Metal Gear Rubber Band Gun – Add to Ultimate Toy List

Remember when you were a little kid shooting rubber bands at people? Well, if you had this rubber banding shooting gun, you would have been the terror of the school yard (and no doubt get kicked out of school as well).

The Silver Wolf pistol was created by a crazy Japanese fan of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The Silver Wolf is the pistol used by Solid Snake, one of the game’s characters. Constructed of numerous cross-drilled plates and featuring both a laser sight and integrated flashlight, the gun looks to be very accurate to the real thing and is likely quite painful as well. Check out the video below of the gun in action.

If a game maker ever picks this thing up and manufactures it, I’m buying one!

22 thoughts on “Metal Gear Rubber Band Gun – Add to Ultimate Toy List”

  1. Looks like a huge waste of time and money. Stainless steel is not cheap!

    It’s kind of cool I guess but not worth wasting my money on.

    1. John, you should buy one and make a video testing it out on Ed Lau and Stephen Fung! lol

      1. Abdul says:

        Yea, that would be funny!

    2. Cuz you’re all grown up huh? I would love to get my hands on that.

  2. Jarret says:

    That is pretty damn neat, wonder how long it took him to craft it.

  3. Alex Kim says:

    Man that’s crazy lol
    bring that to school you will get kick out right away 🙂

    1. Tushar Dhoot says:

      Not to mentioned put on the front page of all major newspapers.

  4. Neat toy, looks like a real gun you have there

  5. Thai Girl says:

    Darn, I wasn’t really into Metal Gear. But that really looks awesome. Anyone up for some action?

  6. That is one bad ass gun. Wow! It looks really accurate as well. I want one.

  7. Tushar Dhoot says:

    Damnz, that’s a nice toy……..

    I want one.

  8. 100kjob says:

    that’s pretty useful to keep all your employees awake

  9. Metal Gear Solid is king. I can’t wait until the film version is done.

  10. lol, hillarious.
    I am a fan of metal gears.

  11. charles says:

    Japanese are great technologist today!!

  12. GearHeadWiki says:

    WAY too much time on your hands! lol

  13. That is insane! He should put that creativity to work returning revenue. That is the entrepreneur in me talking of course.

  14. What a neat idea. I don’t know about practical though. Don’t let the police catch you with one of those.

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