been drooling over, bought the 60 inch flat panel LCD screen Tv already, couldn’t wait on that nothing like Hockey LARGE LARGE LARGE
    shane higginbottom

  17. crocsy says:

    black friday seems to get bigger every passing year…

  18. Phamen says:

    How much did you earn from Black Friday John? 😀
    $10 Thousands?

  19. Mike Huang says: is the biggest site for Black Friday ads. It used to be bf2005, bf2006, and, but I guess they just purchased a main domain for redirection.


  20. Shaun Carter says:

    I beg to differ with you on Black Friday not being the busiest shopping day of the year… well at least at Wal-Mart (which is the US’s largest retailer). The Wal-Mart stores I had worked at as a manager would do 3-5x their normal daily sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving and no other day of the year even came close to matching that.

  21. So that’s why its called black Friday! Thanks for the explanation.

    1. Israel says:

      yeh i didnt know that either.

    2. PaMidstate says:

      Actually, businesses are not operating at a ‘loss’ through November… Black Friday is the day that ‘theoretically’ all the expenses are paid and the remaining revenue that comes into the company is the profit for the year… So, for the last month (1/12th) of a year, the company would make an average 8% profit on revenue, which is a general profitability average.

      1. I thought ‘black’ Friday had a whole other, more sinister connotation!

  22. Hahaha – Wow great site! 😀

  23. Dandruff says:

    I think it’s fun to shop on a Black Friday

  24. Dustin says:

    I’m personally not big on Black Friday anymore. The reason being that many people will tell you that its a bunch of violence anymore, over some “small deals.” I saw in the Wal-Mart paper the Black Friday deal for an XBOX360 … you save $10. That’s like a regular sale… not a Black Friday sale.

  25. Same as boxing day here

  26. I did a review on blackfriday once. I didn’t realize they make that kind of money. WOW !!!

  27. I have never heard about black friday…

  28. Etienne Teo says:

    That was a first hearing this website, kinda cool.

  29. Rich Sage says:

    Seems like a really bad waste of time when all this can be done online and have the boxes come to the door step, often for less. And then enjoy all that time with family or just the stuff!

  30. Shows that one never stops learning and the blogs like these are most welcome. Just like what you mentioned yesterday! No, I too do not think that waiting till late November to turn from red to black is a good way to do business. There must be a more sensible explanation to this phrase. I shall try and find out and let you know.

  31. MrBeachBum says:

    The following Monday is the online equivalent of Black Friday – called Cyber Monday. This “tradition” started in the last few years and is also a great day to focus on for your affiliate marketing. Good Luck everyone!

  32. Steven says:

    55,000,000… Wow. I knew that site was getting a lot of traffic, but not that much. I wonder how well that particular demographic of traffic converts seeing as they are there for the savings provided by the content rather than clicking ads. I wager the site could make a few deals to get a slice of the referred consumers’ purchases though.

  33. ‘Black Friday’ reminded me of Friday 13th… I could hardly understand why anyone would want to go shopping on such a day… Weird… Makes you wonder how much tax individuals pay to the government… When is your Black Day? I hope it ain’t November.

  34. It’s a shame this year, .. I didn’t know about Black Friday… It seems it wasn’t last year so popular as another day for buying called Cyber MOnday … Am I right?

  35. Daniel says:

    Yeah, PPC marketers can make an absolute killing on Black Friday if they know how.

    If not, there is always Cyber Monday 🙂

  36. Dandruff says:

    These are days made famous by media. Media hypes them so much, that the person sitting at home and not shopping on a Black Friday seems to be a looser.

  37. Mike says:

    yeah i dont know why you would want to be in business for so long just so that you could turn a profit.. man if they have a bad year then what? i guess go bankrupt… doesn’t sound like a fun business to be in!

  38. Jeezus crist on a pogostick!
    Maan the guys behind ‘blackfriday’ must be raking in the affiliate-moolah like acorns on a hot summer night!


    (Even though i tend to associate anything ‘black +weekday to the stock market crash… maybe im just wierd)

  39. Karol Krizka says:

    Best thing is, we can take advantage of those deals with our Canadian money. 😈

  40. Joeychgo says:

    I dont bother shopping on black friday – I still have a month – why should I fight everyone else? I buy alot before black friday to avoid the aggravation.

  41. Why is it called Boxing Day in Canada?

  42. In black friday conversation ratio should goes up

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