Miscellaneous Ramblings – 10/30/2007

Blogging Fingers Is For Sale

Matt Jone sent me a note that he is giving the finger to Blogging Fingers.

I am selling it because it is time for me to move on from blogging (especially blogging about blogging). I believe I have taken everything I can from this type of blogging and I have lots of other bigger money making ideas that can be funded via this sale.

The site makes about $400 per month and has 199 RSS readers so there’s something to build on. Good luck with the same Matt.

10 Tips to a Successful Blog Sale

If Matt hasn’t done so, he may want to check out 10 Tips to a Successful Blog Sale from North x East. NxE was recently sold to Cameron Low and as his final post, Collis gave his tips on how to get maximum dollar when selling your blog. Matt also may want to check out 20 must-do’s when selling a Dot Com business by Scott Wainner.

John Chow’s Rise To Fame

Have you ever wonder how John Chow dot Com got so big? Lars-Christian has done a very detailed case study on the subject.

Little about the blogging scene is quite as intriguing as John Chow. This guy writes about restaurants he dine at and yet he manages to make over $20,000 per month from his blog. Of course, he also writes a lot about ways to make money online, but it’s certainly safe to say that he doesn’t follow the traditional “how to write about making money online” formula that we’ve gotten used to over the years.

That’s pretty good linkbait you got there Lars.

I’m Sure This Is An Accurate Translation

Ed Lau found this Bollywood dance video that has been translated with English subtitles. I’m pretty sure the translation is accurate. See for yourself.

I found this video much more entertaining than the Kung Fu Panda video Michael Kwan is running.

Last Day of The John Chow Vs. Shoemoney RSS Competition

John Chow Vs. Shoemoney

Today is the last day of my RSS war with Shoemoney. I’m very confident I will win but Shoe made a big push yesterday and has more total RSS readers than me. I have stated that I not only want to beat the Shoe but I also want to have more total RSS readers as well. Therefore, if you haven’t sign up to my RSS yet, please do so now! Tomorrow, I’ll be giving away all the remaining prizes up for grabs. I’m only a 284 readers away from having more RSS readers than Shoemoney. Let’s make this happen! Subscribe now!

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41 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 10/30/2007”

  1. Matt Jones says:

    Thanks for the mention John, at the moment I am listening to private offers (a few have already been made) but an auction is not out of the runnings yet.

    See everyone there


    1. Nick says:

      Congratulations on your success and I hope you get more than you thought you would. It will be interesting to see if the site continues to be successful after the sale.

  2. igizmore says:

    lol that video was funny :mrgreen: , but it ain’t bollywood , its tollywood (its doesn’t stop there there are more in india like kollywood) Ney ways if you liked that one you will love this john (kinda the same in hindi but damn funny ) 😀 . http://youtube.com/watch?v=L0-uNYi7Img
    and this http://dummies-guide-to-everything.blogspot.com/2007/10/axe-effect-funny-ads-pictures.html

  3. Mike says:

    Man Im totally gonna read that book about how John got so big! That will be a good read! 👿

  4. Chanya says:

    I’m glad I saw this – it made my day. It’s interesting to see so many American influences like Michael Jackson, Miami Vice, etc. in the video.

  5. Jason says:

    Welcome… You have a new RSS subscriber. LOL

  6. Simon says:

    good luck john!

    1. He will definitely win

  7. Jason says:

    Blogging Fingers is a really good blog. Its going to be hard to find someone that will continue Matt’s success there. But I’m sure someone will be up for the challenge. :mrgreen:

    1. Matt Jones says:

      Thanks Jason, While I have done well with the blog, I bet there are 1000s of Johnchow.com readers who can make way more money with it than me 🙂

  8. Mr. Chow, I bit the bullet and subscribed to your RSS feed. Hope you win the contest, you definitely have the best blog out of all the top bloggers.

    👿 hehe, I see your Pagerank has gone back to PR5, darn for a few minutes at least I had the same Pagerank as JohnChow.com !!

  9. Domtan says:

    A whole month of RSS rivalry comes to an end soon enough. You obviously won. Next contest, Darren Rowse.

    1. Jason says:

      Problogger is small potatoes. Need a real challenge. How about Tech Crunch? 😈

      1. Domtan says:

        The thing with Darren is, he has such loyal readers, all he has to do is make one post about it and everybody else will do the work for him. Perhaps, Tech Crunch the finale.

    2. Calvin says:

      that would be interesting, the both you and shoemoney should takes on Problogger and copyblogger. Instead of RSS, make it for a good cause, say an ad somewhere in the blog and whatever profit made from the ad goes to charity.

      next round, Charity for a good cause.

      1. Calvin says:

        on second thoughts, the winner for the most money made for an Ad gets to claim the loser’s money made from that single Ad… duel to the death!

  10. Very interesting case study. Thanks for sharing.

    Is Blogging Fingers listed on sitepoint?

  11. I couldn’t see a price there for the blog?

    1. Matt Jones says:

      At the moment there is no exact price tag, I am getting various offers and may take one of them or start an auction.

  12. Hahaha, you are so evil John, get the Shoe! 👿 👿 👿

  13. How about you put it for an eBay auction?

  14. Higher Money says:

    It doesn’t seem like many people sell internet things over ebay for some reason. I have never attempted to sell a template or website for example.

  15. Ed Lau says:


    I’m almost sure that that guy’s dance is the best…ever. Michael Jackson has nothing on that dude.

  16. johnny card says:

    normally i use bookmark because i like the feel of the full site. but, this time i used the rss feed for the hell of it.

  17. Hope you win this one John, even tho he pulled a shoe in the last day arghhhh

  18. OMG…that made me laugh pretty hard….that was good…heh

  19. SS says:

    that translation is added just for fun and not accurate.

  20. Nick says:

    That translation was definitely comical. Although, I now wonder what the actual translation/meaning behind the song is.

  21. Akmal says:

    Shoemoney has kicked your ass John!!!! his subscribers are 18000 + …. you are 2400 + subscribers behind… i don’t think you are gonna win, because today is the last day of the contest and you will not be able to reach that number…

  22. rocker dish says:

    i have asked many people to subscribe to you…………………..you should win

    i think you are giving shoemoney free publicity by all this

  23. I have just got a client for your RSS. That video was absolutely amazing for its totally suitable, but inaccurate translation. Please share more of these with us. Lightens our humdrum lives.

  24. That video was funny. Please share more of such lightening stuff with us.

  25. Kaustubh says:

    Thats not bollywood, Thats lollywood other Movie industry of india they always come out with something unpredictable.

  26. Have a look at Shoemoney’s subscribers folks, I guess we all know who the winner is going to be now.

  27. Thiru says:

    that was a Tamil movie song – regional language in South India! Hilarious transaltions..

  28. Dustin says:

    Ha ha, since I’m new to your site, would I be the one in the middle? 😆

  29. Travel Guy says:

    WOW, banned from Digg – didn’t know that. Still it’s interesting to see someone succeed in spite of doing a lot of things the pros would advise against.

    Also, noticed you gave Shoe a good run for the money!

  30. love the cartoon, thats priceless!

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