Man, Google Is Fast!

I wrote about The Wiki Model on Monday and already Google has indexed it. I am number 7 for the search term Wiki Model. Either Google really likes me or I’ve just been extremely lucky. It seems whatever I’m blogging about gets indexed. Right now I’m getting a lot of traffic from real estate and financial search terms, which is not all that shocking since I’ve been writing a lot about that stuff lately.

Here’s a little tip to get better Google search ranking – when writing content for your site or blog, be mindful of the possible search terms and key phases people might use to find you. Sometime that will include miss-spelled words. By making sure your content has a good grouping of possible phases and keywords relating to your article, you stand a better chance of a search engine hit.

3 thoughts on “Man, Google Is Fast!”

  1. Matthew says:

    It seems like Google has put a good level of trust on your domain which is always a good thing. I have seen some steady increases in traffic over the last month due to some good changes I made making the site more SEO friendly. It seems that results are moving up higher for me also.

  2. Sharon says:

    John, I’m still on this I-love-John-Chow wave. And I-love-Google bit. Thanks to you, my Google eCPM this morning on one site went up to like $200. You are awesome! I am starting a fan club!!!! You rock.

  3. Sharon says:

    And I dont know what happened to my Diva Friends link so everyone is back up again…… Okay, one more time. You rock!!!!

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