Miscellaneous Friday Ramblings

Dot Com Pho Richmond

I’m holding a Pho meetup at Pho Richmond tomorrow. Normally, I go to Pho Lan but we tried Pho Richmond last week and it was really good. As far as I know, they’re the only Pho house in town that serves AAA beef Pho. It’s very tender.

Pho Richmond is located in the Continental Plaza at the corner of Cambie Road and Sexsmith Road. They’re in the most North East unit. You can’t miss it.

Dot Com Pho Richmond starts at 12:30 this Saturday. If you wish to attend, send me an email and I’ll save a seat for you. So far, we have 8 confirmed but can always use a few more. See you there!

UberCamp Is Now UberFree, Mostly

Paul Bourque of UberAffiliate has opened up his UberCamp to everybody . Before, the private members forum cost $199 per month. Now it’s free to join. However, this doesn’t mean Paul will be letting every Tom, Dick and Harry in. You have to prove you’re worthy by applying.

UberCamp still offers a Premium Private forum for $99 per month. This is where all the really good stuff is. Premium members also get access to discount landing page designs and other affiliate marketing tools. You can start with the free forum and decide if you wish to upgrade later.

How To Game Priceline for Cheap Hotels

I travel a lot and hotels can get pretty expensive. Fortunately, CDF Network has a way for you to be evil and game Priceline for some cheap hotels. It’s call free re-bidding. Check it out.

Dot Com Ramen

Ed Lau is still stuck in Japan and seems to be really missing Dot Com Pho. So, he ventured out to do his own one person Dot Com Pho episode. However, he couldn’t find a Pho house. Desperate for anything with noodles in it, Ed ended up at the Ramen Kokugikan and produced Dot Com Ramen.

Michael Kwan Crashes a Segway

Last Wednesday, we went to Langley BC to ride some Segways. It was great fun and I’m seriously considering buying a couple to terrorize the neighborhood. This video was taken from Stephen’s Flip Mino, which was also damaged in the crash.

The $47,000 Oil Change

Some rich dude in Qatar needed an oil change on his Lamborghini LP640. I guess there’s no place in Qatar to change a Lambo’s oil so he flew his Lambo 6,500 miles from the airport in Qatar to Heathrow to have the car’s oil changed. The total cost of the shipment was around $40,000, which doesn’t even include the $7,000 for the oil change itself.

You know, for the cost of shipping the car, he could have just flown in some techs direct from the Lambo factory and had the oil change done. For those who are wondering, you need to change the oil on a LP640 every 3,000 miles. You also need to change the clutch at 10,000 mile. You don’t want to know how much that cost!

26 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Friday Ramblings”

  1. Geiger says:

    Just when you think you’re doing well financially, you come to realize that you’ll never be the top! :mrgreen:

    1. Too bad there’s no video of the actual wipeout from a distance.

    2. I don’t care how much money I had, I would never be so wasteful as to spend $47k for an oil change. It’s a wonder a person that has that much money, has that much money. You don’t get that rich by being stupid, but that’s just plain stupid! The dude could have just flow a whole pit crew of Lambo techs to his little shiekdom to change the frickin’ oil.

  2. Michael Kwan says:

    The prophecy has come true. It seems that there are going to be two Dot Com Pho’s this Saturday. And so the battle between John and Stephen continues…

    1. Stephen says:

      Nah, it just proves what we thought all along. He made up a bunch of stuff to justify him staying within a 5 minute commute in Richmond. So much for Pho Lan loyalty and staying loyal to Lan! I think what happened was Lan threw him out and he needed to find a new place!

      Hmmm… Immediate family… 5 including John. Wolf, that’s 6, I wonder who the other two Stockholm Syndrome victims are?

      1. John Chow says:

        It’s still more than you. And within a few weeks, it’ll be way more than you. Who got 34 to the Vancouver Blogger meetup? 😈

        1. Stephen says:

          Pump and dump. Sad.

          1. John Chow says:

            Na, just come on out to Pho Richmond and we’ll be one big happy family again. 😎

        2. Michael Kwan says:

          The Vancouver Blogger meetup already had a pretty big following before Chow came along. It wouldn’t be fair to say that the entirety of the attendance was due to the “mogul” factor.

          1. John Chow says:

            Their last meetup, which I wasn’t at or help promote, had a total attendance of five. 😎

    2. John Chow says:

      A battle? Please! That’s like a lifeboat going up against an air craft carrier. It wouldn’t be much of a battle. After seeing the lack luster turn out of dot com pho when Stephen was running it, I’ve decided I better take back control. You can continue to do your own but it’ll be better if you join us at Pho Richmond.

      And, there’s Dot Com Pho all over the place now. Here’s one in Minneapolis. Noticed he credit me for Dot Com Pho? LOL http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=zrfQZ7nOlFg

      1. Stephen says:

        There’s two people. It’s like a BOB TV Lifecast!

        1. John Chow says:

          That’s still twice as many as Ed’s Dot Com Ramen. And you have to start somewhere. Two today, more tomorrow. :mrgreen: But it’s nice to see it spreading.

          1. Collin LaHay says:

            I don’t know if I could down an entire bowl of Pho once a week… lol.

          2. Michael Kwan says:

            Collin: There’s more to pho than just pho! You can try the grilled meat with vermicelli. Quite refreshing during the summer.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Guess I’ll be sticking with my Kia

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      No Lamborghini in your future?

  4. James Wilcox says:

    Lambo owners with money to burn…just think if he had flown in the oil change techs, he wouldnt have such a cool story to brag about.

  5. Haha, that video of you guys going nuts with the Segways is hilarious.

  6. Interesting, great Friday miscellaneous ramblings. I have always enjoyed these.

  7. I enjoyed Ed’s Dotcom Ramen video. Reminded me about the time I went to the Museum of Ramen Noodles in Tokyo years ago. That was a neat setup. Wonder if it’s still there. Just checked google – yes.

    I was planning to alternate between the 2 DCPs, but my clutch went last week. Now $47,000 lighter, I mean $1400, I going to a cousin’s wedding Saturday. Otherwise, I would’ve love to try the AAA beef.

  8. Simon Lau says:

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  9. The fail video is classic, but I bet that hurt.

  10. Charles says:

    Interesting photo and story.
    Maybe “your” car is not what you “are” or what you’re going to be. Maybe it’s all hype.

  11. Titus says:

    50k an oil change? That’s a killing.
    With two oil change, the guy could buy a tesla roadster which wouldn’t require any oil change.
    But considering the car is really quite good looking and also it looks powerful, maybe 50k to that guy is just 20 bucks…

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