MetaPaid Pays You to Complete Offers

With so many offers on the Internet for you to download free smileys and sign up for low-interest credit cards, wouldn’t it be nice if someone provided an added incentive for you to go through with these registration forms and applications? While it may be thinly veiled as a series of affiliate links, MetaPaid has the potential to provide its users with a decent source of supplemental income. Read the rest of this review to find out if MetaPaid is worth your while.

How to Get Paid with MetaPaid

MetaPaid is actually a very simple system for you to get paid cash for fulfilling certain offers and signing up for certain programs. After filling out the MetaPaid application form, which you can find on the main page of the site, you are immediately brought into the members’ area. There is no approval process. You are instantly granted access.

The application form only asks for basic information, like a name, email address, phone number, and mailing address. From there, you can navigate to the offers page to see if any of them (there were 74 offers available when this review was written) tickle your fancy. For each offer completed, you will need to submit a Credit Request form.

Payment is sent every 15 days via PayPal, assuming that you meet the minimum threshold of $10. That’s a pretty low payout level if you ask me. Then again, how much do these offers pay anyhow?

Offers Available

Navigating to the offers page, you are presented with a list of the offers that are currently available through MetaPaid. Three critical pieces of information are shown on this page for each offer. You get the name of the offer, its cash value, and how soon the credits can be placed in your account. The cash value of the offers range from a few cents, all the way up to over twenty dollars.

There are several offers that pay you a few dollars at a time, so it doesn’t take much to reach the $10 minimum payment level. A major issue I had with MetaPaid, however, is that they do not provide any further description of any of the offers. When you click on one, you are immediately redirected to the advertiser’s website. There is no prior description beyond the name of the advertiser and there is no description of exactly what you need to do to fulfill the offer requirements.

For credit card applications or the downloading of smiley packages, the requirements are reasonably clear, but what about something like DeVry University? Do I need to enroll in a program with the school? This lack of clarity and the lack of information regarding each offer can make for quite the frustrating user experience.

Not Available in Your Area

And that’s not the only issue with MetaPaid. Taking a quick check through the provided FAQ, you will discover that MetaPaid services are only available to members located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The rest of the world is pretty much out of luck with this “permission-based marketing company.”

Being a Canadian, I thought that I wouldn’t have too much trouble navigating through the available MetaPaid offers, but a large number came up with this message: “We’re sorry! This offer is not available in your area. You will be redirected shortly.” Having this information available right from the offers page would certainly make things a lot easier. How about some little country flags, MetaPaid?

Potentially Good Idea, But…

We’ve seen services similar to those offered by MetaPaid in the past. The idea is actually pretty clever, because they are able to get paid by convincing members to fulfill affiliate offers. If the offers are good for all parties involved and the user interface is well designed, I can see an idea like this really catching on. Unfortunately for MetaPaid, the lack of information surrounding each offer — especially what is required to fulfill each individual offer — is a real deal killer. The offers page needs some serious work.

Too bad. MetaPaid could have worked.