Miscellaneous Ramblings – 2/8/2008

Last Day For Elite Retreat Entries

Today is the last day to enter the Elite Retreat contest. I am giving away two $4,950 tickets to the retreat in San Francisco with Jeremy Schoemaker, Aaron Wall, Neil Patel, Andy Liu, Brian Clark and Guy Kawasaki. If you haven’t entered yet, you have until midnight tonight to get your entry in. Good luck.

Two Floor Tickets To Affiliate Summit West Available

I have two free show floor tickets to the Affiliate Summit available. They were originally given to the winners of the ASW contest. However, one winner can no longer go and the other winner was able to upgrade to a press pass.

I’m not going to hold a contest for these two tickets. The first two people to email me for them will get them. However, if you want them, please make sure you can go. The tickets are issued in your name and can not be resold.

*Update – Tickets are gone.

Blogging Experiment Affiliate Program

Ben Cook over at Blogging Experiment has opened an affiliate program for their WordPress theme. You’ll receive 33.34% commission on all sales, which works out to $25.005 of cold hard cash. Try not to spend that last half cent all in one place.

Getting Married and Giving Away $1,500

David Ning is getting married tomorrow (congrats on that) and is holding a contest to celebrate. He’ll be giving away $100 a day for up to 15 days and that means up to 15 chances to win. Not a bad wedding gift.

Want Some Free Beer Money?

If you write a post about How to Make Money Online.ca and then let them know about it, they’ll enter you into a random Friday draw. The winner gets $20 via PayPal to cover the first few beers at the pub. No one has entered this week so guess who just won? 😈

Good luck next week.

How To Draw John Chow

This is pure linkbait but it works oh so well. I’ve asked Banner Blindness to send me the drawing but they lost it while moving to a new office. They’re going to draw me a new one. Thanks guys!

29 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 2/8/2008”

  1. They definitely made you look evil… no make that gangster

    1. LoL true, that was the first thing that came in my mind. It looks like a mixture of triade boss and gangster, but the guy sure has talent. Well drawn picture, i’d ask one in a bigger format and put it in your wall 😛

  2. Tom says:

    I loved the drawing video, that’s awesome!

  3. Ecko says:

    What a contest! I’m going to join to the contest and also really want to write the review. But, the payout is randomized? What a crazy way to pay someone’s effort?

  4. Tim Joseph says:

    Saw the article about you in Entreprenuer this month. Read the ebook. Will be a loyal reader! Thanks!

    1. John Chow says:

      Welcome and thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. iBusiness says:


    did you get me email about contest post?

      1. iBusiness says:

        I am talking about Elite Retreat Contest :mrgreen:

  6. Tim says:

    I can’t wait to get home so I can draw you haha 😆

  7. william says:

    Hello, JOHN CHOW, lovely video, lovely blog.

  8. Miley Cyrus says:

    Interesting link-baiting there, it’s worth looking into this method a bit more.

  9. Hey John, so am I still partying with you? 😈

    1. John Chow says:

      Sure! Stick with me and you’ll get into all the parties. 🙂

  10. Katie says:

    Great Ramblings John 🙂 Congrats to David Ning. I will make sure to enter into his contest. You never know..right? I’m a very good Realistic Portrait Artist if you ever want me to draw a picture of you John. And it would be free of course 🙂 My artwork is very professional! Just let me know if your interested.

    ~Katie 😀

    Ps. Maybe you could hold a John Chow Portrait contest. That would be cool. 😉

  11. RacerX says:

    I think John has his next affiliate program…Draw John Chow and Go to Art College!

    He replaces Petey the Parrot and the Pirate!

    Know John’s ability he would probably crush 🙂

  12. Hey John, thanks for the mention! Also, I’m holding a contest for the affiliates this month. You get one entry per theme sale you generate on top of the $25 payment.

  13. Mike Huang says:

    Nice ramblings, but what happened to me 🙁


  14. Simon Lau says:

    Thanks for the heads up on these contest!

  15. John,

    Can you make a contest for who can make the craziest JC video? Block 84 makes the funniest shorts you will see about three guys living in Vancouver.

    Honestly, if you look that evil in a drawing, I’m scared to see what you would come across like in one of our vids….

    – Richie C.

  16. Awesome video wish I had art skills like that.

    1. Katie says:

      You can 🙂 Practice makes perfect. There are books out there you can use to help you learn how to draw and if you keep practicing you also can be very good. I know this because I’m an Artist and books have helped me and practicing too. Also another thing that helps allot is talking to other Artists that have the skill you long to have. Ask them for some advice. Both my parents are Artists and they gave me allot of great Advice about Art while growing up. Hope this was encouraging for you.
      ~Katie 😉

      1. I am pretty sure that you do need to have some skill to start with Katie. Some kind of natural talent. Trust me if you have seen my art you will understand. I am more of a Maths person than a artistic person.

      2. RacerX says:

        I believe you can develop some skill, but maybe talent=the time it takes to do something well. If I practiced 8 hours a day I could draw 20% as well as my wife and daughter, but the same goes in reverse for me in music. It comes to me easier.

        Love the positive vibes though! My stick figures do emote 🙂

        PS I would change your saying a little bit though: Practice doesn’t make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect!

      3. There’s also a ton of websites that can teach you how to draw! If you’re a more hands-on learner you can check out the vast array of books out there, as mentioned above by Katie.

  17. Will says:

    That drawing is so awesome!

  18. David Chew says:

    The drawing looks like you. 😀

  19. Glad everyone liked the video and link bait – especially John Chow himself. If you or anyone you know needs web development or online marketing support – please dont hesitate to contract us.



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