Man, That’s A Big Fish!


Man, that’s a big fish! A British angler has landed a European record on his first catfishing expedition. Carl Smith, pictured right with friend Dave Jones, caught the 226lb wels catfish while on holiday in Spain.

The two men struggled with the 8-foot monster from the sea for more than 90 minutes. I wonder if they did the catch like that show I saw on Discovery – where the guy sticks his hand into a catfish hiding hole and wait for the fish to bite it. I wouldn’t want to be bitten by that!

The record-breaking catfish has been given the name Jaws.

Source: Daily Mail

11 thoughts on “Man, That’s A Big Fish!”

  1. Richard W says:

    Crikey! That’s one mother of a fish!

  2. Yeah, that’s extreme to the extreme! So to say.. 🙂

  3. weirdoux says:

    hi john,

    well, how about this?

    which catfish is the biggest?

    anyway, who want to be a referee for this?

  4. dean says:

    Hey John, I love your animated bananas, do you think I could use this animated icon?

  5. John Chow says:

    weirdoux – I think the one these guys got looks a bit bigger. Both are impressive.

    Dean – Go for it!

  6. Rex says:

    That’s no fish! It’s Moby Dick!

  7. Dave says:

    Wow, that thing is huge!

    I’d like to see the chips that go along with that fish!

  8. Tim says:

    Damn i don’t know if i want to catch such a big fish?

  9. David Mackey says:

    That is an amazingly large fish. I was traveling to Alaska once (my wife is from there) and sitting next to a Texan. We got to talking and he told me about using his arm to go fishing for catfish.

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