Mini Massive Is Right


Tonight, we went to downtown Vancouver to attend a Mini Massive networking event. Vancouver used to be the hub of tech networking events when Tech Vibes was in its prime. Today, Tech Vibes has no vibes and the networking events creased to exist when Tech Vibes co-founder Lindsey Smith left the company to start Massive Tech Show, a technology trade show held at the Vancouver Convention Centre (it’s also held in Edmonton and Toronto).

The Vancouver Massive Technology Show won’t start until April 1 2008, but Lindsay decided to bring back the local Vancouver networking event with a “Mini Massive” get together. Maybe she should have called it a micro massive because only about 50 people showed up. Still, that’s not bad considering how long these events have disappeared off the Vancouver map. I’m sure if Massive continues with these monthly events it will grow back to its glory days. Here are some more photos.

My Name Tag


I like to have fun at these networking events. While I’m sure there were people there trying to act all professional while drumming up new business, I try to be as unprofessional as possible. It’s hard for someone to be serious with me when they see a name tag that say “Titles Are For Wimps.”

Don’t Drink and Putt


It’s really hard to get the ball in the hole when you’re holding a drink in one hand and a putter in the other hand.

Stealing All The Food


While there wasn’t a massive variety of food, what they had was pretty good, especially the dry spare ribs with sea salt. I’m pretty sure I ate most of it. Overall, Mini Massive was an OK event. It would have been nice to have more people show up but it’s a good start for a rebuilding process. I hope Lindsay continues to build on it but I have a feeling she is more concern about selling booths for her Massive trade show.

42 thoughts on “Mini Massive Is Right”

  1. Why are you inspecting the fries (they were fries?) so keenly John?

    1. John Chow says:

      They were spring rolls.

      1. Lies.

        Fries they were.

        1. Hey John
          I guess you need a spectacles soon. 😈

  2. It was an OK event, but at least you got to steal all the food. 😈

  3. MoneyNing says:

    Hmm. The host probably needs to build with more of a niche to start because tech is such a huge field! Hopefully out of the 50 people, at least more than John was from an internet business! Otherwise, it’s like having a social event where a farmer talks to a programmer.

  4. Man, you are so evil stealing all those dry ribs–watch out for exceeding your daily sodium intake though!! 😛

  5. Nice jacket you’re sporting there. How many thousand did that set you back? 😛

    1. MoneyNing says:

      With the money he’s making, he should give some back to the economy 🙂

    2. Stephen says:

      Knowing John… He waited till it was on sale…then he stuck them with the coupon 😆

  6. Alissa says:

    Love the badget title 🙂

  7. I fully agree with your take on titles. They are certainly for wimps. I have a visiting card that simply states my name, address, email and phone details. I am often asked for my title, qualifications etc, and it takes some explaining though, as an ice breaker, it is very effective.

  8. GPT Sites says:

    Hahaha! Love the name tag 🙂 .

  9. I almost missed it but can John be far away from the food. No, there he is and saved for posterity too!

  10. Spare ribs and sea salt? That doesn’t sound particularly appetizing.

  11. bloggernoob says:

    john you look badass with that leather jacket. very sam jackson. muy bien

  12. Cool…John’s a French fry evil monster! 🙂

  13. Mike says:

    mmm those ribs look good!

  14. chanthon says:

    john ,i’m your fans
    i wanna make money online like u!

  15. It looks like you had fun….er made fun..oh well 😉

  16. Shams says:

    So you had fuuuuuuuun 😆

  17. Looks like a fun time was had by all..Diggin’ the brown leather jacket too, looks cool!

    1. hay what hapened to you long time I havent seen you comment ting

  18. I really need more networking events like this where I live

    1. Jimi says:

      You don’t need to network. You can just use Google for traffic…err..

      Yeah…I guess I should get out a bit :lol:.

      Waiting to get de-indexed myself actually. Not going to change anything as I figured out a long time ago that pimping the hell out of my site for paid links wouldn’t last long so I never bothered to hide it and just turn them over since they don’t last long anyways.

      I think I’ll get serious about one of these blogs one day, but maybe not. 😉

      1. Pretty much confused…aren’t you? 😛

  19. Domtan says:

    John, did you slingshot any booths?

    1. John Chow says:

      I forgot to bring the foam rockets! 🙁

  20. Deborah Dera says:

    You’re always near the food! Thanks for clarifying. I thought those were some funny looking fries.


  21. Allyn Paul says:

    Nice chick drink there Big Daddy!
    What is that, a Smirnoff Ice?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with Malt Beverages.

    2. John Chow says:

      Don’t make fun of Smirnoff Ice! It’s an awesome drink!

  22. John,
    how do you get to know of these events, I have been follwoing you activities and wonder how much email do you get and how are able to attaned, write, eat(fries) and work and sleep and eat

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      John is a full time blogger and i guess his email is always live and gets a alert alarm when a new message pops by?

  23. Gasmoney says:

    did you get any resource from the mini event? or was it just a day off for you?

    1. John Chow says:

      It was just to do some face to face networking

  24. Mike Huang says:

    It only takes a EVIL John Chow to do something so evil by customizing his name tag different 👿


  25. Derek says:

    Very funny pictures John, I love the Titles Are For Whips card that is great!

  26. The girl in the background of the last picture is pretty cute, did you put the John Chow moves on her? 😉

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