MaxBlogPress Makes Favicons Even Easier

Many of you may already know about the importance of branding your blog, because it is the way that you will be able to separate yourself from the millions of other blogs out there. John Chow is a brand, just like how Coca-Cola and Apple are brands. When developing a branded blog, most people think about logos and WordPress themes, but there’s one other area that you should consider.

A favicon is a little image icon that helps to identify your site. It will show up in a number of places, like in the address bar, in the navigation tabs, and in a user’s list of bookmarks. The MBP Favicon plug-in comes from the same people who brought us the Stripe Ad WordPress plug-in and they ordered this review to tell people about it.

Making Favicons Easier For the Masses

Normally, the process for implementing a favicon requires three main steps. You have to create a custom .ico file, you have to upload it via FTP to the root folder of your WordPress blog, and then you have to update the header.php file in WordPress to tell it where the favicon file is located. The trouble with this is that not all web browsers will know where to look. Furthermore, not everyone can be bothered with making a custom .ico file.


The MaxBlogPress Favicon WordPress plug-in is supposed to simplify the process. Like other WordPress plug-ins, the implementation and customization is done through the WordPress control panel. The other critical feature is that this plug-in will place your favicon in “all the places where browsers, RSS readers, and websites” would look for the file. Yes, it works inside RSS readers too.

The Best Price is Free

You can’t beat the price of free, can you? This favicon plug-in won’t cost you a penny. This makes me wonder why MaxBlogPress would be willing to fork out $500 for a review on John Chow dot Com. Maybe they’re just working on some branding? Well, when I went to install and activate the plug-in, I was hit with this screen.


In order to use the MaxBlogPress Favicon plug-in, you need to subscribe to the MaxBlogPress Newsletter “which will give you many tips and tricks to attract lots of visitors to your blog.” Registration is free, but if you want to be particularly evil, there really is nothing stopping you from using a fake email address. There is no confirmation process. Further still, I’d imagine that you can still unsubscribe from the newsletter after the fact and still use the plug-in.

Premade Favicons or Upload Your Own

When I was reading through the official page for the MBP Favicon plug-in, I was getting the feeling that you would only get to select from a series of pre-made icons. After getting into the control panel, my suspicions almost held up.


Yes, those are premade favicons. They’re pretty generic, to say the least, but it’s arguably better to use some sort of favicon rather than no favicon at all. Thankfully, you have two other options for your blog’s favicon as well.


You can either upload a favicon from your computer or upload it from a URL. The best part of this is that the file you upload doesn’t have to have the .ico extension. When I tried uploading a 125 x 125 JPEG image file for my fighting games blog, it actually worked! The plug-in will automatically resize the image file and convert it to the appropriate format. That’s pretty nifty.

An Easy Way to Brand Your Blog

Branding is very important if you want to make money blogging. Even if you don’t, you probably want your blog to stick out from the crowd and a custom favicon is one of the easiest things you can do to help your blog rise to the top. Think about when you’re browsing through your bookmarks, for example. The sites with favicons jump out at you, while the ones without favicons tend to get ignored.


45 thoughts on “MaxBlogPress Makes Favicons Even Easier”

  1. Maynas Chua says:

    Nice post.

    Favicons is a form of sub conscious branding which although people never talk about, they recongnize the symbols instantly.

    The brain sees in images. ๐Ÿ™‚ think NIKE’s Tick.

    1. John Esberg says:

      I love what you are saying here. :mrgreen: It reminds me of how I implemented a similar trick to speed up efficiency in one of my work centers. On a nuclear power plant I work in the past, we had countless manuals. Most were often rarely utilized, but some were constantly being used on for repairs or operations. Our plant had 3 levels with book lockers in many different locations. People often lost manuals and had to take a lot of time to find their needed documents: not good when you want to save the day sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• I first tried adding labels printed off of a database so we could constantly sort them back to where they belong, but that just created more work than was worth the effort of enforcing on the crew. So next I tried color coding the books and binders with paint pens. Bang! People could find the purple stripped turbine generator book in a minute or less. Maybe this won’t apply to everything you do online, but it works great in your office too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Simon Lau says:

    Nice review Michael, I never even thought about the favico. Kudos to the company for making it a fre plugin.

    1. DeboHobo says:

      I haven’t had much luck yet with installing a favican so I will definitely be giving this a try.

