Million Euro Wiki – John Copy Cow Strikes Again


John Cow rocketed to fame by being the best of the John Chow dot Com copycats. While his blog was basically a parody of mine, it did offer good humor and its own unique brand of content. However, the cow’s newest venture, the Million Euro Wiki, isn’t a parody at all. It’s pretty much a carbon copy of the Million Dollar Wiki. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Million Dollar Wiki has made almost $100,000 since it started. If you’re going to copy something, then it’s best to copy something that is making good money.

The Million Euro Wiki is basically the Million Dollar Home page meets Wikiipedia. There will be a page for literally everything. However, instead of being open for anyone to edit, one person owns each page and can monetize it anyway they see fit. I have already made a profit on my Million Dollar Wiki page and expect to do the same for my page on the Million Euro Wiki. Each page cost €75 or $100US. If you missed the keyword you wanted on the Million Dollar Wiki, you have a chance to get it on the Euro page.

Use Coupon Code JohnChow for 10% Discount

Like the Million Dollar Wiki, I have set up a 10% coupon code for the Million Euro Wiki. Enter JohnChow when you buy a page and you’ll save $10.

Win 1 of 20 16GB iPod Touch


To create a big bang, the Million Euro Wiki is giving away twenty 16GB iPod Touch to some lucky page owners. For every 25 pages sold, the cow will randomly select one of the page-owners and give them a brand new 16GB iPod touch worth $400.

Twenty pages have been sold on its first day (today). Five more and the first iPod will be given away. If you don’t win the first giveaway, you’ll have another chance when the next 25 pages are sold, and then the next 25, and so on. Therefore, the earlier you buy your page, the more chances you have of winning. If I win the iPod, I’ll give it away to a reader.

120 thoughts on “Million Euro Wiki – John Copy Cow Strikes Again”

  1. Israel says:

    copycatting at its finest. i dont think this one will do so well though.

    the ipod givwaway is a novel idea, but it means he gets $2100 out $2500 (25 pages at $100). Eh, he is shelling much out of his pocket.

    1. John Chow says:

      No, it’s one iPod per 25 pages. So it’ll be 500 pages sold and he’ll gives out 20 iPod. $50,000 in page sales at a cost of $8,000 in iPods.

      1. Raymond says:

        I really don’t understand the attraction of this whole million dollar wiki phenomenon. Am I the only one? 😕

        1. DeboHobo says:

          John I am shocked you didn’t come up with this idea sooner than that Cow. Are you slippen’?

        2. Jason says:

          Well I think the idea is if you buy a page you will get more than your $100 in advertising. The ipod thing is just an added bonus. I bought a million dollar wiki page but I think i’ll hold off on the million euro wiki page.

      2. I’m confused. In order to make this a million euro wiki he’s going to have to sell 13333 and a third pages at 75 euros a page? How’s he going to sell that third of a web page? 😕

        1. He doesnt have to make exactly 1m… it can be more 😆

          1. But if he’s copying the Million Dollar Wiki then that’s the whole gimick, 10,000 pages for $100 dollars each? Why even mention euro’s if you’re charging in dollars? was very well executed, this just seems a bit naff.

        2. Jeff Kee says:

          I’m thinking that the Million Dollars might be just a title? I mean, they could make less or maybe even more than a Million in the long run – I don’t think he’ll stop at a million just because, nor be unhappy at $250,000.

        3. Would you stop at 1m, after reaching that target, I think not.

          It’s a total copy of the million Dollar wiki, but there’s nothing wrong with copying someone that’s making a success of someone else’s idea is there?

    2. WarriorBlog says:

      Calculation is wrong 😆 I am very impress with all the thing he is doing to make money – clever :mrgreen:

      1. Yeah he is pretty clever, at copying. But lets see how all this will go.

    3. Stockshaker says:

      Hey John … I think this cow guy could have a “one up” on you on the evil aspect.

      this guy is seriously a genious. In hindsight, the wiki, euro version thing seems like such a simple idea, but yeah, it will for sure make that guy some major cash.

