Meet Timothy Sykes at Dot Com Pho

Last night, Sarah and I had dinner with Timothy Sykes and his business partner Adarsh at the Cactus Club Cafe. Tim is in Vancouver to give a $495 per seat seminar on how to make money by shorting worthless stocks.

In 1999 Tim conned his parents into letting him invest $12,415 of Bar Mitzvah gift money into the stock market. His parents agreed, thinking he would lose it all and therefore be taught the value of a dollar. Instead, Tim turned that $12,415 into $1.65 million. He became a millionaire at age 22, managed the number one short bias hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 and starred in the TV documentary Wall Street Warriors all before the age of 26.

Meet Timothy Sykes at Dot Com Pho

You don’t need to pay $495 to meet Tim. He and Adarsh will be at Dot Com Pho this Saturday. The event will be held at the Green Lemon Grass restaurant at 8180 Westminster Hwy. I’ll have “I’m Blogging This” T Shirts from Market Leverage and a few copies of Tim’s book, An American Hedge Fund, to give away.

If you wish to attend Dot Com Pho, let me know by email or Twitter and I’ll save a seat for you. The fun begins at 12:30PM. See you there!

28 thoughts on “Meet Timothy Sykes at Dot Com Pho”

  1. Millionaire at the age of 22? I’m that age and about halfway there… I could learn from this man.

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      I am not yet 22. I am only 20. I think I can become a millionaire by the time I am 22…though it will take a lot of innovation

    2. All of us here can learn from him

    3. I think a lit of people could learn from this guy. This is what I learned so far.

      1. Become jewish and pretend I just turned 13 so I can get $12,000
      2. Learn to con my parents into letting me use that money
      3. Learn more tips…

  2. Josten says:

    all i have to say is wow with how he did with the stock market

    1. Been reading Tims blog for a while.

      I haven’t bought his things yet, but considering checking it out and then maybe becoming an affiliate

      Wished I knew about these events more then a few days in advance. I might make a calendar or something 🙂 have a good meal everyone going

  3. Steven says:

    I won’t be able to attend but I can always use another book ^_~

  4. BC is just way to far from California for me to make the trip just for the day, but I’d love to hear some of Tim’s insights into the current market. I’d venture a guess that lots of luck and a great deal of good timing went into his initial run. But I’ve seen some of the numbers he’s put up since then and its incredible what he’s done.

    1. jsj says:

      if you go to his site,he will be in vegas soon.

  5. Daniel Kemp says:

    Ya man, marry rich, it is so much easier.

  6. Jesse Grant says:

    luckey luckey and luckey

  7. Mike Huang says:

    Mr. Timothy is very lucky to be a millionaire. I guess smart minds come young 😉


  8. Tyler Ingram says:

    I’d have to drive out to Richmond for DotComPho? When I move Downtown I’ll be closer and more willing to come out 😉 After all coming from Pitt Meadows I’m one of the furthest attendees for DotComPho lol

  9. When will you be in Toronto for this ?

  10. Double says:

    Thanks for the post as I did not know who Timothy Sykes was before and as an avid investor Tim is definitely someone I need to pay attention to and will as I have bookmarked his site.

    I have linked your site on my website per your tip from “John Chow – How To Make Money Online.”

  11. Ben Pei says:

    Why do I see so many blogs writing and interviewing Tim Sykes? Its so good to be popular..

  12. Keral Patel says:

    Investing in stocks and becoming a millionaire is a nice thing.

    But the way the market is right now it all looks to me like “DANGER”

  13. Rory Hansen says:

    Great Dot Com Pho today. It was my first time attending, and I’ll definitely be back.

  14. MelodyN says:

    I remember when Tim recently posted a blog about making more money a month than John..

  15. jsj says:

    yes, incentivest. he makes $ because he understand a pattern that he discovered worked well for him. There is nothing to be afraid of if you increase your knowledge about how to protect yourself.

    TIM prides himself on being a no BS type of guy.

  16. Ann Warner says:

    who paid the bill at the Cactus Club?

  17. I should be at that dinner with John Chow.


  18. CoolProducts says:

    His story seems pretty interesting. I’ll have to check out his book the next time I’m in Borders.

  19. Downloadic says:

    I am so far from Toronto…

  20. Go to my blog and I won’t charge you 495 dollars for you to gain knowledge about the markets.

  21. I guess he taught his parents the value of a dollar. 🙂

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