Mercedes-Benz Shopping in Suzhou, China

While most things can be bought a lot cheaper in China than back at home, a car is not one of them. And if the car is not made in China, then it can get really expensive. We dropped by the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Suzhou to get an idea on how much a S Class sedan cost in China vs. the S Class back home.

The S Class Mercedes starts at the S350. We don’t get the S350 in the US or Canada. Our S Class starts at the S550. They’re basically the same car except for the engine size – the S350 has a 3.5L V6 while the S550 has a 5.5L V8. The S Class sells very well in China, which happens to be Mercedes-Benz’s second biggest market after the United States.

One thing for sure. High-end auto makers like Mercedes-Benz seem to love the fact that China’s new rich enjoy overpaying for stuff. If you think the S350 was expensive, you don’t want to know the price of the S65 AMG!

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  1. Wade says:

    Nice looking cars. I am in the market for a Lancer EVO or a Cadillac EXT. I personally find the Mercedes and BMWs to be to typical rich guy status…

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    1. Why do you think the Chinese economy is doing so well? Because they slap on so much import taxes on everything that local Chinese companies have a huge advantage in the market. Its a smart protectionist policy that has allowed China to grow this fast.

      1. MR. NICE GUY says:

        China is indeed the sleeping tiger that is now waking up and heving its might felt all over the world.

    2. Im also not in favor of such high status cars. For me small cars are ok. But its very strange that these cars are so expensive within China when made there itself.

      1. andru says:

        The cars are made in Germany 😉

      2. They aren’t made in China.

        Some cars are but those aren’t 😛

  2. Stephen says:

    It would cost you less to fly to Germany and do the factory tour, pick up your car there, drive it for a week, then have it shipped back to China. The new rich are stupid!

    1. This is not true. The Chinese government would slap on enough import taxes to MORE then make-up for your savings.

    2. John Chow says:

      The factory delivery option is only available to US or Canadian buyers. And you need to stay over there for 3 months.

      1. Terry Tay says:

        Hey, why not take an extra 3 month trip. Pick up a couple of cars and keep one and have a contest for the other. 😆

  3. Thiago Prado says:

    Funny story. I work at Mercedes Benz in NJ. There are so many nice car but it’s so overprice. Even I have the money I would buy it.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      I mean even if I had the money I would not buy the car!

      1. Depends on how much I had to spare… :P. Personally I like the way the new Lexus IS-F looks, but a Benz wouldn’t dissatisfy me. Of course, If I was choosing the price range of upper class Benz models I’d choose the Audi R8 anyday

  4. There are so many nice car but it’s so overprice. Even I have the money I would buy it

    1. You just contradicted yourself there.

  5. Joe says:

    I can’t afford Benz… you can get better quality for less nowadays anyway.

  6. Traxy says:

    well a S350 in Singapore is almost close to US$240k:

    1. Yeah Singapore is crazy with their prices. My cousin over there just bought a WRX for $60,000 and unless you’re willing to drop a million or two you can’t even look at exotics.

  7. Paul B says:

    From what I’ve seen of the traffic in China it wouldn’t be all that fun to drive anyway. Wouldn’t you be better of with a Mini?

  8. I can’t afford a 1990 Ford Probe right now! HAHAHA. Everytime I think about cars I get really P’O’d that society has been handcuffed to inefficient oil wasting high maintenance gas engine. Electric engine conversions better start happening and for apx $5000 each I can not understand why it doesn’t happen…..I’m rambling guess I’ll make a post about it some other day.

    I just hope my Gravatar works finally. Word from the Bird.

  9. Hoto says:

    if you guys think $ 87.575 is too much for a S350 come to germany and try to buy a new S350 here for that price. i have just checked out the german mercedes dealer web site and the prices here are starting at $ 116.659 for a new S350 without too much extras. 👿 so if you are trying to buy a german car cheap, don´t buy it in germany. isn´t that a joke ?

    1. That sucks and confuses me. Also, why is it that it is more expensive to buy the parts and build the car yourself than it is to buy the car made?

