Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness

It’s not exactly what you think is, despite the explicit mention of getting rich in its title. I’ve reviewed a number of different “systems” that are designed to help you make money online, but you’ll learn over the course of this review that Inner Wealth Awakening is a different beast altogether.

Rather than giving you an exact blueprint as to how you’ll go about raking in that cash, Inner Wealth Awakening is about providing the “resources necessary fro you to define, design, and refine your life.” What does this mean and why should you care? Let’s find out.

Awakening to Discover Inner Wealth?

There is an interesting phenomenon that you can observe among the mass populace. Many people who are struggling to make ends meet believe that having more material goods will make them happy. Among wealthier people, however, you find a good number who say money is not the answer and that they could be just as happy with less. Ironic? Perhaps.

It is with this basic observation that we find the core of Inner Wealth Awakening. Rather than focusing on “outer” wealth, Tristan Bull aims to help you find “inner wealth” in the form of inner peace and happiness.

The idea is that once you achieve inner wealth, your “outer wealth will rush into your life faster than you can imagine.” This is based on the Law of Attraction, the premise on which The Secret (movie and book) is based.

The Five-Step Program

Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness

While you could surf around the main site (and the free training center) for information, the core comes from the 5 Step Secret Underground Formula, a digital product that “will teach you exactly how you can be wealthy in every single area of your life.”

Based on my early impressions, I hardly think that there is anything particularly “secret” or “underground” about the strategies described in this product. In essence, it is an expansion on the Law of Attraction, trying to help you minimize negative thinking and maximize positive thinking.

Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness

For me, one of the stranger things about Inner Wealth Awakening is its combination of different kinds of spirituality. After downloading the package, you’ll be told to listen to the main audio file. This is an interview that Tristan conducted with Daniel Taylor, a man who grew up in South Central Los Angeles and managed to transcend his harsh childhood.

Over the course of the interview, we get mention of Jesus Christ, The Secret, Freudian psychology, Buddhist philosophy, and more. At one point, Taylor mentions “psychoanalysis in a meditative state,” talking about how a neglected son can grow up to seek the “loving of his mother” through the dysfunctional relationships he has with women.

The idea is that these negative experiences can lead to negative thoughts that continue to have a profound effect on our lives, both consciously and unconsciously.

Going Beyond “The Secret”

Going through the rest of the downloadable package, you get a workbook, two bonus audio files (Inner Happiness Now And Forever, Stop Surviving and Start Living Today), a bonus report (Limiting Beliefs and How to Change Them), and a guided one-hour meditation MP3 file.

Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness

Before I got my start as a freelance writer, I worked as an English writer and editor for a Buddhist meditation society. I don’t consider myself to be an orthodox Buddhist, but I was exposed to some of the basic practices of this society, including meditation.

The guided meditation of Tristan Bull’s secret system, to me, is mostly focused on relaxation. It has some elements of Buddhist meditation, getting you to focus on the breath and different body parts, but it also has some elements of transcendental meditation, getting you to “let go” and allow the positive energy to engulf you.

How Much Does Enlightenment Cost?

It seems a little ironic that we are told by Inner Wealth Awakening that we should stop focusing on material wealth and start focusing on inner peace, since they’re obviously out to make a buck or two with the 5-Step Underground Secret Formula. It’s wording that seems better suited to the “make money online” realm and not really the realm of self-help and spirituality.

While I believe that positive energy attracts more positive energy, I’m not at all convinced that inner peace leads to buying “any house” or traveling all over the world. But these are “guaranteed” on the sales page for the 5-Step system. Further still, the regular price of $97 has been slashed for a “very special recession price” of $47. At least, there is a money-back guarantee.


25 thoughts on “Meditate Your Way to Success and Happiness”

  1. First of all I would suggest the guy invests in some basic lights or rents a studio next time he does a video, his face is completely in the shade, his eyes are not visible and the video is not very professionally made. For the rest? After reading the well-written review by Michael: No thanks, I don’t need DYI guru to tell me a secret to change my mindset, I am happy how my mind works now πŸ˜‰ And, btw, what is actually this guy expertise? Where did he get his training from? SY

    1. Yea, I’d have to agree with the lighting, it looks like he’s in an interrogation room.

      1. Wow … so weight you also have the experience of interrogation room … what they were trying to interrogate from you.

        Or you saw such rooms in movies …… lollzzz

  2. I agree on that many people if you are going to ask they would say they are happy and money is not everything for them. The reason behind it they are very welll aware of welath. The saying fits here : “Wealth is health”.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      money can’t buy happiness, it just can contribute to it..

