Miscellaneous Ramblings – 1/18/2008

Fat Man Advertising Sale

Israel Lagares over at Fat Man Unleashed is having an advertising sale. He has lowered his ad prices in order to attract more sponsors to help pay off his $28,000 of medical bills.

My appendix surgery has really amassed a medical bill of over $28,000. Sadly, I don’t have health insurance. But this isn’t about not qualifying for insurance or anything like that. It’s about me needing to pay that bill, or better said, those bills because it’s more than one. They are all piled up on my dinning room table, collecting dust until I can pay them slowly. Or at all. I’m not just sitting on my butt all day not doing anything. I’ve had to recently get a dreaded 9 to 5. Just thinking of that hurts. But it’s not enough.

If you’re looking for a place to advertise your weight lost products, Fat Man Unleashed is a pretty good place to do it. Only $28 a month for a 300×250 spots. That’s a damn good deal for a site with over 1,000 RSS readers.

What Kind of Cars Do Top Bloggers Drive

Every wonder what kind of wheels the A-List bloggers roll in? David Pitlyuk wondered the same thing and emailed a bunch of big bloggers to get the answer. The only blogger that seems to fit the stereotype is Shoemoney. He drives a H2 Hummer and he’s wears sandals. Try and figure that one out.


Partying Like a Rock Star

I didn’t want to make this a separate post so I’ll just toss it here. One of the last party we attended at CES was put on by Intel. Now, when the world’s biggest chip maker puts on a party, you expect them to do it up big. And they did.

Intel booked out the 28,000 square foot Rain Nightclub and jammed it beyond Rain’s 1,800 capacity limit. Then they open the bar so the drinks flow freely (there was food too but we already ate at another party). Then they treated the invited guests to a very loud performance by Smash Mouth.

Putting on a party like this would probably mean taking out a mortgage for most people. For Intel, it wouldn’t even register as a blip on the shareholder’s report.

54 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 1/18/2008”

  1. Cool, my first comment! Well, I drive a Mazda 323, (but then I’m not a top blogger)… and I did have a nice scratch on it…


    1. I drive a slowly fading ’99 Corolla. I’m really no top blogger 😆

      1. Kym Huynh says:

        Who says you need to be a top blogger to drive a nice car no? Haha.

        1. enovator says:

          Yeah I agree with you.

    2. Kym Huynh says:

      Mazda 323? Nice. I drive… a car… but I call him Hugo… except you need to pronounce it with a French accent.

    3. Stockshaker says:

      OHHH John ….

      Nice work sneaking the video camera into the nightclub. Why don’t you bring it up a notch and get paid for it … its called bootlegging movies by recording in theatres! (im kidding)

      Did anyone see Intel’s earnings this week? I’m sure with a 10% drop in a day, that this party went from a small blip on the income statement to a “bigger” small blip.

      At least they saved cash by booking Smash mouth. Wasn’t their last hit in like, 1995? And wasn’t the song that they were singing in the video THE SAME HIT?

      Thats hilarious. They are one step away from Celebrity Survivor.


  2. What do you drive John? Planning on getting that ZR1 Vette this summer?

    1. John Chow says:

      David listed what I drove. I prefer the Z06 over the ZR1.

  3. I see that Google Adsense booted Fat Man, they are such thugs!

  4. Mike Huang says:

    Shoemoney is rocking those sandals…HAHA 🙂


    1. Kym Huynh says:

      Not only the sandals… the car is very shiny. Damn that shiny car. I want it.

      1. Will says:

        I’m sure there are better cars to own than a hummer. then again everyone has their own tastes.

    2. And making the Hummer cry out loud every time he gets in with the sandals. Poor hummer…poor hummer, its a lovely beast definitively doesn’t deserve sandal-driver 😛

  5. Shout out to fat man unleashed! And yeah, “shoe” rocking the sandals… 😎

  6. ImageGag says:

    Hey John, just read the article about you in ‘Entrepreneur’. The writer says “Chow is far from being the blogosphere’s biggest lottery winner…”

    Shoot, from what I’ve read, pro blogging looks like the furthest thing from winning the lottery there is. Oh well, congrats. Also, cool picture. I wonder if your neighbors were confused.

    1. I was just in a Barnes & Noble in Central Florida this evening and looked for the issue, but couldn’t find it. It’s not here yet either.

    2. Kym Huynh says:

      “Chow is far from being the blogosphere’s biggest lottery winner…”

      Isn’t that a negative statement saying that he’s not there?

  7. John Chow says:

    Can you scan it and send it to me? The mag is not on Canadian newsstands yet.

    1. CatherineL says:

      John – it is now online. Here’s the link.

      It seems like a good article. But it says you never started selling yourself until recently, which I don’t understand, because I thought you’d been selling yourself heaps.

