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Manage Multiple WordPress Blog From One Control Panel

written by John Chow on September 13, 2007

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Karol Krizka, the Techie Buzz author who created the Better Comment Manager WordPress plugin has released his newest creation, Manage Multiple Blogs. The new WordPress plugin allows you to manage a bunch of WordPress blogs from one WordPress control panel.

After lots of work in fact more than 3500 lines of code later I am finally glad to announce the beta release of Manage Multiple Blogs. This plugin allows you to manage your external blogs from a single central blog. Yes now you don’t need to logon to multiple blogs if you want to write a post, edit a post, manage categories and yes manage your comments including approving, disapproving, spamming it, replying to it, threaded reply and more.

The beta plugin offers most of the functions you would find in your normal WordPress control panel. There are few things it currently cannot do, like uploading an image or adding a category while writing a post. There is also no automatic draft saves. Manage Multiple Blogs should be beneficial to bloggers who write more than one blog or regularly guest blog for other blogs.

There are two versions of the plugin, Manage Multiple Blogs and Manage Multiple Blogs RPC. The RPC version allows you to manage comments across multiple blogs.

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