Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness – Part 2

This is Tristan Bull here and I would just like the opportunity to explain a little bit more about my product.

Unfortunately while I appreciate the time Michael took to review my product the review doesn’t really cover exactly what the whole product is and leads you to believe it’s all about meditation. While meditation is something we cover it is just one of the many things contained in this product.

Yes this is a Law Of Attraction product but talking to John Chow before doing the review he pointed me to a blog post he done on law of attraction and developing a successful mindset that received over 100 positive replies. So that made me believe you were open minded to this type of thing.

Let me give you a brief intro of who I am and why you should listen to me.

I first started this law of attraction stuff in 2006. I am one of the few people I know to of never had a “real job”. I am currently 21 years old. I finished high school at the end of 2005 and then was introduced to the law of attraction.

I decided I didn’t want to work a normal job and tested out this law of attraction thing to try and make some money.

Long story short I have ran many successful online businesses and never had to work a real 9 to 5 job.

Now this product is NOT just about closing your eyes and meditating and feeling good and then expecting a Ferrari to pull up at your drive way. That’s ridiculous and that is NOT what this is about at all despite what Michael’s review will lead you to believe.

I’m a little confused as to why Michael decided to pull out the small piece of the product that talks about meditation and spin it as if I’m saying that all you need to do is meditate and you will get rich?

Anyway what the product IS about is teaching you how to develop a strong, successful positive mindset. This isn’t airy fairy B.S this is about getting real world results.

Think about it, in the Internet Marketing community with so much information and knowledge out there about making money over 95% of people fail, even though they have step by step instructions on how to make a boat load of money.


Because they don’t have the right mindset.

John Reese and Frank Kern recently done an interview with Tony Robbins discussing this exact topic. Now I am sure you know who those guys are, they are all multi-millionaires.

If you look up some videos of John Reese on YouTube he talks about how he used the law of attraction and visualization to attract his dream car the Porsche 911 Turbo. In fact John has an entire product purely based on mindset.

Unfortunatly Michael’s review has given you the wrong impression of what my product is, people think I am teaching you how to meditate???

If you have tried the law of attraction or anything similar you will know one of the biggest problems is it’s too vague.

My product solves that problem by going into step by step detail on what you need to do on a daily basis that will bring you closer to success.

These are spiritual concepts COMBINED with successful business strategies. These are proven methods that get results.

This product will teach you exactly how you can:

Define your goal (make money online etc.)

Create a successful mindset to reach your full potential

Create a burning desire and passion to keep you motivated when things get tough

Overcome any obstacles that you may face (negativity, limiting beliefs, self doubt etc.)

Take action to get massive results (quickly)

One other thing I’d like to point out that Michael conveniently forgot to mention was the bunch of testimonials from real people that are on the site.

I get emails every day from people who have had great success, I even have video testimonials.

This isn’t just some close your eyes, feel really good and success will show up nonsense, this is how to develop a strong powerful millionaires mindset.

John Chow done an excellent post on having a successful mindset a while ago and this product is an expansion on that.

Meditation is great and I recommend it, in fact Jason Moffatt recently released a guide talking about the powers of meditation but this product is SO much more.

You get a daily step by step plan that literally says Step 1: do this Step 2: Do that etc. which makes things so much easier and get’s rid of all the confusion that this type of thing can cause.

So I encourage you to check out the product, I’m not a bad guy even though Michael’s review kind of painted a bad picture of myself and my product. I’m just a normal guy who has found something that works and has brought me success and I want to share it with you.

Now because I really do want to help you and I just know that when you try my product for yourself it will help you like it has thousands of others before you I am going to let you have for just 10 bucks.

Of course that comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Just try it out and see for yourself because I just know that when you find out what this really is about you will love it and if you don’t just let me know and I’ll send your money back.


35 thoughts on “Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness – Part 2”

  1. Mike CJ says:

    Please tell me this is some kind of Thanksgiving joke.

  2. Rick Krenz says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call this a Part 2… more like a Rebuttal Part 1

  3. Steve says:

    Wow, how did I even wind up reading this drivel?

    Gotta love the stuff you can come across when you’re poking around SEO sites.

  4. Brian P says:

    When people say 95% people. It is because they use the wrong plan or get sucked into BS. If somebody was really told how to make money for instance on a blog and SEO you can give a blueprint and I bet they would be in profit the first month. So if you are giving a blueprint on what you do then people will become successful.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      It’s not that easy, you could write the best blueprint ebook ever if your reader is neither motivated nor convinced about what you write, this one will never be successful….

      Plus if everyone is successful, the word successful will not exist anymore as we won’t have a use for it.

  5. pj says:

    I find it highly ironic that you repeatedly attack Michael Kwan while trying to sell the Law of Attraction, or whatever it is you are selling.

    1. i do not see that as attacking.

      1. pj says:

        Michael makes (part of) his income doing these reviews.

