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Internet marketing can be a very tricky and confusing business, especially if you are relatively new to the game. You will be faced with all sorts of terminology and concepts that may sound completely foreign, totally baffling, and utterly inexplicable. Even if you have been doing the Internet marketing thing for some time, you will inevitably encounter something that doesn’t make complete sense to you. Maybe you need a little help with search engine optimization or choosing just the right affiliate products to market.

Yes, you could venture into the vast world of knowledge offered by Google and Wikipedia, but you may emerge even more confused than ever. You could even invest in some e-books on the matter, but they could become outdated by the time you purchase them. What is a budding online entrepreneur to do? Well, a review request has come in for a new online community called IM Answers. Can you take a guess what it does?

Get the Answers That You Need

You’ve got a burning question and you’re just dying for someone to give you the straight goods. is designed to provide exactly this kind of forum, as it is marketed as “an Internet marketing Q&A community.”

In a nutshell, this website is comprised of two primary components. First, you are able to ask whatever questions you may have about Internet marketing. They can be as simple as how to hyperlink an image or embed a video on your blog, or they can be much more complex than that (and everything in between). The second half of IM Answers comes from answering these questions. Share your knowledge with your fellow Internet marketing professionals and pool your expertise for mutual gain. Get the answers you need and provide the answers that others need.

Question and Answer Period

The questions can be broken down into a number of different categories and these are listed along the left-side of the main page.

These include everything from affiliate networks and backend sales to web programming and work from home. If you’ve got a question about making money on the Internet, there’s a good chance that someone in the IM Answers community has the answer for you. The design of the site is remarkably straightforward for this process.

Working in a similar fashion to a forum, each question has a subject and a link to the member who posed the question. If you think that you know the answer, you simply click on the Answer button and fill in the information as needed. This is also where you can provide any supporting links, but you are warned against blatant spamming of your website. You can link if it’s relevant, but don’t overdo it.

The details aren’t so clear — IM Answers is still in beta, after all — but the site is said to offer ad credits for each time that you answer a question or refer a new member. These credits can then be cashed in for “free” advertising on the site, so you do get rewarded for being helpful.

Profiles, Pages, and Groups

Looking to market your website or online service a little more? IM Answers offers a few options in this arena too. While the focus is on educating the community on Internet marketing, you can also provide some value to the community by doing more than “just” answering questions.

First, each member is given his/her own profile page. It’s not the most advanced profile page out there, but it gives the name, photo, about me, and basic statistics. Beyond the profile, there are also IMA Groups and IMA Pages. You can set up IMA groups to provide an area for discussing something specific about Internet marketing. For example, I set up a group about freelance writing. Feel free to contribute to that group.

IMA pages, on the other hand, work like a mini-site dedicated to a certain topic. To test out this feature, I made a page for fighting video games. It’s similar to a very simple blog, but the newest post is not on top. Instead, the posts are in chronological order and they don’t have any indication of the time they were published. On a side note, both IMA Groups and IMA Pages can be used for some mild spamming.

The Price for Internet Marketing Knowledge

IM Answers is still in beta, so I’m willing to forgive some of the minor issues that the site appears to be having. For example, I cannot seem to log in using the text fields on the left sidebar; I have to use the standalone login screen. Also, when I went to view my IMA pages, it sometimes ended my session for no good reason. I sincerely hope that IM Answers is working hard to rectify these and other minor issues.

So, how much does it cost to join the IM Answers community? It is 100% free. From what I can tell, the site owner makes his money through advertising, so IM Answers is effectively free for all of its members. Not a bad deal if you’re looking for some Internet Marketing assistance.


35 thoughts on “Master Internet Marketing with IM Answers”

  1. Catie says:

    Sounds pretty cool. I will have to look into it and see all of the things they offer. Thanks for the great link.

    1. Never heard about this before. Thanks, Michael.

      1. Same here.. Will have to research it further.

        1. same here… thanks for the info..
          i want to learn affiliate marketing too

    2. Abdul says:

      Hey john don’t you think you’re doing a lot of reviews lately?

      1. Abdul,

        Someone has to pay the bills for the extravagant lifestyle that this so called web mogul lives. Otherwise every rss subscriber would have to cough $1/month..

        1. Abdul says:

          Well, I think it’s just a little more than normal as it lately was, if you read the last review that is what most were saying, I disagreed with them there, but I think they are at least 3-4 a week which are a lot! Well its good that he’s makin’ money!

          1. Well Abdul, what else can you expect on a make money online site? The site is monetized to its fullest. As long as there are people willing to go to and spend some time there, then quality of the site is not as bad after all, is it?

          2. But I do agree that in the long run just writing paid posts on this site could have terrible effects on the site’s growth potential. But what do i know? I am just a dividend stock investor..