      John, your gonna have to do something to out-do this guy. These young cats (cows…) are right on your tail!

      get that marker to blackboard, buddy! web 2.0 brings out the competition, literally, overnight!

    4. lyricsreg says:

      It would be interesting to see if it works. Hundreds of million dollars hompages hihn’t work

    5. lyricsreg says:

      It would be interesting to see if it works. Hundreds of million dollars hompages didn’t work

    6. Chino Yray says:

      not really that much if you look it in a bigger perspective just like what John already made obvious.

  2. Shaun C says:

    Haha, I love it. John Cow is a blast. I wonder who it really is.

  3. Dan says:

    Er….. it’s Bob from

    It will probably be successful.

  4. Saedel says:

    I kept reading the first sentence wondering what’s wrong about it. :mrgreen:
    Haven’t visited John Cow yet, but good luck to those planning to join the fun!

  5. I prefer buying the iPod instead…

    Call me old-fashioned. 😉 😀

  6. I knew you were going to write about the Million Euro Wiki at some point today. I guess being a copy cat does pay off. 😀

    1. Word Hugger says:

      he said he would in his newsletter.

  7. Deanj says:

    Nothing wrong with a look-alike site. I mean, the Dealdotcom page is remarkably similar to Even the concept is.

    1. Word Hugger says:

      Dealdotcom focuses on internet marketing/affiliate sales niche though.

  8. I got approached early to buy a page in this. I think that it will be a success, I just don’t have the advertising budget for this yet (my plan was to use blog profits to promote the blog, not out of pocket cash)

  9. Chad says:

    After seeing almost no traffic from my 3 – million dollar wiki pages, I think I’ll sit this one out.

    1. any chance you would post your stats? I and I’m sure many others would love to see them.

    2. What keywords do you own, some ppl are getting hard traffic from MDW

  10. Hugh says:

    Can the Million Ruble Wiki be far behind? 😛

    1. KingJacob says:

      I wouldnt joke about that, I had actually posted whats next the million euro wiki when John first posted about the million dollarwiki 🙄

  11. I can’t believe you posted on this, well I can really and was expecting it but…
    John, I am sorry to say that I have lost some respect in your blog aswell tonight.
    I know your blog is about making money and this is what you do well, but promoting a copycat site based on an unproven concept is just odd to me. I know you will make money off this post, but will it do your readers any good? these are the people who make you money.
    You obviously gain through your discount code as well as cashquests does & the johncow discount code (although that was published to make you think it was not his site) but do you really think this will offer benifit to your readers?
    Yes, you have made a good return on your milliondollarwiki investment, but since you are now promoting this copycat program, can you provide real stats on how those that bought pages through your recommendations on milliondollarwiki have done?
    to me, this just stinks like the top bloggers will do well off those gullible enough to buy pages.
    I’d love to be proven wrong, so please do so…
    Also, I’d love to hear your opinion on why this is the millonEUROwiki since most mentions are in dollars & pricing is done in dollars, do you think we should set up a millionCADwiki, millionANYCURRENCYwiki, but still charge in dollars? and will you promote it if you get your cut?

    Also, do you really recommend buyng links on PR0 sites and pages which many are filled with spam type content for 100 dollars?

    1. Cash Quests says:

      Nobody expects every single page-buyer to make a fortune. But those who purchase and utilize the page wisely will make money.

      It’s simple..

      If you’re not wise – don’t buy one. If you’re smart – grab one.

    2. Tony says:

      LOL someone just bought after you posted it.

      1. we can expect a ton of those sites now 😛 It will soon become an over-saturated market like any market out here.

    3. Deepak Dutta says:

      But this is how everybody makes money. I don’t think my financial adviser has my best interest in his mind.

  12. UN says:

    This is utter waste of money.

    John Chow writes bad reviews about other people’s money making opportunities, but this euro dollar wiki got to be the WORST SO FAR!

    and yet, he’s giving it a thumbs up!

    Be careful people… GREED is coming into the picture soon….


    1. Stockshaker says:

      whats with the hate!??