  6. Ok, so this is what all about. From your explanation, i thin your product is about spirituals materialism thing. Spiritual materialism thing is use spiritual power (positive thinking, nature habit, etc) to gain material thing (income, purpose, famous, etc)

  7. Kevin Pasco says:

    So John’s blog is now a communication system between “Tristan Bull” and us?


  8. Tristan says:

    Hey Guys,

    It’s Tristan here.

    Ok so firstly this is obviously the wrong target market for this kind of topic. My bad.

    John showed me a post that he done on the law of attraction and everybody raved about it and even though I am talking about the same thing I’m getting some negativity but you don’t know me from a bar of soap so I can understand that.

    The whole purpose of my program is to get you into a successful mindset and get you motivated to actually go out and take action.

    I’m originally from an Internet Marketing background and I know how hard it can be some days where it seems you just sit in front of the computer for hours but get nothing done.

    So this course is to help you become more effective so ultimatly you can become more successful quicker.

    The whole meditation and law of attraction hoo haa might turn you off but those are just terms and labels used to describe what’s going on.

    The informatoin isn’t vague, it is a step by step guide or blueprint to acheiving your goals.

    I have nothing againts Michael but I just felt like he picked out one small area of the product that he didn’t like and based the whole review around it which I don’t think painted an accurate picture of what the course actually contains.

    If you have any feedback as to why all the negativity I would love to hear it because to be totally honest I’m not sure why someone would get angry at someone for teaching them to be more happy and successful.

    So I would honestly love some feedback.


    1. pj says:

      Don’t we have Tony Robbins for that?

    2. Heheheheeh! The posse is snapping at your heels Tristan! Converting the heathens seems to be quite a challenge here, so maybe you should give something away for free so people can have a taster and hence be able to make more objective observations?

    3. Harry says:

      I haven’t had a proper job either. But I’ve had plenty of failures. I think I have the right mindset but from my perspective it’s about getting back up and hitting it again. Over and over. Scaling it up.

      I dunno why if you’ve done so well at 21, and I’m 21 too, you aren’t all about keeping your knowledge underground to avoid saturating your market and hitting it harder.

      I don’t get why you suddenly want to educate the masses with your revelations on the success mindset. I can understand friends, but generally when you start educating new folks they start messing up your market because they’re willing to work as cheap labor. I wouldn’t give away my knowledge… it’d cost me money.

      That’s my main issue with gurus and courses of the success type.

  9. Thanks for promoting this information.

  10. Mike CJ says:

    OK, some feedback for you Tristan:

    The post is just strange – it feels odd to have a rebuttal to a product review, but the real tragedy is the sales page that the post links to.

    There’s a major typo in the headline
    One of the testimonial videos doesn’t run
    The price at the top is $1
    When you click the order button it’s $10
    And at the bottom of the page it’s $47

    Basic errors like that aren’t going to give potential buyers any confidence in you or your product.

    There’s also some basic confusion in my mind about what the thing’s called. Michael called it Inner Wealth Awakening, you just call it “My product” and on the sales page it seems to be called 5 step underground secret formula.

    It isn’t even clear what “it” is, but reading carefully I think the main product is an audio of an interview with someone called Daniel Taylor. You tell us people pay upwards of $10,000 to learn “stuff like this” from him, but I can’t seem to find out anything about him.

    As well as a review, you’ve now been given a whole post on John’s site, with a link to your sales page, and you’ve squandered an enormous opportunity. Instead of coming out of it with a whole bunch of sales, you’ve probably done more harm than good to your online reputation.

    Sorry to be so hard, but there’s no excuse for failing to get the basics right Tristan. The shame of it is the product may be brilliant, but marketing it the way you have means nobody will ever know.

  11. Mike CJ says:

    I just read my post above and I feel bad now! At least you’ve taken some action and done something!

    Tristan – I’d be happy to give you any help or advice you may need. Please feel free to contact me (email is on my site) and maybe I can help you on your way with some pointers.

  12. @Tristan
    I agree with most of what the previous commenters have said. Especially that, with writing a defense of your product and with putting down Michael’s review / opinion, you haven’t done yourself a favor. Always remember that “only no publicity is bad publicity, but bad publicity is — publicity”. You should have answered to the review in a more gracious tone, and even perhaps with a bit of humor! Just my 2 cents, SY

  13. Oh, and invest in better studio / lighting equipment, the visual quality of the video is dreadful, SY

  14. Tristan says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    My bad on the errors, to be honest I quickly threw it together to post it here so I overlooked some things.

    Mike – What error are you talking about in the headline, I can’t seem to find it and it seems to pass the spell check?

    John actually suggested the rebuttal, so I did it 🙂

    My website is called Inner Wealth Awakening, I have a few products I sell on there.

    This particular product is called “The 5 Step Underground Secret Formula”.

    Well thats why I was a little disapointed with Michaels review because after reading it a lot of people didn’t even know what the product was.

    It just sounded vague and confusing.

