March Internet Results

March was an interesting month of Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabbers. If anything, March highlights the importance of content in order for a site to make money. Both sites do news everyday but it’s the in-house produced content that drives traffic. Laptop Gamers produced six articles for the month. By comparison, Digital Grabber produced 11 articles during the same period, one of which got on the front page of Digg. The Digg and higher article counted propelled Digital Grabber past Laptop Gamers for the first time ever. Here are the result breakdowns.

Laptop Gamers

  • Google AdSense: $126.46
  • Vibrant Media: $70.36
  • TTZ Media: $170.08
  • Total: $366.90

Digital Grabber

  • Google AdSense: $287.62
  • Vibrant Media: $391.62
  • TTZ Media: $381.98
  • Total: $1,061.22

The $366.90 result from Laptop Gamers is well off the $619.68 it made in February ’06. Again this came down to content – Laptop Gamers had 20 articles published in February.

Digital Grabber became the first of the two sites to hit the $1,000 mark, largely due to this article, which got dugg. It was really too bad that I didn’t have any TTZ Media shopping match for the article. If I did, it would have added another $500. The lack of a targetted shopping link is the reason why Vibrant Media beat TTZ Media in March.

If anything, the results confirm the old net saying “Content=Traffic, Traffic=Money”. Because it posted less content in March, Laptop Gamers did only 35,000 page views (60,000 in Feb), compared to 185,000 page views posted by Digital Grabber, which posted more content.

Combined, the two sites made $1,428.12 from 220,000 page views. That works out to a site wide CPM of $6.49, which is quite good for a content site. It’s still no where close to matching the CPM generated by The TechZone, but then again, TTZ has access to advertising deals the new sites can’t get. However, you have to keep in mind that less than 3 months ago, Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabber didn’t exist. Now they’re making enough to provide some nice flash money.

The goal for April is to have the new sites hit $2,000 in combined income.

9 thoughts on “March Internet Results”

  1. Shaun Carter says:

    Congrats on breaking the $1000 mark on Digital Grabber. I don’t think it will be long before you make your $2000 goal.

  2. Stephen says:

    You need to find a way to get LG to do more with less. Time to tweak it!

  3. John Chow says:

    It’s already tweaked. Remember, a lot of that traffic came from the 60″ subwoofer article, which has no targetted shopping links, and semi targetted Google links. It would have been worst if I didn’t get a flat CPM for my Vibrant media ads.

  4. Help Desk says:

    I was suprised to see Google didn’t have any backlinks published for either or

    Neither of the above 2 Google searches returned anything.

    Don’t take this as a negative. This is still a congratulations. However, how am I supposed to steal your methods unless I can dissect what you are doing?

  5. John Chow says:

    The reason for that is because you type in the parameters wrong. It should be


    Remember, your browser auto adds http:// to any URL so it must be included in the search.

  6. Help Desk says:

    John, I’m not sure I get you. Doing it either way should return the approriate results. Am I hitting a weird Google datacenter or something? Perhaps I’m mis-understanding.

    When I do the search for …
    …on MSN it brings back over 5,000 results.

  7. John Chow says:

    Not sure about the datacetner bit, but if you enter link: in Google you’ll get back 226 results.

    Hmm, I see that is also returning 226 results. It was zero when I tried it this morning. Strange.

  8. Help Desk says:

    Still nothing for me. Obviously it isn’t much of a comment but I still wonder why I get no results for either Google link search.

  9. John Chow says:

    My guess is you’re on a different Google server. There are times when I’ve done a link and site search and came up with zero results, only to have different results the next day.

    You can try a site like They have a link popularity checker.

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