  10. Deepak says:

    Mercedes is a dream for many,passion for others,status for the rest.. there are still many out there who wouldn’t like to compromise with the stuff..seriously S350 is a classic one..i ld pay any amt toadd it in my collection if i had the money.. 😆

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  11. Noobpreneur says:


    Yeah – prestige is key in the new China 🙂

  12. Zak Show says:

    Well i consider this normal because china is an indistrual country and it have a lot of products even in the engines industry so to keep his sales up it have to apply hot taxes for the foreign products.

  13. common–out of more than a billion people–there is a market for it.

    Prices are even much higher in other 3rd world countries.
    And still people ar ebuying.

    There is a wide gap between the poor and the rich.

    Rich is getting richer and vice versa.

  14. The case is much the same in India and probably in other fast developing economies. Most western auto, digital equipments, household appliance manufactures dump dated models to these places. Earlier it used to be couple of generation behind stuff, now it’s only an year old models 🙂

    In India as well S-class starts at S350 (there was a 5 litre version available but never seen on roads). The diesel version S CDI320 is available as well. The pricing is worse than that in china as we have huge import duties and laxury segment taxes. On road, S350 costs around USD 200,000 (or 80 lakhs Indian rupees) in India.

    Ajith Edassery

  15. Why is it that a car made in China and sold in China is so expensive, but Wal-Mart can sell you items from China for dirt cheap?

    1. The car is not made in CHINA!!!

  16. Mike Huang says:

    China is where all the rich entrepreneurs are, so these cars are selling like hot cakes over there 🙂 Basically, if you work in America, you could go to China to open a factory that ships products to America. A business worker like that already makes millions 🙂


    1. China is NOT the only place where the rich entrepreneurs are.

  17. Kingsley says:


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    I think I would have no other option than to ask as many friends on mine as possible to read your article and see for themselves.

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  18. HP says:

    In Norway (Europe) the S500 costs 1 644 100 NOK = 331 011 USD (Google, todays exchange rate), 191 688 USD is taxes (weight, engine, emissions and 25% VAT). The S320CDI costs 224 929 USD (110 672 USD is taxes). A basic Toyota Corolla costs 50 000 USD.

    Norway is one of the worlds largest oil suppliers, and here we pay 10 USD / US gallon fuel (mostly taxes).

    I really enjoy watching your videos from China, thank you!

    – HP

    1. Looks like China and India are a little better than Norway, in this aspect. Import duties are similar here but not bad to that extend.


  19. So much for expensive cars. What about a child seat for the the little one JC?

  20. Pradeep says:

    i dont know why people are crazy about Mercedes i dont see any thing extra ordinary about it 😕

    i think BMW and Toyota Capri looks fancier then Benz

  21. Flimjo says:

    Sweet, but I’m still a BMW kind of guy. 😈

  22. Dave Evans says:

    Makes me wonder what the likes of the Italian super cars such as Ferrarri and Lamborghini cost or the top British marques, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

    Just out of curiosity what’s the price of gas/petrol in China?

  23. Apoorv says:


    Thats sexy Car, I wish I could afford it 😀

  24. Maybe you could buy a few Mercedes in Canada and ship and sell them in China, making $90k on each one. I’m sure import taxes would kill you though.

  25. Sha says:

    I’ve never really been a big fan of Mercedes-Benz.

  26. Apoorv says:

    What would be the rate of this car ?

    Tell the rates in USD

  27. Bob says:

    China is a Boom in the industrial sector,, isn’t it ?? the way the chinese are builing cost efficient products is awesome… today the cheap touch screen mobiles which china is offering is giving a tough competition to the Companies like NOKIA & this is the reason why the prices of Nokia mobiles is getting down every month………

  28. Tom Chuong says:

    If you’re a Merc’ dealer, I’m accepting bribes for a brand new 2008 Merc’ C63 AMG. And if you’re wondering, I want you to pay the sales tax too. Contact me now if you feel like giving me a free Merc.

  29. I think all cars are overpriced especially if you look at brand news ones. I think we will all be having to use alternative transport soon with the way oil prices are anyway. Personally I love my hybrid Prius but I am still noticing how expensive the fuel prices are!

  30. I’m sure that if you look around a little you can find a car exactly like this but that has been copied by a Chinese company, has a different name, and 5 times lower cost! :mrgreen:

  31. work at home says:

    Mercedes Benz is my favorite kind of car. China is becoming one of the top leaders in the auto industry from what I can understand. $137,000 is a lot of money!

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