Membership Site Mastermind Reopens for 24 Hours Only

Because many people missed the emails and blog posts last week due to being sick, or traveling or because they forgot to turn their computer on (what!) or are just plain unorganized, Yaro is opening up his Membership Site Mastermind course for one more day.

The doors will reopen on Tuesday at 11 AM EST US Time and you can sign up for the course during the next 24 hour period.

Yaro told me that several people emailed him asking to join because they were too indecisive last week. Indecision is a killer sometimes, causing you to put off things you really should do today. Yaro’s first live coaching call is next week. That gives you time to study the materials and prepare yourself for the first live call.

This could be a life changing learning experience for you, Yaro is a great teacher and membership sites are the best model to make money with online today, so why wouldn’t you take this course?

Take Advantage of My $1,000 Bonus Offer

For those who are still sitting on the fence, I have a sweet bonus offer that will allow you to get Membership Site Mastermind for better than free. If you order Membership Site Mastermind through my link, I will give you two free $500 reviews to help you promote your membership site when it’s ready. The first review will help you kick it off with a bang. The second review will follow a short time later to close those who are still on the fence (kinda like what I’m doing right now).

Membership Site Mastermind cost $297 per month for three months. If you order through me, you will get two free reviews worth $1,000 to help launch and promote your site. Add it up and not only did you get Membership Site Mastermind for free, but you’re ahead of the game by $109!

However, you must use my link or you won’t show up in my control panel. If you don’t show up, I can’t give you the free reviews. You may want to clear all your browser cookies before clicking the link to make sure it register correctly.

Register for Membership Site Mastermind and Get Two $500 Reviews for FREE

Closing In

23 thoughts on “Membership Site Mastermind Reopens for 24 Hours Only”

  1. EarningStep says:

    well this maybe the last chance for people who want to join yaro to make money online from affiliate marketing and traveling at the same time .

  2. may be for this year.
    But he will reopen again next year…
    Would be interesting to know How many of his students have liked the program.

    1. Brian says:

      I’ve purchased both his Blog Mastermind and Membership Mastermind programs, and I’ve really enjoyed both. The only thing that has gotten in the way of my success is my own laziness!

      1. So you paid a decent amount of money and you didn’t make it because you’re lazy? :S

        I’d say you’re not lazy, but…. [may be against John TOS]

      2. At least you’re honest! I thought Yaro’s success reciupe only requires two hours a day? Is that how lazy you are?

  3. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    That’s a great opportunity for those who missed out the offer last week, that’s the chance to sign up now.

    Same to Internetsalsa, I’m curious how many students he already had in this program? 😉

  4. Xof says:

    Reading the comments on these promotional posts really makes me feel it’s borderline a scam.

    Yaro’s earnings and claims are unverified. I don’t doubt he is a great marketeer but the only one who will benefit from this “class” is Yaro (and possibly John 🙂

    Once again, I’d like to read a post on how many registered and another one in 6-9 months to see how many actually managed to successfully start a membership site. Having 3-4, a dozen testimonials doesn’t reflect the success of this program, unfortunately.

    Just like a school, the success rate should be far beyond 50%. If Yaro can’t bring 50% of his student to success, then it’s a failure.

    1. Ricky says:

      you are right .. I won’t say it’s a scam … but if you can’t show real stats then it is worthless…. example 100 sign ups … 80 complete the course and 70 create a sucessful program… of course you cannot predict sucess but that how you judge a good college….

      1. Brad says:

        lol… out of 100 people who join, / only 20 people will acutally do anything with it. Some people will buy and not even read/view the material. Some will Read the material and take no action (won’t even buy a domain name)….. and then the rest of them who do take action will see some sort of success.

        It’s not yaros fault people are lazy.

        I’ve flipped a membership site before – you’ve just got to TAKE ACTION, and you’ll see RESULTS.

        Chosing a school to compare it is an horrbile example. Did you know where are more than half the billionares in the world went to College/Uni.? They didn’t!

  5. membership site Mastermind rocks, one rock solid coaching program, there is a lot that you can learn from this guy.

    1. Xof says:

      There’s a lot you can learn everywhere on the Internet for FREE. How do you back up your statement?!?

      If Yaro is so confident in his program, I’d suggest doing an Open Registration Day (free) and have the “students” do a donation based contribution.

      Creating scarcity and urgency to act are old marketing tricks. Kinda lame but I’m sure it’s part of the “launch” strategy.

  6. Wow, you and Yaro sure are pusing the Site Mastermind program.

  7. Ricky says:

    is it me or it reopen all the time ….. doesn’t sound so exclusive after all …. so i guess next week it will reopen or maybe in 6 months….

    1. It has reopened two times since it closed I think.

      1. John Chow says:

        Actually, this is the 2nd time. The first time was back in May.

  8. Good point XOF.

    And Brad…you are right that people are lazy and the so called marketers are taking an advantage of that.
    You can not blame on them either coz thats an evil way as well 🙂
    Just like infomercials that you see on TV.

  9. Kalvster says:

    I find that using free things are more useful. That way, it encourages my hard work.

  10. Diabetis says:

    I think that this is a good investment especially that you are going to get 2 free reviews from John Chow.

  11. videostar says:

    That is a nice chance and a good stimulation to make new plans and earn more money!

  12. Lol, I agree, and I wonder also how more times it will “re-open for a limited time” 😉 It is true that a lot of people buy into courses membership sites, ebooks etc and then do nothing with it, but it is also true that a lot of this courses don’t give you anything that is not available elsewhere for free! SY

  13. fas says:

    What publicity stunts man, wowww

  14. videostar says:

    BE waiting for the next chance to have it for free and enjoy learning it …

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