Mid-Week Ramblings

Please Activate Your Card

This seems to be the week for receiving old and new credit cards. TD Visa sent a couple of new cards for Sarah and me. This is my default credit card that I charge everything to because it gives me 1% cash back. Citibank also sent me that MasterCard I applied for back in November. All new credit cards have to be activated before they can be used so I spent 20 minutes in voice mail hell trying to get the cards unlocked.

The only reason I applied to the Citibank MasterCard was to take advantage of their zero interest balance transfer. I was going to use it to transfer the balance on my TD Visa and then used the money saved to put into investments. This is a classic example of using other people’s money to make money. However, I discovered the credit limit on the MasterCard is only $5,000. That’s almost an insult. To make matter worst, it turns out that I was too late to take advantage of that zero interest balance transfer offer. Now I just have a regular gold MasterCard that I don’t have any use for. I guess it’s going into the safe deposit box.

Lots Of Reading To Do

I am currently reading the SEO Book. This is an e-book written by Aaron Wall, a hot shoe SEO consultant who commands $500 an hour to solve a company’s search engine ranking challenges.

I am reading the book because Aaron wants me to do a review on it. The book is a long read at 328 pages but it’s fill with really good info. I hope to apply what I learn to this blog and really get the Google traffic coming my way. Another reason I’m reviewing the book is because I got it for free. 🙂

A Place To Report Email Scams

After my Top 10 Scams Of 2006 post, I got a note from TraeNATO on AIM about his new anti-scam blog.

B3rry Busy B1og is tailored towards people who have been scammed by email. Like someone who bought a product and it wasn’t as described or someone who sent a product and never got the payment. In addition, it’s for people who want to expose fraudulent behavior online, whether it be phishing, Nigerian scams, or any other schemes. You report the scam, it gets posted, and hopefully help others avoid it.

Unexpected Recognition

Some may recall my post about donating the blog’s income to charity. It seems my donation has not gone unnoticed at the Union Gospel Mission. Not only did I received a thank you letter from them, but they also issued a news release about it.

UGM offers Chow a huge thank you for his kind donation – his donation marks the first time in UGM’s history that a blogger has been recognized as a donor.

Union Gospel Mission is a fantastic organization and I’m looking forward to making more contributions to them in the future. I hope that not every charity I give to will issue a press release about it. Otherwise, everyone may think I’m a really nice guy instead of the root of all evil.