    To be clear the product is a collection of audios and pdf’s that discuss the principles of success and the steps on how to acheive it. Also one of the audios is an interview with Daniel Taylor.

    Other people in this market are charging upwards of $10,000 not Daniel himself.

    His main businesses are in other niches.

    Again I thank Michael for his review, I appreciate it. It goes to show the influence people can have, his review was slightly negative and as a results the majority of comments that followed were also negative.

    John actually told me he personally enjoyed the product so I kinda wish he wrote the review instead lol

    But thanks for your feedback it really is appreciated and of course my product is good and it has helped many people before.

    I have an EXTREMELY low refund rate, like under 1% so it is quality stuff but it’s not for everyone.


    1. Mike CJ says:

      The typo is chose. The word you want is choose.

  15. Dean Saliiba says:

    Meditation, yoga and all-round spirituality is not really something that interests me to be honest, but good luck with your site Tristan. 🙂

  16. Paul B says:

    ” I am one of the few people I know to of never had a “real job”. I am currently 21 years old. ”

    I know plenty of 21 year olds who have never had a proper job! My 14 year old daughter has never had a proper job either 🙂

  17. Tristan, good luck with your business. It’s not my cup of tea. To be quite honest, I find the topic to border on nonsense. That said, never mind my personal opinion on that because it’s not relevant to my actual point.

    I’m glad that you’ve found a niche which you feel will work well for you. It’s a very popular one, so you might well be going in the right direction. Time will tell and likely you’ll adjust as need be. Don’t let people discourage you. Lots of people sit around and talk, dream/scheme and do nothing. You’re not like that. Good for you!

    Anyway, enough pep-talking, and on to my main point: Please do not discount the value of continuing your education. Your post is riddled with spelling mistakes and typographical errors – yes, people there is a difference – and it also has a number of grammatical problems.

    And to me, it’s clear that it’s not just a matter of throwing together a quick post. Don’t feel singled out. I see a lot of the same problems in a lot of blog posts, including John Chow’s. I didn’t check your sales page, but you might want to have someone look that over too for the same sorts of issues.

    Perhaps written English isn’t your strongest skill. No worries. Take a continuing education class – maybe business English – at your local community college during the evening. Usually, they are once or twice a week and run 24 to 48 hours.

    Remember, a blog post is almost like a resume. Spelling, punctuation and proper grammar are critical.

    (I’ll chuckle if I find a mistake in my comment after I hit send.)

  18. Tristan – I didn’t take much interest of your product until I noticed Daniel Taylor was one of the guys on the audio.

    I know Daniel and he’s got a boatload of knowledge on Law Of Attraction. The only problem is, not many people has heard of Daniel.

    1. Tristan says:

      Yeah he is a really educated dude and knows his stuff.

      His main businesses are in other niches and he uses a pen name which is why he isn’t as well known.

      But thanks for your support 🙂

  19. Eric says:

    If somebody was really told how to make money for instance on a blog and SEO you can give a blueprint and I bet they would be in profit the first month. So if you are giving a blueprint on what you do then people will become successful.

  20. LOL. Tristan don’t feel bad. I think you’re just targeting to the wrong Blog audience.

    A few months back I won a Free MacBook Pro by participating in an Affiliate Marketing contest. One of my primary tools I used to win the contest was Creative Visualization techniques.

    After I won the laptop, I created a video that explained what I did and put the video up on my Blog. My Blog audience is mostly people who already believe in Law of Attraction / Visualization etc., so the video was very well received and I got a whole bunch of emails form people thanking me as well.

    Then, Tyler Cruz, who sponsored the contest wrote up a post and put my video in his post (with my permission of course), and on HIS site a lot of people bashed me because I was claiming that Visualization is a tool that works.

    Just goes to show you how the exact same message can be received totally differently by two different types of audiences with different beliefs and values. It also shows you how important it is to identify the right target audience.

    It’s not about how many people see your message. It’s about how many of the RIGHT TARGET people see your message.

  21. Ladyexpat says:

    You really do need to check your sales page. You offer your product for ten dollars U.S. and then at the bottom of your sales page you offer the product “today only one dollar US”.

    I tried to buy it at one dollar U.S. and the amount showing at check out is ten dollars U.S.

    You really need to fix this. This could be and probably is an honest mistake on your part, but where I come from it would be called MISLEADING ADVERTISING.

    Do yourself a favor and get your page cleaned up.

  22. Tristan says:

    Ahh I fixed the changes and saved them but forgot to upload it…. you guys really got me flustered lol but this is not my main sales page it’s just a special promo I through together for this post.

    1. I think that just underlines the points some of us made, attention to detail IS important, even when it is only a “special promo I through together for this post.” Even as a non native English speaker I think you meant “throw”, SY

  23. This could be a good example of marketing tactics gone wrong. This… this is just wrong.

  24. EarningStep says:

    i believe john just copy the article from the real author and paste it without edit this article anymore.

  25. chester says:

    Looks promising.

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