Merry Christmas from Neverblue Ads

Gifts from Neverblue

You can tell the holiday season is among us when the gifts start arriving. First out the gate is Neverblue Ads. They were nice enough to send a care package with a nice Neverblue bathrobe, Neverblue stocking sock and some other stuff.

The bathrobe is made by Caulfeild and it’s call the Ultimate. I’m not so sure about the name but the robe is very comfortable. I believe Neverblue is sending bathrobes to all their top affiliates. I know Shoe got one.

Neverblue Ads is a Victoria based affiliate network that also sponsored the monthly Meetup 202 event in Vancouver. They’re a great bunch of people to work with and I’m looking forward to partying with them at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas next month. Many Christmas Neverblue, and thanks for the presents!

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42 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Neverblue Ads”

  1. Kevin Pasco says:

    Lucky you John!

    Sally looks so happy with that stocking! 😛

  2. Terry says:

    Hi and thanks!

    I enjoy reading your posts and have been meaning to tell you so here is a late Thanks! You have a lifetime reader here.


  3. You are looking great in this gown. Impressive like as millionaire.

    1. I must say he is looking like young Rupert Murdoch

      1. Yea, but Mr Murdoch is quite a bit older than John.

  4. Awesome. I think Im gonna try neverblue and see what I get out of it

    1. You must try it once, worth trying for sure.

  5. The bathrobe looks good on you!-Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  6. MichaelR says:

    From the look of it the bathrobe seems to be made of nice material. Got to check NeverBlue.

    1. They wont send of inferior quality material because such stupidity can make negative news for them and can affect their business adversely.

  7. andrew says:

    she is very nice1 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  8. hackcorp says:

    Nice, good bathrobe, donate it to homeless or wear it to asw. 🙂 What do you do with all the presents anyway? John Chow private collection closet?

    1. I hope he wears more than a bathrobe to ASW.

  9. hokya says:

    nice gift 🙂

  10. Jack says:

    Very Cool! You truly are “The Ultimate!”

  11. neelmoney says:

    I got the same news from Shoemoney , and you are looking like white Santa, But where is your sleeping mask ( erotic blindfold). .

    1. Yes Bathrobe of Jeremy got more attractive and he was showing more gifts as well …

      Where are other gifts John ?

  12. I personally don’t like NB, I was deactivated by Chutima when I was first starting out in Affiliate marketing… promoted offline, explained it to her but she didn’t like it. Horrible experience. Just IMO.

  13. JR says:

    wow is nice gift from Neverblue Ads, maybe someday i will like you too john

  14. Well who is that your daughter, if she is please do tell me her blogs name, because im sure she’ll hav one

  15. Very cool. I can’t even seem to win in a game of phone tag with one of their reps.

  16. coolcoolbird says:

    hi John, your daughter is cute

  17. fas says:

    That is some bathrobe.

  18. love the robe john. i saw shoe got the same one he seemed to enjoy it as well

  19. Merry Christmas ! That’s a nice christmas gif, she look very cute too 😀

  20. Steve says:

    All you got was the bath robe? What did you do to piss them off?

    1. When you piss people off as your say, they don’t usually send you a free bath robe.

      1. I’m pretty sure that he was being sarcastic in the fact that as much money as Jon makes with never blue, that was all they sent him.

  21. Sisk says:

    you do get lots of presents

    1. Yes that is the fun of being popular in internet world.

      Check John also got Amzon Kindle from Azoogle Ads

  22. Another nice gift John, your daughter is adorable to have a good christmas.

  23. EarningStep says:

    nice . i never see your lovely daughter so happy with a big shock . …. nice family

  24. Man, you are always scoring schwag.

  25. Never Blue is one of the better CPA networks as far as offers. Market Leverage sends a nice packet too.

  26. Lol, the dot com lifestyle, work comfortably from your home in a robe you even got sponsored 😉 SY

  27. very cool gift from neverblue ads, i will try it

  28. You like working with them?

  29. Nick Aviles says:

    That’s quite a gift, sure looks comfortable.

  30. cute gift. I believe you like it.

  31. S Ahsan says:

    I bet NeverBlue will send me a gift sooner or later! i am finally getting on my stuff 🙂

  32. John , your daughter is simply adorable.

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