Marketing Assassins Attack Yahoo with Answer Sniper

How do you establish yourself as an authority in your niche industry? How do you drive targeted traffic to your website or blog? There are many techniques that you can try, but one that you may not have considered is taking advantage of Yahoo Answers. By being the first to answer questions posed by Yahoo users, you can actually garner a fair bit of attention.

That said, it can be a bit of a chore trying to keep up with all the questions being asked. Duncan Carver of Online Marketing Today has developed a tool — Answer Sniper — specifically for this purpose and he’s ordered this review to promote it.

The One Page Sales Letter

I guess these things really work. Otherwise, Internet marketers wouldn’t make such extensive use of them. Duncan Carver is no exception with his promotion of Answer Sniper. When you hit up the main page, you get slammed with a 5000-word sales letter. That’s a lot of reading. Unlike some other sales letters, you don’t get sections with gigantic font, but there is a fair amount of bold and highlighted text.

The layout of the sales letter does not compel me to buy. It’s actually very boring and doesn’t do Answer Sniper any sort of justice. Yeah, there are testimonials and such, but actual screenshots and maybe a video would be more useful. Instead, those are buried in the manual and video sections. If you don’t capture the interest of a visitor with the first page, they won’t navigate any deeper.

Installation and Setup

As I said, the sales letter does not do Answer Sniper any justice. It’s actually quite a nice piece of software and it could prove to be pretty useful, even if it comes off as being remarkably simple. In a nutshell, you can search the Yahoo Answers database for questions that contain your target keywords. By setting this up, you can be notified (in almost real time) when a new question fitting your criteria is posted.


The first thing that you’ll need to do after downloading and installing Answer Sniper is to create your profile. From here, you can set up your answer signature, which appears below every answer you give, and enter the details for your Yahoo! account. Note that you need to go to the real Yahoo Answers site first to activate your question-answering ability.


From the configuration section, you are able to set how often Answer Sniper should perform an updated search through the Yahoo Answers database. It is also here that you can turn on desktop notifications (Answer Sniper can run in your system tray) and SMS notifications. It’s all very straightforward and intuitive.

Searching for Questions, Providing Answers

The Answer Sniper program itself doesn’t have the appearance of a full application. In my opinion, it looks more like the “options” or “settings” menu for a larger program. Even so, all the functionality is there and Answer Sniper is remarkably easy to use.


After creating a profile and going through the configuration settings, you will need to set up a search parameter. You can see all the fields in the screenshot above. After a search is initiated, you will be provided with the search results and then you can choose to subscribe to this search. This is where the aforementioned notifications come into play.


Double-click on a question to open it. From here, you can also see the answers that have already been provided by the Yahoo community. The key is to be the first one to provide the best answer to the question. By clicking on the Post Answer button, you bring up this window:


You don’t need to go to the actual Yahoo Answers site to provide your answer; it can all be performed within the confines of Answer Sniper. Interestingly, if you don’t know the answer, you can do some research through the tools near the bottom: AnswerBag, WikiAnswers, AllExperts, and Answering questions takes time, to be sure, but you save time with Answer Sniper because you don’t have to keep checking the Yahoo Answers site for new questions.

Answer Sniper Lite and Professional

I’m not sure if I would want to invest the amount of time required to answer a never-ending stream of questions from Yahoo Answers, but for people who are looking to establish themselves as a resident expert in a particular niche, Answer Sniper could prove to be a pretty useful tool. The interface is intuitive and works very well.

The major suggestion that I have for Duncan Carver is to create a more professional-looking site to sell Answer Sniper. Even on the bland one-page sales letter, the links to order the product aren’t that obvious. Most sales letters contain multiple calls to action throughout the text; Duncan doesn’t do this.

Answer Sniper Lite Version sells for $97 and it limits you to a single profile. The Professional Version is $50 more and it allows for unlimited profiles.