Million Dollar Homepage 2.0

Remember Alex Tew, the 21-year-old student from a small town in England who created the Million Dollar Homepage? Well, he’s back! According to TechCrunch, Tew is preparing for the launch of Million Dollar Homepage 2.0!

Tew is reportedly on the verge of launching a second site called Pixelotto. Instead of selling each pixel for $1, he plans to sell each pixel for $2, plus hold some kind of lottery where the winner who clicks the right advertisement will win $1 million.

Can lighting strike twice for Alex Tew? That remains to be seen but judging by what I’ve read so far, the idea doesn’t seem that much different than the 1.0 version. Then again, the original did made a million bucks.

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  1. I am surprised you talk like this John, Success in life is a product of principles, delivered by proven keys!

    If the whiz kid had done it before… and it was not accidental, he could and would do it again…!

    With that key, he can open and re-open the door to to his defined success, again and again, can anybody doubt you opening your door, if you have the keys to your house?

  2. Coscobber says:

    Anyone who thinks this won’t be successful, look at all the buzz it’s created on TechCrunch. Almost 100 comments in less then a day? Plus the fact that he has an existing client list from his last project, what makes you think they won’t pay a few more bucks to get some more publicity. It would be interesting if he gave out a prize to the “winning” link too, to drive more advertisers to buy space, but I guess they inherently make money with more user clicks.

    If anyone is interested in pixel advertising and art in general, you should check out . It’s quite an amazing site and they definitely put a spin on internet pixel ads.

    Anyway, I wish Mr. Tew all the luck in the world, and trust me I will be one of many clicking away hoping to win the million bucks!

  3. HMTKSteve says:

    No, it will be a flop.

  4. John Chow says:

    There is a difference. My concept is nothing new. It’s been proven over and over again. Tew’s concept was completely original. There were tons of copycats but only his one made it.

  5. Brad says:

    The “soon” page looks like Y!

  6. Gdog says:

    Sounds interesting. Have you guys checked out The One Million Blogs page?

    It’s a copycat of the Million Dollar Homepage but for blogs.

  7. Daniel says:

    I think he´ll make it again, and that’d be one of the last nails on the web 2.0’s coffin.

  8. Dave says:

    I don’t know about this one, while the original idea was just that, original, the idea of repeating the same just sounds like someone trying to extend their 15-minutes of fame.

    While the saying goes, lightening never strikes twice in the same place, it is at least in theory possible. Maybe he will have a 2.0 success with this, maybe not but time will tell.

  9. ky says:

    I bet he will make it as the attractive part is he is offering US$1 million for the price, but the interesting how he can precisely track the right one who clicks the ad. Many out there can use software robot to do so …

  10. siong1987 says:

    This idea is quite good because this could encourage the visitors to click on the ads.

    Unlike milliondollarhomepage 1.0, visitors will only look at the page instead on clicking on the ads.

  11. Mayo says:

    Lighting very often strikes at the same place, and that is proven (how many times is Chrysler building stroke by a lightning this year only, or look how much time an old oak tree has been buzzed by a lightning).

    The fact is:

    1) He has 1MM$ in his pocket already

    2) He has links(as mentioned) with advertisers already establised

    3) He has already produced buzz(i had read this story in Kurkal’s blog), how many times will this be mentioned around the blogosphere and other media

    4) Man oh man…. his 2nd MM is already laughing at him

    5) I wish i had such marketing genius, just have to find it 😉

  12. John Chow says:

    I am not saying he can not do it again. I’m saying it’s not much different than the original idea, which did make $1 million. His advantage is he is now a proven quality and will have less problems getting press. Plus he can use the 1.0 page to promote the 2.0.

    I think I may buy some pixels when he opens.

  13. Paul says:

    It’s clever, but I would think 100 10,000 prizes or 1,000 1,000 prizes would be more effective. Obviously, this guy has a million dollars more than I do so he would know better than I would.

  14. Mayo says:

    “I am not saying he can not do it again. I’m saying it’s not much different than the original idea, which did make $1 million. His advantage is he is now a proven quality and will have less problems getting press. Plus he can use the 1.0 page to promote the 2.0.”

    It’s like porn, what do you have to reinvent??
    And a lottery… 😉

    “I think I may buy some pixels when he opens.”

  15. Lawrence says:

    I’ll be buying some pixels as well.

  16. Shane says:

    I thought he would be working on something completely unrelated, but this is a brilliant idea.

    The twist he’s added gives great buzz. It gives people an incentive to click the ads which is an incentive for advertisers to buy in at the higher price. It’s like the video iPod was to the regular iPod – a smart expansion of a proven concept.

    The copycats failed because they didn’t do what he’s about to do now. They just tried to do what had already been done – and that doesn’t create buzz.