          3. Abdul says:

            That’s my point dude, when you write a lot of reviews readers get bored and stop reading! I am frankly saying this that I did not read this article just skimmed though the words, it is pretty long and plus I just like the idea but not interested to try it out!

          4. Seeing as it’s only a few people that keep whining about paid reviews, I don’t think that them going away & not reading the blog anymore will hurt John Chow.

            The complaining is just getting annoying at this point. There’s no need to say the same thing every time a review is posted. Just don’t read them if you think there are too many.

          5. Abdul says:

            No one is complaining here, it is just a piece of personal view that I wanted to share, nothing more! You must keep a balance and I said what I felt like!

      2. why should there be a problem… ?

        Reviews are good to keep Chow healthy 😆 :mrgreen:

  2. Isn’t this just a fancy forum? Are they really going to have answers that you can’t find on DP or sitepoint or webmastertalk?

    Looking at the site it appears they paid a bunch of non-native english speakers to populate the list.

  3. Will have to check if they can answer all my questions..thanks for the link

  4. MLRebecca says:

    This sounds like a great website! Tackling the world of Internet marketing can be a daunting task. Any time a free resource becomes available, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    I could definitely see more sites like IM Answers popping up on the web. Thanks for posting!

  5. Abdul says:

    Well the service seems pretty useful, there are a lot of times when there is no one in hand to answer such questions!

  6. Kok Choon says:

    Interesting idea…IM version of Yahoo Answer…! I will give it a try.

    Anyone else tried it??

    1. Andrei Buiu says:

      Just heard of you from John, but I’ll try it.

  7. After looking into it further, it seems to have it’s use, but I think I can do one better. But that’s one person submitting a question and waiting for an answer. Do other people get to see the question and respond? Or is it just the hub responding? I think what people really need is a truly community based forum, like, where you can ask questions, and have multiple answers. You can receive feedback from all the members and staff members of the forum have an on going, continual conversation about the topic and hear what other people have to say. There are more than one way to learn, and I think something like that would be a lot more constructive. We are striving to create a good sense of community and welcome everyone to our site, and become more a family then a answer my question now style forum. I haven’t found anything related yet that I truly like thats why I created this website. If you have an interest in affiliate marketing, our forum is the place you want to go in my opinion. I also do believe their site could be useful for quick small answers.

    However I think a discussion is a lot better and a sense of community is very important, that allows everyone to teach everyone and everyone to learn from everyone. I just wanted to let you guys know of our unique plan. We want to stand out from other forums in this field, with a live chat and several free tools for members down the road. As well as lots of exclusive offers and contests for our members. Our userbase is small as of now but we are growing daily and would love all of you to join us, regardless of your experience in the field.

    Jeremiah Cooper
    AffPros Founder

  8. Hi John! Your site has a problem with the ad at the top-right corner when you use Firefox. When the corner move left-donw you can still viewing the rss images. Try with firefox and you’ll see the problem.

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s caused by the Twitter counter being down. When it comes back up, it will be back to normal.

  9. Allan says:

    Great review. Do they write those or do you?

  10. ElectroGeek says:

    Maybe GM can have a look at that IM site. Anything they can do to improve their IM would be a plus. Their stock just fell below $5/share today. I’m going to check it out and see if I can pick up a few tips as well.

    Regards, ElectroGeek

  11. Sounds like a pretty good concept. I just wonder if people like John will share any of their evil techniques on the site to get free ads?

  12. mikerambling says:

    Thanks for the post, right now there are lots of forums in the web and sometimes it is hard for your to choose because of the similarity of the contents and the niche. I think by using IManswers, the main advantage is that the interface is clean and refresh unlike the forums which i find cluttered especially if thousand of its members posting message in the same time.

    1. Keral Patel says:

      Yep. The clutter is not there. It is right on the point if someone needs some answers to their query.

  13. 🙂 Wooow. That is good idea because I was using yahoo answers for a while, trying to promote my website; and they cancelled my account! Just because in the resource box I put my websites address. What pissed me off was I was giving reeeallly good answers too. I can’t stand them anymore so maybe this will be better! Since it is still in beta stage, I don’t know how much traffic it will receive, but I it can be good for building backlinks rather quickly. Thanks! 🙂

  14. nice and I guess this will be a great start for me learning stuff of the net. I hope this could really be very helpful w/ my different questions over some technical aspect of my field. Thanks!

  15. domain says:

    really what an idea. this will really help me, improve my internet skills. it also improves my technical knowledge at the same time.

  16. Eric says:

    i’m a member of IM answers already and mostly I provide answers 😉

  17. Keral Patel says:

    Will join right now and improve my Online marketing knowledge more 🙂

  18. Ben Pei says:

    Great recommendation John.. Thanks

  19. Travis says:

    As a relative newbie to affiliate/internet marketing, I’ll definitely be joining. No such thing as too many resources to learn from!

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