Measure Twice Cut Once!

This post was guest blogged by Shannon Lilly of Infected By Bugs.

Have you ever heard the saying “Measure Twice Cut Once”?

Over the years of growing up my dad has preached this to me so many times its not even funny.

Before you publish the next post on your blog perhaps you should look over it carefully. How much time do you spend editing a post before you consider it done?

Believe it or not most of the newb bloggers on the net these days don’t even look over the posts before they go live. This results in a sub-par read for the viewers and in turn can affect who subscribes.

It really is a shame, with a little love and consideration these blog could do so much more for them in the blogosphere. Think about it, do you think sites like Digg will put an article that has spelling mistakes left and right on their front page? I doubt it.

You may think I am nit-picking you, I AM!

The details make the difference in the blogosphere today, anyone can knock out a sub-par post in 20-30 minutes but not everyone can put out a kick-butt article that looks and reads impressively.

Oh, and don’t worry about the nay-sayers who believe you HAVE to make one post or more per day to be a great blog, that’s simply not true. I would assume all those who make those statements would agree with me when I say “Quality is better then Quantity”, I won’t disagree in the fact it won’t help you but it’s not necessary to have a great blog and that’s really another topic for another time.

If you are that worried about it perhaps you should do some post stock piling as myself and John has talked about before on our own blogs. My theory is simple, take the time to review your post and re-read it at least two times before it goes live. I do this myself and I am actually surprised sometimes to how many mistakes I have in a post.

By reviewing them twice before I they go live I lower my mistake level to a minimum and that’s what people want to see and read. People who read your blog want to see a level of professionalism and it’s your job to give it to them!

27 thoughts on “Measure Twice Cut Once!”

  1. BlogSavvy says:

    You make a really great point, too often it seems like bloggers are more worried about Quantity than they are about actual quality. The problem with that type of mentality is that the readers can see right through it and either don’t come back, or don’t see you as an actual Guru. Nice post.

    1. Quality Content is king in todays overcrowded blogosphere. If you don’t differentiate yourself, get ready to meet the dinosaurs 🙂

  2. This is true of any writing, but something that casual writers, including many bloggers, seem to overlook. What’s even better is to read the posts OUT LOUD. It’s much easier to catch missing words, incorrect tense, and dropped word endings when you do it out loud.

    Shannon, thanks for the post, going over to check out your blog now.

  3. 100kjob says:

    It may take a bit more time, but well worth it.

    1. Very well worth it, especially for someone like me who is just starting out. Cant afford to get into a bad habit of writing poor quality posts. Not to mention turn away the small amount of possible readers I already have.

      Good advice John.

  4. Jaseem Umer says:

    You are right. But isn’t the idea a little bit old?

  5. Not to be an ass but you got a grammar mistake here:

    It really is a shame, with a little love and consideration these blog could do so much more for them in the blogosphere.

    Correction: blogs?

    The sentence could be re-written.

    I had to pick on you simply because your picking on everyone else. 🙂

    I noticed another grammar error but I won’t be any more of a nuisance.

    1. Okay, you somehow asked for it :mrgreen:

      “Believe it or not most of the newb bloggers on the net these days”

      – new bloggers?
      – newbie bloggers??

      Sorry, just couldn’t resist 😈

  6. I for 1 care more about quantity with some quality.

  7. Very good post, but you do have a grammer mistake in the last paragraph.

    I often find myself re-reading and looking over my posts 4 or 5 times before I publish them, and never have I published a post directly after writing it. I always save it, then go back to it to re-read a little later.

    Sometimes something that makes sense then, doesn’t make sense later.

    The hardest thing I find that I deal with when posting a blog entry is the layout or the look of the post before I publish it. Often I’ll find myself with a published post, only to view it and realize that the image or video that I added is not aligned correctly, etc.

    Publishing a blog post is like science, and should be treated just as carefully as anything else in your blog.

  8. If its a new blog the quality may suffer due to the quantity of posts

  9. Ganesh says:

    I agree. It doesn’t matter how many posts you have, even one of them has to capture the attention of your visitors.

  10. I am meticulous about my blog. I triple check every post, then go over it and edit it again. I am a freak for perfection.

  11. Deepak says:

    Being too perfect sucks lot of time. Moderation is the way to success. You can’t clean the tires of your car every mile, just move on…

  12. GBGames says:

    When I write a quick post meant to be published right away, I like to set the publish date for the nearest hour mark.

    Then what I tend to do is preview it and make sure that the links are all working (I’ve messed that up before), the grammar is correct (I’ve messed that up before), and the writing is as best as it can be. Whenever I read something I posted immediately, I almost always find issues that could have been avoided if I just took a minute to proofread my post.

  13. Deeda says:

    Really good post, i myself overlook to review my blog posts so many times. But after reading the article, I will try to keep blog posts as clean as possible, from errors of course 😉

  14. Agreed. I pretty much triple check my articles before I post them.

  15. Not a fan says:


    I see you are still running infectedBugs…so no one ended up buying the site from you on SitePoint then? Not surprisingly really.

    Especially when you try and con buyers about the number of feedburner subscribers you have. Getting friends to boost your subscriber stats to increase the value of your site is poor.

  16. Glad you all liked my article 🙂

  17. Nice guest post!
    How true, just putting something out there is easy to thought process just a stream of meaningless words, without a point, the reader would not be best served by this kind of material.
    It appears that the successful blogs out there have consistently delivered good, timely useful information, and reading the comments means that the post elicited responses from individuals with a clear opinion. Thank you for this reminder that once it’s published, it’s ‘published forever’, and you do not want to regret spilling your messy article all over our neat and tidy web, OK? There are no ‘do-overs’ in blogging. Respectfully, Nicholas

  18. Jeff Gadget says:

    I find it easier to spot mistakes by using the Preview function in WordPress. And then I also re-read each post as it comes up in my feed reader. Nothing is published permanently- if there’s a mistake go back and fix it- yes perhaps 80% of your readers have already seen you use the wrong “their” but many have not and if you don’t fix something right away you never will.

  19. Vlad Balan says:

    With English not being my native language, I always double check my posts before publishing, to make sure no spelling and grammar mistake show up. And that’s good because, besides the obvious (the posts have proper grammar and spelling), when I read it again, I always get a lot of new ideas and add them or make changes to the post.

  20. Nobody is perfect and I am not saying they have to be, I am far from it as you can tell by the couple of mistakes in this very guest post. But if I did not check it it would have been really bad and I would not have impressed any of you!

    BTW I am running a $100 comment contest on my blog this month, you all should participate!

  21. kellex says:

    Not to be too cynical, but there are a few mistakes in your article that you should have caught. 😈

  22. Shane Hudson says:

    Oo Shannon you been posting on JohnChow?! I did not know that.

    It is a very good post and something that not enough people listen to.

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