Mental Blockers You Need to Know and Fix

Are you familiar with the term mental blockers? These are automatic blockers that come into your mind and reduce productivity. If NOT controlled, they can hinder your growth and productivity, which is bad for any business. There have been many resources and people who have dedicated their lives to finding out what they are and how to overcome many of them. It’s important to note people will obviously have different mental blocks they have to overcome, but the universal ones are pretty simple to understand. I think it’s important you know how to manage them so I would like to go over some of them now. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any feedback.

Let’s jump right in.

Short Attention Span

This applies to both people and entrepreneurs but because my focus is businesses or blogging, then let’s talk about their effect on them. First, over the years, research has shown people have less of an attention span than fish, which is now 8 seconds and this can cause many problems if you multi-task. If you’re like me, you do several things at once, jumping from one to another and this can cause you to lose track. I have changed my ways since then and try to complete tasks in an organized fashion. However, doing too many will cause you to lose focus. This means your work suffers and you could start paying attention to less important tasks.

Human attention has a span of 8 seconds so you should focus on NOT dividing up your time, but doing tasks in an organized fashion.

Negative Thinking

This is another major one and can completely destroy your positive energy. If you have your own business, you’re going to have difficulty starting out and will need to find ways to overcome it. However, if you think negative and say things like:

  • I won’t do it
  • I am going to fail
  • I don’t have enough knowledge

You’re going to be setting yourself up for failure. I’ve always encouraged people to stay positive because this can influence your work going forward. This will also keep you pushing in the right direction, which will help you overcome every obstacle in your way. Negative thinking is the cause of previous bad experiences, but you have to remember to live in the present and future, and forget the past.

Suppressing Thoughts

There are some thoughts you should bury away, but how about those that apply to your business? What happens if these are mistakes you made in business and that you should be learning from? This is a problem I’ve seen among many entrepreneurs and instead of them learning from them, they’ll suppress them. However, this can have an opposite effect on your business because if you ever make the same mistake, it can have deep consequences. I’m a true believer that with business, you should learn from your mistakes so you can be better going forward. This will help you make quality decisions and simply make you better within your niche.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Don’t suppress them
  • Always stay positive

I Can Do it on My Own

This is another major mental block and you have to learn to accept the help of others. I learned this the hard way and didn’t reach out to anyone in my industry for years because I didn’t want to work with my competition. However, you have to remember everyone needs help because mentors can teach you what you are missing. Having help will allow you to avoid mistakes that you otherwise would keep making, hindering your growth. Understand everyone needs help but it’s the way you approach someone for it. Be genuine and always give back because people remember who helped them get where they did and this can be huge for your brand.

It’s easy to implement this because you just have to reach out to people within your niche. Ask them genuine questions or for help on something that is stopping you from moving in the right direction.

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4 thoughts on “Mental Blockers You Need to Know and Fix”

  1. Erian says:

    Hello Rizvan, your content has inspired me to grow more, I am learning to another skill for achieving more result. Once again thank you very much Rizvan

  2. Rambharat says:

    Hii Rizvan,
    The estimate of writing your blog post is very good. The simplest language you use when writing articles is appreciated. The information you give will prove to be of great value to me, I hope that. It is our wish that you continue to write great articles in such a future. Thanks for sharing this article. Thank you

  3. Here is the Attractive article that I have implemented in my life for quite some time now and has brought me nothing but true happiness and content. Hopefully, it will do the same for your mental blocks to overcome.

  4. Suppression is a biggie Rizvan. I had a tough time until I learned to hug and sit with my fears, versus trying to bury the energies. If you make mistakes, own the mistakes. Without ownership, these errors run amok in your being, creating failure up to the moment you earn them.

    One chief error I addressed; trying to do it all on my own. Not good. Now I guest post on top blogs, promoting my content, my eBooks, my courses and services, and I also read and publish genuine comments on top blogs like JC’s. Easiest way to do it long haul wise because if you choose to connect with other humans by creating helpful content on their real estate, and by promoting them, heaven is the limit. Onward and upward, all the way.


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