Miscellaneous Ramblings – 3/22/2008

In Today’s Richmond News

My mainstream media coverage continues as I made this week’s edition of the Richmond News newspaper. The article isn’t online yet but residents living in Richmond will be able to walk to their corner store and pick up a copy. I’ll update this post when the article is online.

Winning The Web Passes $12,000 In Prizes

It just keeps getting bigger. The contest at Winning The Web is turning into a monster. The total prize pool is now at $12,201! It is truly turning into the craziest Internet marketing contest ever. If you haven’t got in on it yet, you still have time. The contest is over at the end of the month. If I win anything, it’ll go to you guys.

Easter Egg Hunt!

In other contest news, Caroline Middlebrook is holding an Easter egg hunt on her blog. Over the next three days, she’ll be ‘hiding’ a total of 30 easter eggs on her blog and inviting visitors to hunt for them. Caroline will be giving away 10 copies of my soon-to-be-released StumbleUpon traffic course as prizes.

How Do You Count Your Cash?

If you thought that everyone counts their cash the same way, you would be wrong. This video shows the many different ways people count their cash. How do you count your cash? I use a one of those cash counting machines because there’s too much cash to count by hand. 😈

42 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 3/22/2008”

  1. Interesting video!

    Now I’ll be heading over to join that Easter egg hunt. What a great idea!

    1. Definitely, Caroline thought of a very creative idea πŸ™‚

      1. Robert says:

        How exactly do you hide easter eggs on a blog?

        1. They’re graphic images of easter eggs and I just inserted them into a bunch of blog posts πŸ™‚

    2. MR. NICE GUY says:

      This idea of Caroline must be very interesting. I’ll go check it out and start looking for the eggs hidden somewhere. John must have known where to find them hehehe. πŸ˜€

  2. Rekzai says:

    My dad counts money like the second way shown πŸ˜› I think its pretty coool.

  3. Mike Huang says:

    Lol, too much money…to food πŸ™‚


  4. Wade says:

    I don’t get to count any cash. Everything is either direct deposited, or paypal. So I guess I just look at the number on the ATM receipt, or online. Either that or my website isn’t making money like John Chow. So pretty pretty please visit my site and check it out! JC bathes in his money.

    BTW – I was waiting for another misc rambling post. Cant wait till your end of money figures.

  5. I’ve just watched the video. Actually we, Eastern European people count the money like Japanese people (the first example in the video), but we do it much faster. It would take a year to count 1 million Hungarian Forints (approximately: 6000 USD) with that speed. πŸ˜€ Anyway, I really like this video, it’s interesting.

  6. Hannah says:

    I work at a bank, and that video is spot on! There are an infinite number of ways people like to count their cash, and a lot of people complain that the bills that come out of our machine aren’t all facing the same way (as in the queen’s head face up and on the right on our 20 dollar bills). Of all the things to complain about!!!!

    1. That video was definitely on spot. It was cool to hear an experience from someone that works @ a bank! πŸ™‚

  7. Haha, interesting vid. =)

  8. Mark Blair says:

    …Your soon-to-be-released StumbleUpon traffic course…? πŸ™‚

    1. Hehe that was a typo – he copied the text I wrote in my email. It’s *MY* StumbleUpon course, not John’s πŸ™‚

      1. Yes -I catch it – It should be your name instead. ( so one has to send e-mail – noted )

  9. thats a cool video. I was thinking where do u get all this ideas from?


  10. Thanks for sharing the news. That WTW contest is getting crazier and crazier as the month goes on… Thanks for sharing that Easter Egg contest and the $ counting clip.

    1. David Chew says:

      That contest sure is going to attract a lot of participants.

  11. eshohealth says:

    John, thank you very much for all your inspiring articles. You have been of great help to new bloggers like me. While wishing you more power to your elbow (& pen!), I look forward to partnering with you as I continue in my blogger’s journey.
    Best regards.

  12. Rosie Rosie! says:

    Africans don’t count like that!!! In Africa, 5 year olds are hardened entrepreneurs and they would laugh if someone (me for example) counted so slow!

  13. unnikuttan says:

    In India, may do not count the money. it will be in bags because of the inflation. so you pay in one bag or two if you wanna buy big houses or a car.

  14. Jim says:

    Very interesting video! I didn’t know that people counted money in such different ways.

    The WTW contest is totally bad now in my opinion. It got way too inflated to the point that people are losing interest because they feel like they cannot win. This is a perfect example of how not to run a blog site. 😐

  15. 02millions says:

    that’s pretty funny I count it just the way I should, not sure about the other countries but I know asia and the US are dead on.

  16. Infogle says:

    I posted the same video on my blog too almost 6hrs ago and saw this post here… john i was first this time… and nice to see that i thought the same way the john thoughy πŸ˜€

  17. Robert says:

    What if you don’t have any cash to count?

  18. Bigman says:

    Excatly , I need the cash to figure out how I count it πŸ˜›

  19. Looking forward to reading the write up about you in the Richmond News.

  20. I’d like to with the StumbleUpon traffic course. I’ll have to check out the Easter egg contest.

  21. Jimson Lee says:

    In the service industry, such as waiters in restaurants, if you are giving money back to the boss or cash register, you count the money in the “outward” direction, facing away from you.

    If you are counting your tips at the end of the night, you count the bills “towards” you.

    The money goes in the direction of the receiver.

    Not sure how they count the loonies and toonies…

  22. Abdalla says:

    Africans count as the first ones i.e japan and the japan counts more or less like the british (mega slow!).

  23. Mr. Javo says:

    lol, I count my money as the last manner

  24. eshohealth says:

    John, thank u so much for your generous blogging guides at all times.
    You’ve been so wonderful

  25. Erik says:

    Very cool video. I am going to have to try some of these in front of peeps!

  26. king kong says:

    hahaha, what a cool clip! i think the indian way is the most slick! do you really have a cash counter those are really really expensive! 😈

  27. So you big guys are supporting Gyutae for his carzy contest haan

  28. If i will have that much money i will count it in every possible way.

  29. Syed Balkhi says:

    I am wondering what was the source of the person when he mentioned this is how the money is count in Pakistan and other parts of Turkey because I am from Pakistan and I know that bankers don’t count money like that ..

  30. lasers says:

    The easter egg hunt is a slick idea.

  31. David Chew says:

    John you were trying to say that you earn a lot but in fact you did really earn a lot. πŸ˜€

  32. because there’s too much cash to count by hand

    lol…. ass.

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