      You are the UN, afterall!

    2. KingJacob says:

      Worst so far, I doubt that as it does have the possibility to make just as much or more if marketed to an international crowd. Also GREED has been in the picture its a make MONEY online blog.

  13. Got mine too:
    I think I was the second purchase. Even before Mr Chow!

    1. Word Hugger says:

      When I view your site (not through the meurowiki), it says Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) ?

      1. crap really? does it still say that?

  14. Zybron says:

    I would definitely want to see how other users that have purchased pages are doing before I spend $100 on an unproven concept. That’s a bit much for me to spend on something that may not pan out at all.

    1. Cash Quests says:

      It’s hardly an unproven concept. The Million Dollar Homepage and The Million Dollar Wiki have both proved that you can get a fantastic ROI from your investment if you use them wisely.

      1. Zybron says:

        So, everyone or even the majority of those that purchased pages on The Million Dollar Wiki have had an excellent ROI? Perhaps a few definitely can, like John, who posts a blog and sends thousands of people towards a link. This doesn’t guarantee that everyone that buys in will be able to instantly cash in on a the same sort of traffic. And eventually if you get enough copy-cats, those copy-cats begin to fizzle.

        1. Tony says:

          This is the second copycat and it doesn’t sounds like their would be another copycat coming out with the similar domain name. Cow does have the relationship with few famous bloggers so he has an advantage over many other starter.

        2. The traffic that John Chow brings to the site will literally help all the unpopular pages. That’s the whole concept behind it all.

          John could have made that same money he made through MDW from just this site, but the others who are unknown and are benefiting from the traffic John is brining to MDW from all his links, would not be able to make any.

        3. whydowork says:

          @ Zybron / Cashquests:

          I would side with Zybron on this one. John could set up a page on (just demonstrating that the domain doesn’t matter) and direct enough people to it to make money.
          I would be on the side that pushing those with little or no reach on the Internet to participate is leaning towards poor advice.

      2. Angel says:

        Most of the pages on MDW are dead in the water. And I thought part of Cow’s ad copy said that the MDHP DIDN”T get anyone a fantastic ROI. This is all just spin.

  15. chtanxw says:

    Japanese stood up immediately after WWII. They copycated western science & technology and modified to become a new brand.
    JohnCow has made the same stories!
    Sometimes innovation is just the modification of the existing brand and make it!
    Great try!

  16. It seems like someone is being even more evil than you. 😈

  17. Webd360 says:

    I think the ipods are a great idea because without it I doubt they would even have a chance. Another site like this has popped up too, called wordhugger.

    1. Word Hugger says:

      That it has… that it has. =)

      1. more copycats 😛 miaw!! 🙂

        Goodluck Anyway.

      2. CKacey says:

        The MAN is doin it. Not talkin about it. I call that Cool and Sexy! 😉

  18. I read somewhere that the first gen iPod Touch screen sucks…

    1. Word Hugger says:

      You could always sell it and use that money for other promotions!

  19. Biggs says:

    Hi All,

    I bought a page on Million Dollar Wiki. My return on it so far is $0.
    I got the keyword Law of Attraction as my blog is about it.

    I do not blame John Chow that I did not make money. John’s job is to promote and bring forth new ideas and products which can potentially make money. I made my own decision. My reasoning that over time as 10,000 pages will be sold it will be a linked and have a good PR thus ranked higher in Search Engines. Its a risk i took which clearly has not paid off yet. But wait and watch ! I have got 205 page views on my wiki page which is less than the number of pageviews i get on my blog everyday. So clearly it was a horrible investment so far. But I will report back to you guys in 6 months as to how I am doing with it. Maybe it will payback itself. Wait and Watch I guess ! But ya promoting million euro wiki…hmm i smell greed or maybe a friendly obligation towards Cow:)

    I am not sure how john has attracted traffic to his wiki page…I am sure a lot of his traffic comes from the main page where it shows who has made money from million dollar wiki as he is ranked 3 over there.


    1. Trump says:

      I am interested in seeing the results. Hopefully you get something out of it.

