Miscellaneous Ramblings – 3/15/2008

Where Are All The Generous People?

A few days ago, I asked readers to help me raise money for the Union Gospel Mission Easter meal drive. The response so far haven’t came close to matching the Thanksgiving or Christmas drives I did last year. I realized that people are in a more giving mood during Thanksgiving and Christmas but people go hungry everyday, not just on holidays.

To give you a bigger incentive to help, I will now match you donations at 2 to 1. You donate $1, I’ll give $2. That’s 200% return on your money! Simply make a donation at UGM’s online donation page, then email me a copy of the email receipt. Remember, whatever you’re donating, I’ll double it!

All readers making donations will be recognized in a blog post on Monday. If you have a website or blog, I will link to it. The meals and other services we provide can be the start of a new life and new beginning for those in need.

The true measure of success is not how much you make, but how much you give.

The Chow Chow Train

The Social Millionaire has been up for 15 days and wasn’t going anywhere until he decided to order a review from John Chow dot Com. Twenty four hours later, sales rocketed passed $1,000. While this is normally call The John Chow Effect, the Social Millionaire decided to be cute and called it The Chow Chow Train.

Winning The Web Contest Passes $9,000 In Prizes

What started off as a contest with $5,348 of prizes has turned into a mega event as more and more sponsors pony up prizes for the Winning The Web “Win Everything Under The Sun” Contest. If you haven’t entered, then you better get in on it before the month is over. If I win anything, I’ll give it away to a reader.

OCIA.net Forum Grand Re-Opening Giveaway

My friend Shawn Knight is holding a grand re-opening of his OCIA.net forums. They’ve have teamed up with several of their sponsors and put together a prize package worth over $1,300.

Entering is simple. First, you must be a registered member in the OCIA.net Forums. Once registered, hit their front page and sign up the upcoming OCIA.net Newsletter. After that, post a reply to this thread letting them know that you want to be entered and you are all set.

68 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 3/15/2008”

  1. car345.com says:

    I thought higher donations this time as you have more readers now compare to last year. Thats great you decided to double up to reader contribution.

    1. Chip says:

      I’d like to contribute to this 2:1 donations thing. I just installed the “Buy me a beer” plugin on my blog and I’m testing it. As soon as it’s done, you’re on!

  2. Great – I am in…

  3. Simon Lau says:

    done and done! Good luck everyone on those contests and open up your wallets if you’ve made any money from John’s site!

  4. I need to think of a way to make 1 million dollars online. 😐

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. SiteHoppers says:

      Go rob a bank?


      I got FiveDollarWiki.com for sale if you want to try to market it a little. I just don’t have time to do all the wikis…

      1. WIKI(s)…. ohhh they are of no use now…… ( Sorry this was my personal opinion) you may have better marketing skills to make it useful.

    2. Check out this article and see if you’d like to try any methods… http://andrewpavelski.com/archives/87

    3. ismabera says:

      very easy! You can DONATE 500.000$ and than John will pay you
      1.000.000$ :mrgreen:

    4. Robert says:

      Don’t do it online. Just do it offline by buying real estate and renting it out for cash flow. In about ten years, you’ll have around $1 million in passive income.

    5. Mayank Rocks says:

      No body suggests such things. They try them themselves and become a millionaire :mrgreen:

    6. David Chew says:

      You can try to sell things online or create a company that sell things.

  5. Thanks for the mention on your blog John. I have donated to the Union Gospel Mission enough for 10 families. I hope others on the blog will do the same!

    1. You are so generous Pat, Yeah all the best for your Social Millionaire mission, John chow train don’t halt on small stations.

  6. This is great, I think you are very right. People are much more generous during the holiday seasons. I think it is very important for us all to remember how blessed we are and give what we can all year long. People are counting on us. Anything helps…and I will be donating for sure! Thanks John ; )


    1. SiteHoppers says:

      Hey I am broke, can you give me some money?

      Anything helps~ 👿

      1. Its not hard to make money online though really…just look at John’s ebook and do a couple of services to build up a few dollars and your off 😛

        1. Robert says:

          It’s not hard if it’s done right. If you set up a blog and just put ads up all over the place, it won’t work. You have to put something on there that is valuable and that people will come back for.

      2. Mayank Rocks says:

        You really should work hard rather than asking for money lol 😯

  7. 2 for 1 on my donation? Awesome, I’m in…. 😛

  8. Hannah says:

    Very generous of you John! I hope this helps increase donations for sure!

  9. I was interested in seeing how much The Social Millionaire would earn after the review.

    1. Robert says:

      The John Chow effect is undeniable. The exposure that one review (whether positive or negative) brings has a lasting effect.

  10. Terry Tay says:

    That’s very generous of you John and I hope it brings in a lot of donations for The Union Gospel Mission.

    It’s great that the review helped out the Social Millionaire site, it’s also great that he took some of that to “Pay It Forward” to the Union Gospel Mission, as he commented above.

    Great job everyone!

