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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s a mantra that comes up time and time again, because it applies to just about everything in life. We’ve talked about the diversification of monetization techniques in the past, but it may also be true that you don’t want to put all your eggs into a single blog’s basket either.

If you are managing multiple blogs, however, you’ll quickly discover that it can be very time-consuming having to go to each blog, updating them one at a time. After reading this review of, you’ll discover that there is an easier way.

What is

In a nutshell, WpReloaded allows you to manage multiple blogs from a single login. Rather than going to each individual domain and logging in each time, you are able to go to a single WordPress installation and write posts for each individual blog.

After you get into this single WordPress dashboard and click on the “Write” tab as you normally would, you can scroll down the page past the Tags and Categories sections to find a new section called “Select Website.” From this pull-down menu, you can select the blog for which you are writing the current blog post. That’s all it takes. As you can tell, this is a lot easier than having to go to each individual blog to write your blog posts.

Installation of WpReloaded is a lot easier than you would think as well. There’s no complicated setup process, because the WpReloaded download is simply a WordPress plug-in. For more information about the setup process, check the Install Guide. You can manage up to 30 blogs from a single WpReloaded license.

Unique Content for Unique Blogs

When I first started reading about WpReloaded and how it worked, I automatically assumed that all of the blogs being managed under this content management system would be fundamentally identical. After all, you are running multiple blogs under a single WordPress installation, right? As it turns out, is a little more powerful than that.

Compatible with WordPress 2.3, 2.5, and 2.6, WpReloaded allows you to have different themes for each of your WordPress blogs. When you click on the “Design” tab under the WordPress dashboard, there is a pull-down menu to select the website for which you are choosing a particular theme. This means that you are offered just as much customization under the WpReloaded CMS as you would under a conventional WordPress installation. Well, that’s not completely true. I’ll get to this in a moment.

Adding and Removing Sites

After activating the WpReloaded plug-in, you’ll notice that there is an additional tab in your WordPress dashboard. This is called My Websites and it does exactly what you think it does. It is under this tab that you are able to add more websites to your single installation of WordPress.

To add a website to the WpReloaded multi-blog installation, all you have to do is provide the domain and the folder name of the new website. Strangely, it is not possible to delete any blogs from WpReloaded after you have added them. According to the FAQ, though, this functionality will come with a future update.

A Few Limitations

The inability to remove blogs from WpReloaded is not its only shortcoming. While you are able to have different themes for each blog, it is not possible to have different plug-ins for each blog. Again, this functionality is being promised for a future update of WpReloaded.

Also, if you already have a blog and you want to migrate it to a WpReloaded installation, you’ll run into a few speedbumps. It is possible to import the posts, pages, and themes, but all of your posts “will show up on every website unless you assign them to your existing blog.” This means you have to edit every post you’ve ever written. That sounds like a lot of work.

For this reason, I recommend that you only use WpReloaded for new blogs, rather than existing ones.

How Much Does It Cost?

Available as an instant download, WpReloaded comes at a price of $99.00. All orders are handled through Plimus. If you’re not so sure you want to buy it just yet, there is also a free trial. Just use try_wpreloaded as the activation code.


28 thoughts on “Manage Multiple Blogs from One Login”

  1. I will check it out when I graduate to WP. Taking baby steps with blogger right now.

    1. sounds cool
      What’s the limitations of free trial 🙄

    2. That’s cool wp plugins, I will wait for others comment of this plugin. Then I’ll think about this plugin in future.

  2. dale says:

    At first I wasnt sure exactly what this does, but once I installed and added a few sites, I was pretty impressed. I am going to roll out 30 blogs today! I figure if I can make $50 per blog a month that is $1500 for not that much time!

  3. :mrgreen: This could be what I’ve been looking for after trying a number of alternate solutions. If this works as planned, then it could really kick start a lot of blogs, simplify management, and allow people to set up multiple domains quickly and easily.

    I have tried to wordpress mu and can’t figure out wildcard domains ( so a solution like this could be ideal!).

  4. dale says:

    I tried out MU as well. I like how you can run all your blogs on different domains. I had domains I bought laying around so I am gonna put up some blogs since its so cheap.

  5. I just use ScribeFire to manage all my blogs easily. 🙂

    It integrates with your browser and you never have to login into your slow WP admin. I can even publish from there. It makes my blogging at least 5 times as productive as before., just go there and read up on it. You’ll see what I mean.

    And it’s free. 😀

    Some of the downsides are that it doesn’t have the more advanced WordPress media options. Oh well. There’s always something to grump about.

  6. My comment didn’t show up?? Oh well. ScribeFire works great for me and it’s free. Check it. 😀

  7. dale says:

    I dig that but Im not sure if its robust enough for me.

  8. Typepad has offered this type of “manage multiple blogs from one login account” for years, fyi. Their accounts start at $4.95/month and the multiple blogs management kicks in at the $8.95/month level. Not free, but close.
    We use a $14.95/month level of their account and run 10 separate blogs from it – no problem.
    Detailed discussion of Typepad’s features here, if anyone is interested:

  9. That’s awesome. There are a few problems with it obviously but I hope those get fixed. I’d definitely use WP Reloaded.

  10. James Wilcox says:

    I don’t find it so hard to keep your logins in a single folder on your toolbar and just login from there and post directly from each blog. Saves me $99 and all that time configuring yet another piece of software.

    1. I agree. I find this pretty easy.

  11. Reed says:

    interesting concept, but I’m not sure it would be necessary for someone with a multiple monitor setup.

  12. dcr says:

    Not sure I see the benefit either. As others have mentioned, there are other applications that can do this for much less than $99, and it doesn’t matter where your blogs are hosted, what plugins you use, etc. You can even post to WordPress and Blogger and other blogs from the same application!

  13. That is actually pretty nifty. It would help out a lot of people that have multiple blogs. I know for someone like me that now has three blogs, this will be a no-brainer for me to get it.

  14. j.noronha says:

    Too late for me, it should have been lunched a couple of years ago 😥 .

  15. Thanks John , I ll use it with my new blogs that i plan to launch in a couple of weeks

  16. To be honest, I’m much more comfortable just opening my dashboards in new tabs instead of paying $99 on a WordPress plugin.

  17. chrispateros says:

    i prefer the manual editing and managing because i can’t pay that much for a simple plugin

  18. sunil says:

    So far i used to switch thro the wp admin to go to my blogs. now i will give this a try.. hope something clicks and may save some time with this and some confusion while logging in…

  19. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there is a free plugin that does this. Could’ve sworn I saw one.

  20. Noobpreneur says:


    This is a great solutions for a budding entrepreneur wanting to build a blog network 🙂 But I guess I prefer WordPress MU 🙂

  21. Dale says:

    I started some new blogs and been running this for a few days, its been working great. I still gotta write the content, but 😆 its real cool for seo if you know what you are doing.

  22. funnygirl says:

    +1. Who more? 🙂

  23. sounds like a cool plugin, but must all the blogs reside on the same server? Meaning, can it manager multiple FTP accounts across multiple servers if needed?

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