      1. Favicon can be actually installed through a simple meta tag and it does not need really a whole plugin for doing that (it just needs the favicon image :P)

  3. Mayank Rocks says:

    Awesome. I will check it out

  4. Seems like a nice plugin. They should add more functionality though, as getting a favicon is easy, just put 1 line in your wordpress template and boom, you have it. Definitely a good idea.

    On a side note: John, do you have stats for the number of visits a site gets after you give them a review? this would be nice to have for potential customers of yours. You can track outgoing links yourself through a little Javascript code (completely transparent, no redirects), and it tells you how many people from your site, goes to the review site.

  5. A favicon should be unique for every website.
    And by the way, aren’t those FamFamFam icons?

    1. Seopher says:

      They look a bit similar but I’m not sure they are.

      Although every webapp in and free piece of software uses his icons (cough Firefox cough) so I wouldn’t be surprised.

      1. Robert says:

        What is a FamFamFam icon?

        1. Creadiv says:

          3 free icons sets, the silk set has over 1000 free icons.

    2. Chetan says:

      Thats why you have an option of uploading your own unique icon for your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I already have a favicon, but this sounds like a great plugin to make it really easy for others.

    1. Robert says:

      Just installed it. What a find!

  7. tom says:

    good review. it’s a mixed bag with favicons. i remember when they were new, and sure the bookmarks with favicons stood out… but i just checked out my bookmarks after reading your review and 98% of them have favicons, and none of them stand out more than the next.
    personally i think now it’s just a matter of favicons being standard and if you don’t have one then it’s an oversight and a little soppy.

  8. says:

    a neat tool but as mentioned earlier by one of the comments. A one liner code on the header will do the job and I bet can save much more time than uploading the script and installing it. However, the plug in do make it easier to maintain. :mrgreen:

  9. Mr. Salem says:

    The only problem with MaxBlogPress is they are relentless in emailing you once you fork over your email address, I don’t want to say “spam” but the numbers are up there.

    Also adding to your header is a quicker than installing a plugin. When I did my favicon I used a favicon generator that I put my file in and it did all the resizing.

    I guess it really comes down to how willing you are to tweak your own code, if that scares you then a plugin is the way to go.

  10. Nubloo says:

    This plugin seems to be totally useless. As you noticed Michael, you have to register with MaxBlogPress in order for it to do… what exactly? Place a Favicon in your domain root and add a tag to your HTML.

    Despite the fact that literally every WordPress theme has the favicon tag already implemented, all a novice user has to do is upload the favicon.ico to the root directory. Experienced users don’t need this plugin anyway.

    Look at this great site: Free Favicon Generator. All you have to do is upload an image (JPEG) and it turns it into a favicon.ico. It even gives you the HTML tag. All in less than a minute, with no registration or so.

    Also, this quote from the MaxBlogPress site is a ruthless lie:
    Letโ€™s face it- Thereโ€™s no way you can add favicon in your wordpress admin interface. Even if you have the privilege of editing the theme, you CANโ€™T add favicon directly from there. Itโ€™s next to IMPOSSIBLE.

    Let me just say that even IF a WordPress theme didn’t have the favicon tag implemented already, all you’d have to do is edit the theme and add it to your header.php (this, too, is very well explained on the above site).

    This plugin is useless, to say the least.

    1. Also, this quote from the MaxBlogPress site is a ruthless lie:
      Letโ€™s face it- Thereโ€™s no way you can add favicon in your wordpress admin interface. Even if you have the privilege of editing the theme, you CANโ€™T add favicon directly from there. Itโ€™s next to IMPOSSIBLE.


      Here I was talking about the wordpress admin interface not the actual blog. You can of course add the meta tag in the theme for the blog but wordpress admin interface uses different header.

      The only way you can add meta data in header is by editing the core wordpress files which is almost undoable for a normal non-techie blogger.

      I created this plugin for the non-techie bloggers who find it hard to even add simple line of codes in their themes. Beside that, this plugin also add favicon in the rss feed itself so that the supported rss reader will brand your posts.

  11. Robert says:

    This is, by far, one of the best things MaxBlogPress has done. I am pretty illiterate with .ico files and related concepts. I have always envied all of these computer programmers and software experts who become bloggers because I don’t have that knowledge base. I’m a lawyer by trade! So anything like this that makes it easy for small bloggers without extensive computer/internet knowledge is a STEAL.

