Miscellaneous Ramblings – 2/28/2008

Affiliate Summit Coverage

The blogsphere is abuzz with Affiliate Summit coverage. The show maybe over but the memories will live on forever. Here are what others are saying about the summit.

The History of Text Link Ads

Every wonder how Text Link Ads got started? While many people know that TLA was founded by Patrick Gavin, most don’t know how he came up with the idea for the company. Well, Patrick has started his own blog and his first post explains the history of Text Link Ads. It’s a pretty cool story.

Las Vegas Car Wash

After the Affiliate Summit, we went through a very interesting car wash on our way back to the hotel.

45 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 2/28/2008”

  1. Nice video! You should have waited a few seconds under the water to get all the dirt off. :mrgreen:

  2. dcr says:

    Ms. Danielle must be popular. I think she was the most talked about in post comments around here and now she gets the top link. Coincidence? 😉

    1. rick says:

      coincidence I think not! 😆

      1. She has an extremely pleasing…personality and looks! Never did get that photo op with her and Mr. Gary. They were too busy playing cards…in their room.

        1. MoneyNing says:

          Looks always wins at the end! No question about it 🙂

          1. In the short run the look wins indeed, but you’ll have to know how to keep it rolling.

          2. MoneyNing says:

            Well, many times the looks can get people to commit, or get the person “in the door”. Once you are in, it doesn’t take nearly as much to maintain it.

      2. I hear John is secretly dating her on the side. Shh!

        1. MoneyNing says:

          I’m sure her wife appreciates these types of rumors 😈

  3. Reed says:

    hey, not just a free carwash, a free shower too.

  4. Thanks for the link love John. 🙂

  5. Chetan says:

    History of Text link ads was a good read 🙂
    And let me send my car for a wash 😉

  6. Azrael says:

    I like msdanielle. I think that she’s beautiful! 😳

    1. Gary Lee says:

      she’s pretty smart too . . .

    2. Mayank Rocks says:

      Really beautiful. 😯

  7. Mike Huang says:

    It does look like something from the Bellagio haha 🙂


  8. ViralKing says:

    Price going up on ReviewMe hey? I plan on ordering one in a week or so.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      The reviewme price of Johnchow is actually really good 🙂 If I had a product to pitch I will definitely order one.

  9. Mayank Rocks says:

    Thanks for sharing the history of TLA. I never knew that to be honest. 😯

  10. Reduceri says:

    These things are popular in Turkey.. not that large though.
    Some of them look like oversized showers.

  11. Syed Balkhi says:

    good ot know about the history of TLA

    1. MoneyNing says:

      Yup it’s always great to hear these stories so you can learn from it!

  12. Simon Lau says:

    Nice video, good thing you weren’t driving an open top car!

    1. It’d be dumb to drive through any car wash with a car like that!

  13. Read Gavin’s post, pretty interesting!

  14. Looks like I’ll be spending a good part of the day just reading about Affiliate Summit. Thanks for all the links. I read part of Zac’s rebuttal to Calacanis. That guy is such an idiot! (and a rich one at that)

    1. I agree – looks like a lot to read about the summit. Certainly looks like a great informative event to attend.

  15. Mental says:

    The history of TLA was interesting but that “car wash” video was great.

  16. Brewster says:

    Cool video. Just wondering what video camera you used ?

  17. Terry Tay says:

    When you see the words “Ms.Danielle’s pictures” together I can only assume she has had the most visitors from this post.

    It’s great everyone was able to rub elbows together, maybe make some new friends, learn some new ideas, have a great time and share the experience with all their blog visitors.

    I’d still watch out for Andrew on a Segway though. 😆

    It was nice of you not to speed through the flooded streets and splash people like some evil drivers would do. 😈


  18. Hey hey… I am from Las Vegas…. gotta love it. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… except in the Internet age when you can take a video on YouTube, and bring it back and upload it, and share it with everyone.

    1. Krsto says:

      “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
      That’s my favourite quote man! 😎

  19. ASW looked like ya’ll had a fun and drunk time. LOL

  20. That looked better than the Bellagio!

  21. ms danielle says:

    thanks for mentioning my post. andrew wee’s segway video was pretty good footage too. soundtrack and all 🙂

    1. Krsto says:

      Danielle you are my favourite blogger… 😳

    2. Terry Tay says:

      John’s just sharing the love Ms. Danielle 😉

      I’m sure you share the love right back to John’s site with some links etc.

      The internet is like a big community and everyone should treat eachother like neighbors. Except, I can’t really borrow a cup of sugar when I need it 😛

      That reminds me, I have to return the lawn mower to my neighbor I borrowed last summer.

  22. Just read Joel Comm’s response to Jason’s talk. Seems like Jason ticked off a lot of people with this one.

  23. Hahaha that was funny… At least it was a free car wash!

  24. natespost says:

    I definately plan on being there next year!

  25. Gary Lee had a pretty good recap of ASW and I’m guessing John is the flat top guy in the foreground rockin’ with Blue Man.

  26. Robert says:

    No, John is one of the Blue Men.

  27. Chip says:

    Nice water show, man.

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