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Agree with you, money doesn’t mean everything. You have money but doesn’t have good health, you have money but doesn’t have good relationship, it’s useless too.

  3. Money Blog says:

    I hope that dude has realised his “”Inner Wealth””

    1. I guess he also wants to get our “outer wealth”, πŸ˜‰ SY

      1. Enlightnement ain’t cheap, son! Hahahahahah!

  4. Ellisa says:

    Even though people say that wealth is health, I don’t agree to this as I feel health is wealth and hence I take up home jobs from 1kadayblogspot and earn quick money.

    1. Harry says:

      nice spam there with your Maybe this guy’s targeting is just way off. Target audience is somewhere else…

  5. I can change my mindset without teacher right now, so i pass.

  6. Not sure meditation is for me but even if it was, I can’t imagine paying for it. That seems like a tough sell to me.

  7. Guru has taken on a completely different meaning with this post.

  8. Daniel says:

    I’m Daniel Taylor the guy From South Central that gets interviewed.

    People are really quick to “Judge”, but Inner Wealth Awakening WILL change your life. The principles have changed mine forever.

    Everybody “Thinks” they know everything, but when I ask how much money is flowing into your life, usually their broke or “Surviving”.

    That’s how I was. How many successful 6 figure 22 year olds who runs businesses from just a laptop.

    I travel all over the world whenever I want. (I’ll be in Mazatlan, Mexico In 3 weeks.)

    You have to open your mind.

    One thing I didn’t like about the review is how he compared it to the “The Secret”.

    This actually goes WELL beyond the secret and gives you step by step how-to’s and real ways to change your life really fast.

    I’ve studied with spiritual masters, done summer long meditation retreats, gave away everything I owned to live homeless on the street and be (connected). I teach 8 week life transformation classes, that literally sell out in in 2 days. And the testimonials are amazing.

    None of this is to brag, but to let you know that anything is possible in life. And most importantly you can be happy, healthy, and wealthy. Something I never thought was possible for me.

    This definitely isn’t for everybody. But you there are some individuals who this can really help.

    Peace and Blessings to everyone and thanks for the great review for my good friend Tristan.

    1. You sure can not argue with such a well worded response! Acquiring inner peace and tranquility goes a long way towards getting good energy to flow through your life and bringing you “good luck”

      Over and above this you have to cultivate good work habits too, as all the positive energy comes to naught when there is no channel to express it effectively through.

  9. Dean Saliba says:

    You would have thought he would have spent some of his ‘inner wealth’ in better lighting in his office. πŸ˜›

  10. Will this total package be worth the investment in the end?

  11. Brian says:

    I don’t think is worth it

  12. Google Money says:

    You have to be careful when trying to make money at home that it is legit.

  13. g says:

    “Many people who are struggling to make ends meet believe that having more material goods will make them happy. Among wealthier people, however, you find a good number who say money is not the answer and that they could be just as happy with less. Ironic?”

    There’s no irony in this. It’s perfectly logical. When you’re worried about where your next meal’s coming from or your next rent payment, you naturally wish to have enough money for stuff. When you have money, your mind and spirit can focus on other non-material things that make you happy.

  14. Kajanova says:

    Looks like a wasted 47 dollars to me. I don’t believe you have to “buy” something to show you how to obtain inner peace. Thats something you have to obtain yourself., and it doesn’t cost money..

    The Secret was just a scam. A well marketed think-positive book.

  15. EarningStep says:

    nice product . this is other side of a way to earn success in our life.

  16. That was painful to watch. The guy is obviously quite new to the concepts he is trying to sell, and if he wants to get anywhere he also needs to start learning about marketing at some point. I wish him luck, but I hope it’s the last time he tries to sell something that has a million mediocre comptetitors yet still manages to come across as being inferior to the majority of them.

  17. chester says:

    Money back guarantee on enlightenment. Who can go wrong?

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