  12. Teh Rino says:

    wow, i love th favicons, even though they are generic and pre-made, they would greatly contribute to a developing site and its endeavors.

  13. David Chew says:

    Nice post john.

  14. Ruthie says:

    I love the idea of this plug-in! It’s great for those that are unaware of how to put the favicon code in. I also like that it resizes the image for you, very cool. And I personally, get a little annoyed when I see a webpage without a favicon, so I agree any favicon is better than none, and like how they provide you with a selection to choose from.

  15. Robert says:

    The selection is OK, but you can make one on your own or have someone else design your image.

  16. Nice point and interesting in the same time John ! Branding does sell your product better , might even have the chance to get to the top. Has anyone wondered why Coca-Cola for example is almost anywhere in the world ? It`s all about marketing and branding. Making it look the best even if it isn`t ! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  17. Thanks,

    I will play around with this for my blog..

  18. WannaSmile says:

    Thanks for another really great piece of advice!

  19. vrempire says:

    Okkeeyyy..I’ve seen this small little things before. But I never expect something small like this is a good branding tool. But now I find it cool and love to try it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. If you don’t know how to add a favicon onto your blog, then you’re an idiot.. ๐Ÿ™„

  21. Wade says:

    The plugin must make it really easy. How much easier can you get by just adding one line of code to the header file? Well I guess a point and click plugin. Looks great, I will have to check out both of their plugins. Thanks John again for a nice review worth reading.

  22. Mike Huang says:

    The plugin should definitely make things easier, but isn’t the implementation of a Favicon already easy? I know jack about these type of things and I just uploaded a random favicon sized pic to my site directory and BAM, it worked! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is great that MBP created this to help people, but uploading it and doing it yourself should save a bit of your site resources rather than a plugin.


    1. Mike,

      It’s easy doesn’t mean that everyone get it right. Different websites/scripts/browsers/rss readers look for different places for favicon.

      For example, most rss readers look for favicon in the root folder of the blog. While other softwares/browsers look for favicon in either meta tag of header or the root folder for the favicon. If you don’t have favicon in all the places where those browsers/scripts look for then for those browsers your blog seems like having no favicon at all.

      You can find more details about it here:

      I suggest even the experienced user to use MaxBlogPress Favcion to ensure that you have put favicon correctly and in all the places softwares/browsers look for. Sometimes experienced user too get it wrong.

      Want proof?

      I recently did a research on top 100 blogs on make money online niche and found this result:

      * 22 Blogs don’t have favicon at all.
      * 23 Blogs don’t have favicon in their header ( also is in the same list)
      * 17 Blogs don’t have favcion in their root folder.
      * 38 Blogs have got the favicon right.

  23. Dave says:

    Very useful! Mine still has the bootleg “W” on it. I suck. haha.
    I will be changing it soon.. thanks John.

  24. Past Papers says:

    Yeah, something to consider however not so much for the smaller blogs. I’d say it’s worth getting a brand name if you had at least 1k+ returning visitors daily, otherwise this might prove to be a waste of time ๐Ÿ˜› .

  25. There are a tons of free, online favicon generators out there:
    Personally I’d rather use an online generator, than a plugin for WP.

  26. Terry Tay says:

    This is good for those that are not too knowledgable in favicon creation or implementing favicons on their wordpress blog. This will make the process somewhat easier for those people.

  27. Chetan says:

    Wow never thought of having a favicon for my blog.. Nice post. One of my email addresses is just to receive newsletters, so will do it now and try this plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      That should be all done when you are starting a site :p

  28. Bibokz says:

    How much traffic did your site receive on this review? If you don’t mind…

  29. Sha says:

    I echo what Nubloo said. It’s not hard to add favicon to WordPress, so I have no idea where they’re getting that from. And there are tons of favicon generators that will get you your favicon much faster.

  30. Chetan says:

    But jeremy, some browsers do not accept favicons which are placed directly. And why to worry and think when this plugin too is free.

  31. Syed Balkhi says:

    This sounds like a cool plugin because now everything is being handled through the wp-admin panel. Good review Micheal.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    It worked! I could never get the custom .ico file and the change to header.php to work. Thanks for the tip!

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