  11. I wish I could afford a review to get on your train.

    1. Robert says:

      I don’t think affording it should be an issue. It’s actually an investment. If you have an online business or a blog, $500 is nothing compared to what that kind of attention will produce in sales. The Social Millionaire made $1000 right away after John’s review. He made back his $500 and made a tidy $500 profit as a result. Great investment.

      1. Terry Tay says:

        He’s up to $1500+ already so his investment has given him a 200% profit so far. Not bad if I do say so myself.

  12. Gyutae Park says:

    Thanks for the plug. The contest at Winning the Web is getting huge attention and should be a great success. Everyone check it out – there are tons of prizes – now at $9,191.

    1. SiteHoppers says:

      Hey Gyutae, I sent you an email, I will sponsor some OneBuckWiki pages. Greatest contest btw, defnitely check it out if you haven’t.

    2. Yes its an interesting contest…i’m unable to offer something to this contest (due to the service i’ve created still being not completely ready for relaunch) but on the next contest I will be able to offer a nice prize 😛

  13. I was definitely interested to see what sort of effect your review had on The Social Millionaire’s website. It definitely paid itself off quickly… The Chow Chow train comes through 😉

  14. Mike Huang says:

    It seems like you’ve taken my advice from your other post and you’re giving 200% 🙂


  15. natespost says:

    Unfortunately I just don’t hve the money to donate or get reviewed at the moment.

  16. Count me in. And thanks for the reminder…

  17. I just sponsored 10 people for Easter dinner and sent you the receipt John. Great charity!

  18. Alvin Phang says:

    Hey John… great stuff.. just did a donation to support too 🙂

  19. Joseph says:

    What if somebody donates $10,000?

    1. Go ahead and donate $10k and let us know what happens.

      1. iamzhh says:

        I don’t think earning money on web is easy.

        1. Robert says:

          It most certainly IS easy. It simply takes (1) passion for whatever business or topic you choose, and (2) dedication to it. In time, the money will be made.

      2. Simple Mathematics
        If you ‘ll donate 10K he will donate 20K, he has gain plenty of money all these months to do the social cause like this

        1. Simon Lau says:

          An earlier post capped the limit to 1K by John, not sure if that is still the case. However, I’m sure UGM would love you if you donated 10K and you should if you can!

    2. Then obviously John is goig to do his 2 for 1 offer :mrgreen: just on a larger scale then the other donations

    3. Then somebody donates 10K to a great cause 😉

  20. Tim says:

    Great Stuff John. The Chow Chow train also seems like a good thing. Considering… 😕

    1. Robert says:

      Chow Chow Train is a good name for a blog.

  21. iamzhh says:

    Earn on web is very difficult as my opinion….

    1. Robert says:

      It’s not that difficult. Like anything else, however, it simply takes time, dedication, effort, and passion. The same ingredients that breed success in any endeavor.

  22. I’ve made a contribution.

  23. vasu says:

    What the point of giving away double of money to donors??
    Coz you can always donate charity the money you are paying to donors
    I need an answer

    1. John Chow says:

      The double the money is not going to the donor. It is going to the UGM as well. You give $1 to the UGM, I’ll give $2.

  24. Jim says:

    Two to one!? Wow. Thanks John.
    …it’s time to take out a loan 😉

  25. XanGo says:

    I guess you might have to quadruple up on your donation to make up for the people who had not donated

    Wish I had money to donate.

  26. The Winning The Web contest is getting really big and is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen from a up and coming blogger. This will surely put Gyutae’s blog in the spotlight.

    1. Yes , the guy really have guts, while we were thinking of doing something like , he make it happen. Hats off to gyutae

  27. Mayank Rocks says:

    It is great to see his dream started. $1000 for a start out is awesome!

  28. Syed Balkhi says:

    glad to see that the contest is upto $9000

  29. Rachel says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if the post you are going to make would be this Monday or next? I hope more people contribute to this great cause.

  30. Terry Tay says:

    Chow Chow Train still chugging along for the Social Millionaire I see, as sales are at $1,539.73 …Chugga chugga CHOW CHOW!

    I hope the Union Gospel Mission received a HUGE influx of donations over the last couple days. I hope John Chow dot com readers at least matched what the Social Millionaire brought in.

    1. At least the Social Millionaire paid for his review twice over already.

  31. Bloggerking says:

    If I donate 100$ then John will give me 200$..Am I righ t 🙄

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      lol. Not sure if he meant will give you or he will donate $200 himself.

  32. Nishadha says:

    donated , but it says receipt will come in 2-3 days so I dont think it will be there by monday , I’ll try to get more people onto this , Nice of you to match 2 to 1 🙂

  33. David Chew says:

    Well contest does help a blog to be known by people.

  34. Gerri says:

    I am a real small time blogger and have been trying to raise money for cancer and it has not been easy at all. I am surprised that someone of your standing would have trouble raising a good amount of money for a cause. BUT!! I see things picked up and got a whole lot better. I guess its all about offering some sort of incentive?

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