      It says you are the blogging version of Seinfield, but I don’t watch that so I’m not sure how it compares. Anyway – I’m giving too much away, so I’ll leave you to read the article.

      1. John Chow says:

        I know it’s online. I just want to see the newsstand version to see what pic they used.

        1. CatherineL says:

          Now – that is what I call vain.

        2. ImageGag says:

          Here you go (don’t know your email address).

      2. Kym Huynh says:

        The blogging version of Seinfield? I wonder how they got that one.

      3. Nice article, I waiting to see the pics though.

  8. Israel says:

    thanks for the mention john. I hope this helps out. btw, show looks so cool, but the sandals gotta go.

    1. Kabatology says:

      Hi Israel, get in shape, all the best man.

  9. Israel knows he has meh love. I just hope some of you get over there and get some deals from him because his traffic is going through the roof! 😛

  10. I would have thought John Chow would drive a BMW or a Mercedes. Acura… c’mon. You’re more ballin’ than that! 😈

  11. I can picture John driving one of those Hummers.

    1. Kym Huynh says:

      Hey if you can afford it, I’d say go for something more classy… like an Astin Marton, Bently or Rolls Royce.

      1. I need something fast. I have this internal desire to drive a car over the 200 mph before I leave this world.

  12. CatherineL says:

    That is not a car – it looks more like a mini-bus. And I didn’t expect Shoe to have such white legs.

    I always drive Fords because they’re reliable.

    1. Kym Huynh says:

      It could also just be the sun/flash… hmm… AND he is wearing all black which makes him look whiter.

  13. Matthew says:

    Who cares about the cars? I hope to get my advertising up there soon to help Israel over at Fatmanunleashed.

    Hes a great guy who’s already helped me out. Definitely check out his ebook. Thats another thing you should of mentioned Chow:) Its great

  14. At $28/mo he’s gonna need to sell alot of spots to cover $28,000! :mrgreen:

    1. Israel says:

      You have to start somewhere right?

      1. Kym Huynh says:

        Definitely. In one years time… he’ll be making the monies while the rest of us sit here and cry.

      2. True that you have to be starting from somewhere. But don’t you think you are selling yourself cheap? Maybe you could digg for some affiliates related to your niche (lose weight) and see how it performs (maybe of a loss weight center nearby most of your visitors?).

        In any case, wish you all the best Israel.

        1. Israel says:

          Did you read any of my posts? I have tried EVERYTHING THERE IS TO TRY.

          1. Well unfortunately no I haven’t. But capitalizing everything there is to try is not going to convince anybody but yourself. On a short view what I see the biggest ad is for a coding services website, and just one that has really something to do with losing weight, the sports wearings down there. And with just a simple (but restricted) query on google for: lose weight “affiliate” i get 450.000 results, for: sports equipment little more than 400.00, want to convince me that neither of that works?

            Not trying to bash or something, just said my own in hope to help.

  15. It took me forever to figure out that it was a dog in the back seat of Jeremy’s H2. To me the ear looked like the eye of a big lizard with an open mouth, Godzilla style. I thought the collar was something it was chewing on too. I was thinking nice photochopped pet Jeremy. jeez…

    1. Kym Huynh says:

      LOL Well the dog is all black after all. Thank the Lord it was a day picture and not a night one… we might have some problems there then.

    2. Will says:

      what? lol. I recognized that it was a dog instantly.

  16. Rhys says:

    Christ John I have a better car than you (BMW 5-Series :))

    1. Rhys says:

      I say me, but it’s not mine. It’s Mrs. Wynne’s, but I can drive it 🙂

  17. Kabatology says:

    My house is better than all of yours – 10 Downing Street 🙄

  18. Contest Beat says:

    “He drives a H2 Hummer and he’s wears sandals. Try and figure that one out.”


  19. geomark says:

    Just because you can afford to drive a hummer doesn’t make you any less a loser for doing so. Jeesh, this is the 21st century. Quit burning fossils. Spend that wad of cash on a hybrid or put in an order for a Tesla.

  20. That is one awesome looking place.

  21. That’s Very Good
    I like zhe party!!! 😉

  22. enovator says:

    It is very interesting to know what the top bloggers drive. Thats mean top bloggers are being now treated like celebrities 🙄 . I wonder what future store for us?

  23. Miracle of surprises. I received no letter asking me…. :mrgreen: 🙂 😀

    John, you wrote: “Every wonder what kind of wheels the A-List bloggers roll in? David Pitlyuk wondered the same thing and emailed a bunch of big bloggers to get the answer. The only blogger that seems to fit the stereotype is Shoemoney. He drives a H2 Hummer and he’s wears sandals.”

    I must say that I like being different. A Volkswagen Passat stationcar is much more useful in Danish weather and given our high taxes on 4-wheelers…. 😆

    Have a nice sunday.

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