    2. Stockshaker says:

      YO BIGGS!

      big up on the 335! I love that ride! But I decided to splurge on a Benz E500, just cuz i wanted 4matic!

      As a fellow 25 year old, I appreciate seeing others who are self-motivated in being an entrepreneur (my specialty is the stock market…)

      Ill check ya website, buddy!


  20. Biggs says:

    One Luv StockShaker !! I have lost quite some money in stocks…props to you that you are doing well…i find its hard work :)..meticulous is the right word !

    E500 are sweet !! Good to know you are doing well !


  21. Suthep says:

    Heh John, love this blog. Really impressive and lots of fun.
    Have been checking it out twice daily for a few weeks now and have seriously learnt a lot of new things. Keep up the excellent work.

    As for John Cow… the guy is a great copycat. Its all good. Will have a look at the million euro wiki right away. thanks.

  22. chinaboy says:

    John Chow, you have plenty of customers, I think you should run youself a million wiki or something. You definitely can make bigger than they are. At least $10,000 per month I think!

    1. Michael says:

      Yep, I agree. John can make over $10,000 per month just with creating something like the million dollar wiki. Add that to his regular income – This add up to about $25,000 per month! 😮

    2. lyricsreg says:

      You can never know with these things. It might not work

  23. boringmang says:

    yes.. the copycats now established himself..
    I am one of his blog readers..

  24. This one will die. He’ll still make a lot of money though.

  25. Etienne Teo says:

    I like the million euro Wiki, its a great idea to have. I have listed also another 2 more less expensive wiki which could well be a good try for those who do not want to spend too much?.. :mrgreen:

  26. Israel says:

    cow has alreadymade more than what he spent, so in his eyes (and pockets) its a success. I am looking forward to seeing one of these big name bloggers do something cool and big. like come up with someone brand new and cool.

    1. John Cow says:

      How about you come up with something brand new and cool? Complaining is so 1984.

      1. HeHe it’s like you’re fishing out for another 75 euros 😛

  27. thewild says:

    too many of these type of sites keep popping up

  28. Sander says:

    Just added, lets see what it does in to course of time 🙂

  29. Michel says:

    i see no one talks about the , visit through my link and i’ll make $23 👿

  30. Off topic, but are you hosting Shoe’s radio show again?

  31. Anraiki says:

    If it was a IPhone, I be more tempted.

  32. Hey lets make than membership would be 20 times less than dollar 💡

  33. 959 pages have been sold on the milliondollarwiki so far, it was the same yesterday and roughly the same last week, don’t you think this is dying out?
    90% of pages have not sold yet, so what makes anyone think a new site offering the exact same thing will do any better & it has to do better to meet its target – 1 million euros rather than 1 million dollars?

  34. Tibi Puiu says:

    Promoting copycats and plagiarism ?What’s next?

  35. I can not help get the feeling that perhaps John Chow is somehow taking all of us for a ride. What is this copy cat business? I really wonder if both Chow and Cow are the same and the original is having a good laugh at all of us!

    1. It crossed my mind already. hehe

    2. Neil says:

      About time someone put 2 and 2 together i say … brilliant though in my opinion. 🙂

      1. LoL I don’t know but I don’t think so.

        But hey John’s 😈

  36. I dont like copycats, if everybody would do that there wont be any inovations in this world. The is nice, but this millioneurowiki I dont like it.

  37. KennyP says:

    This post do not has any link to Million Euro homepage ❓

  38. These million dollar wiki’s need to be posting stats of sign ups every day for me to join. I want to see the upward trend when its not getting PR from john chow.

    Two of these kind of sites is over doing it. Smart though, I’m sure he’ll walk away with a few thousand which is probably worth the effort.

    1. Precisely.. a bit of a jip TBH

  39. well, as john said in the post it’s better to copy a top spot idea than copying something that’s doomed to fail before it had even started.

  40. Siva says:

    If any one buying 5 pages here is what i think:
    choice 1: Buy 5 pages for $500 or start hard work of developing and promoting pages to get money.