  17. Nomar says:

    This is great, I think he will make it.. everyone is going to hunt down the 1 mil

  18. Gethin says:

    Copycats of the original MDH used this lottery idea also, so Alex hasn’t really done anything creative this time.

    I was a frequent reader of his blog, and I remember reading somewhere that he had new and original ideas to make money that he was going to be doing soon, so I am a little disappointed as this is just MDH with a prize for clickers.

    However I do believe that Alex will sell most, if not all of the pixels on his new site. He’ll probably auction off the last few as he did on MDH to make a lot more!

  19. Lynx says:

    I had a similar idea to this when i saw the original and thought about doing it. Thing is, only one person can make the pixel idea work and thats alex tew as he has the press following his every move.

    The only reservation I have is when does he start paying out? If its only when he sells all $2million then he may never pay out at all.

    Also, tax. If he pays 40% on the full $2million he will only get in $1.2million, if he then gives $1million away he will only make $200,000 for himself. Short end of the stick for the guy that set it all up.

  20. Mayo says:

    “Also, tax. If he pays 40% on the full $2million he will only get in $1.2million, if he then gives $1million away he will only make $200,000 for himself. Short end of the stick for the guy that set it all up.”

    Who says he’s not incorporated off-shore?? 😉

    Also if he’s left with 200K$ he’s made a lots of bucks!!!

  21. Mayo says:

    BTW you pay tax on profit, not bulk revenue….

    i.e. even if it’s 40% tax in UK he’s left with cool 0.5 to 0.6MM$

  22. Lynx says:

    He could well have based himself in an offshore account but he lives in London.

    Also the $2million is virtually all profit as he isnt selling an actual product, its just pixel space. So minus the webdesign and running cost, the rest is profit.

    Hopefully the tax man the extra $1mill is for prizes and therefore tax exempt, whether that counts or not is yet to be seen. Its not like the tax man wont be getting out his calculator right now!

  23. Yan says:

    He will pull it off simply because he’s Alex Tew. He’s able to generate a large amount of press simply because he’s made this work before. If someone else had come up with this idea, it would simply have been dismissed as just another “Milliondollarhomepage copycat.” The idea is completely unoriginal, but I will be surprised if this doesn’t work.

  24. Jason says:

    In the link I posted bellow above, The guy is offering to challenge Alew Tew, but by only using conventional methods… he is getting 15 other sites together to join him in his campaign. It seems to be an interesting hook, I wonder if it is going to work for him… If it does the 15 sites who took part might have a nice X-mas traffic gift awaiting.

    here it is again

  25. Justin says:

    With John Chow posting on his blog about him then sure its possible.

  26. Kerry says:

    Alex Tew will find something that will pop if not this, he’s a smart kid!

    Also, I checked out … Freakin awesome! Thanks coscobbers.

  27. Lauren says:

    Nice link Coscobber, Pixelcity looks very cool. At the risk of just producing a list of million-related sites, is a nice example of the idea taken on by some of the big charities (like Oxfam).

  28. Gerry says:

    I’m not really so sure this guy can do the same thing again. I have to admit I’d would give it a try if I were him doesn’t have much to lose. (Obviously hadn’t thought about last part yet)

    1) It’s older now and not really anything new or exciting aside from the money not that it’s a bad catch.

    2) He’s not some poor student anymore, the little guy appeal is gone.

    3) I don’t think he really knows how he pulled it off the first time and if he was a marketing genius he’d have done something else by now instead of doing what he said he wouldn’t by having another pixel sale.

    4) I’d be wary of buying space because you have to figure your site would get slashdotted and from the description of how things are supposed to work, not from people very likely to stay very long at all.

    I’m sorry but the whole thing sounds like some blatant click fraud scheme.

    If the kid isn’t careful and people’s sites start crashing he might be looking other law suits.

  29. Bisi says:

    Alex will only pay taxes on $1 MIllion
    The winner will pay his own taxes on his $1 Million

    I think he will succeed again because even when he launched MDH last year he was not the 1st site with Pixel Ads .

    Movies do this kind of thing
    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Even though there are a lot of snicker companies and brands , Michael Jordan can sell his for $150

    Alex Tew can sellout 1 Million pixels because he is already associated with the pixel brand . People will buy from Alex Tew and not John or Jane Doe .

    It is cheaper that Adwords or many forms of internet advertising so it is not a huge expense for small businesses .

  30. Beloy says:

    See *pixelotto* news in ALTERNATIVE Billion Dollar Homepage format:

    Idea is SIMPLE: replace Alex’s Pixel Ads spots with IFRAME spots!

  31. Evelien says:

    This site has a way better concept than the million dollar homepage!
    Check it out!

  32. Michael says:

    Surfing on internet I found a similar page, but i think that it is more interesting than pixelotto because there are prizes…

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