    Choice2: Start another wiki site, give a developer 100 bucks to setup and design if needed. Wiki software is free with most of hosting providers (i now godaddy gives it). Get a review from Mr.Chow for $400. If you can sell 5 pages or he can sell 5 for you, you are already made your money. Throw in some prizes for first 50 people and u can make good money. more over you have tons of pages for your self.

    Even more, make a partnership with someone like me, we chip in the expenses and share the profit 🙂 Free pages at least…..

    What do you guys say?

  41. have you seen the Two Million Dollar Blog? 😛

    1. Aww all these millionaires popping up everywhere It’s like money grows on trees!

  42. Siva says:

    Hmmm…..curious to know his reserve price… he selling $2M opportunity 🙄

    Wouldn’t it be hard to sell a blog user account for $200 ?

    wait n see I guess…

  43. CKacey says:

    Why are the majority of you worried about getting ripped off for a measley hundred bucks?
    ALL I can think about is what kind of Million Dollar Wiki can I COPY and put up?????????????????????? Jeeze! I thought you guys wanted to make MONEY!

  44. May I ask, what will happen if the sales drop, and the admin has no intention of keeping the site up.

    Remember you have to pay the hosting fees every month, and if the site is not getting any money in will it go down with everyone’s investment down with it?

    Just my thought.

    1. Word Hugger says:

      A very good point. In my case, I choose to market my site (slowly, but exponentially), and I have to pay for hosting for my other sites, so it is not like I am ever going to need to pay hosting fees, as my other sites pay back the costs on that 10x.

      For the MDW, it is 100% on hype, thus why you see it having sold 400 in 2-3 days, but it has sold under 100 in over a week.

      In my opinion, earning money is a great intention to keep a site running? =p

    2. CKacey says:

      Good question. The Million Dollar Wiki paid hosting fees up front, if my memory serves me correctly.
      J. Cow didn’t mention that he had done the same.

  45. CKacey says:

    💡 Would a wiki that dealt with one topic, say cars for example, that had many sub-topics, like all the different models of cars, make money? You would also ad all the car related paraphanalia (parts, tires, hubcaps, car steros, supplies, oil, antifreeze, sparkplugs as pages…whatever)?
    Exponentially…. 😯 Money… 😈

  46. CKacey says:

    Is that called a Nichewiki?

  47. I bought the 3 below. Contributed my bucks to John Chow and John Cow:
    Editing wikipages is a pain! Anyone want to work with me on my pages for some split of revenue?

    1. John Cow says:

      Use to get your own php or html site on there.

  48. 😯
    “business” sold for $6,100 on mdw auction on eBay

    I own it on mew. Hope I can get even half that!

    1. HSC says:

      Wow…sounds good…way to go!

  49. John says:

    I wish I had the knack of thinking of these million dollar schemes.
    I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t think of the million dollar website concept.

  50. whydowork says:

    I really follow the logic behind buying a page.

    This is the underlying recipe for this post:

    1. John could purchase a page on
    2. Next up heavily advertise it to his readers/subscribers pushing traffic to his pages and increase his chances to make money as a result of the traffic
    3. Resell the idea of buying pages on that site to his readers following in his success and skim some affiliate commission off the top
    4. His readers participate and buy pages; but since they don’t have the same reach or internet presence their pages receive no traffic once the hype dies down, and they are out $100.

    Not a wise idea IMHO with the great ways you could make money with $100!

  51. Dan says:

    Is there somebody out there who can explain to me the point of paying $100 to get such a page when it’s so easy to get one’s own blog and do the same thing or more? Is it something intended to people who don’t have the knowledge to build a blog or a website or who don’t want to take the time to work on that? PLease let me know because i don’t understand

  52. I hate all these clones.. of Million dollar homepage.. like milliondollarwiki or millioneurowiki

  53. CKacey says:

    FYI…The domain names; Trillion Dollar Wiki and Billion Dollar Wiki have both been purchased 🙄

  54. JohnCow sold more than 70 pages. looks like he is successful in getting his expenses and some profit.

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