Miscellaneous Ramblings – 9/16/2007

John Chow Takes Over The ShoeMoney Show

Jeremy Schoemaker will be at the TechCrunch40 conference this Tuesday and as a result won’t be able to do this Net Income show on Webmaster Radio. Therefore, he asked me to host the show in his absence.

Tune into Net Income this Tuesday at 3PM PST as I try to take over a radio show for the first time. I hope I don’t break anything. My guest will be Nate Whitehile of Unique Blog Design. We will be talking about the new theme and design trends. There will also be one other special guest.

Top 5 Blogging Success Stories

Matt from Blogging Fingers gets on the linkbaiting train by asking five successful bloggers for a quote on how they became so successful. The five bloggers interviewed were Yaro Starak Of entrepreneurs-journey.com, CashQuest.com, Andy Beard, myself and some cow.

The Benefits of Commenting First

Site Fever has posted an interesting article on driving traffic by being the first to comment on a popular blog post.

On September 1st, John Chow posted his monthly income report. I knew that this would be a very popular post as it would be the first income report since he had started using his new theme. Guess who happened to be the first to comment on that post? None others than yours truly.

Site Fever has some traffic stats created from his first comment position on my August blog income report. It’s interesting stuff.

John Chow dot Com Showing Up On BlogRush


I am starting to see my headlines show up on other blogs running the new BlogRush Widget. This screenshot was taken from Net Business Blog.

BlogRush has been live for a day and has already create a huge buzz for itself. By adding the BlogRush Widget to your blog, you get instant distribution for your latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs. BlogRush users earn syndication credits based on their own traffic as well as the traffic of other users they refer to BlogRush. If I show the widget 10,000 times, my headline will appear 10,000 times on other blogs running the widget. I also get traffic credit for people I refer. It’s a really neat way to build blog traffic and one that can mushroom very quickly.

A few people have asked how come some of the blogs being featured in the widget are not running the BlogRush widget. There are two answers for this. The first is those blogs were just a default placeholder to fill the Widget with something to show. The second answer is those blogs have build a big enough network that they are just using the traffic credit created by their referrals – if all your referrals does 10,000 views per day, you get your headline shown 10,000 times even if you don’t run the Widget.

The Winner Of Ed & Michael’s Hockey Blog Contest

After sifting through about 300 contest entries, Ed Lau and Michael Kwan have finally decided on the winner of their name our new hockey blog contest. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who won.

54 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 9/16/2007”

  1. And you get a netbusinessblog post featuring on your BlogRush widget. Seems like this thing works.

    Oh and congrats for the show, i have heard some of the shows (i like mainly the one where Randy is speaking about rather hiding or not aff links) but i will look forward to hear you.

    1. Ed Lau says:

      Don’t worry, I think it’s pretty good and entertaining. Myself and Greg Morgan are also on the show.

      1. Did you just revealed the special guest 🙄

        1. Googlelady says:

          I was waiting for that too 🙄 damm special guest may be its me and I don’t know when it happeded? 😯

  2. KingJacob says:

    The ones not displaying the widget were just placeholders according to reese, which is smart, it would look pretty silly without articles being displayed. Now they just need to get their portal up and running.

    1. Thanks for the info because I taught they were cheating. I still hope they have a counter measure for those not installing the widget.

      John Chow: I saw this thread from another site that had the widget before I got your RSS feed 😀

    2. Similar to commenting on your own posts to get the discussion going, I imagine.

  3. I’ve noticed the first commenter traffic drive as well. It’s not a bad way to get initial exposure but so far it hasn’t done much, at least on my end, to boost returning readers.

    1. SpeedyVista says:

      And its always a bit tough to be first poster. I wonder what other comments etc do. Diminishing returns I would imagine. Could be that first post is nothing special.. very odd stuff.. never thought of it.

      1. It’s especially tough if you just get updates via RSS, since there is a delay. I don’t have time to just schedule my site visits and hit refresh. Although doing it every once and a while might not be so bad.

  4. Yeah John, Blog Rush is a pretty cool site. I am already getting hits from it. Can’t wait for it to go nuts and i will get millions and millions of hits..muhahaha..lol well a few thousand wouldn’t hurt 🙂

    1. Googlelady says:

      I wish they have a good anti-cheating system. I will test them out when the reports system is up (of course with a testing account) and let the owner knows if there is something wrong with it.

  5. krillz says:

    it pretty funny to see the blogrush widget on your blog showing posts made by yourself, now you can get people from your own blog to your own blog!

    Heh that was quite funny to see *printscreen* 😀

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s not me, that’s the cow’s headline.

    2. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that for ages!

  6. zielak says:

    I’m looking forward to the next Net Income Show. I’m sure you will be good replacement of Shoe.

  7. Matt Jones says:

    Thanks for the mention John 🙂

    Can I ask what category you put johnchow.com in? They don’t have categories for blogs about blogging or making money online…

    1. My guess is computers/internet or Marketing. Probably marketing.

    2. John Chow says:

      I placed my blog in the business category.

  8. Why such a big post on a Sunday? Take it easy John. :mrgreen:

    1. You should look at my post for today… the thing is like a 5 page essay 😛

      1. Matt Jones says:

        I ended up posting twice today when I normally only do 1 small Sunday post. Working is in the air 😉

        1. SpeedyVista says:

          Yea, nothing like a good Sunday work day 😉

          I’ve gotta get running to go work on my own stuff instead of reading on what others are doing.

  9. Ive set up blogrush myself on couple of my blogs yesterday and a friend of mine already send me a screenshot of my post showing up on his blogrush widget. It looks like it’s working 🙂

  10. John… umm make sure when you’re doing the radio show you don’t hit the little red button. OK?

    1. Kanute says:

      Does this bait work. Let us know 🙄

      1. Yes it does. And has created some buzz 😛

        1. DeboHobo says:

          Sure did 😉

    2. DeboHobo says:

      I’m sure you read John’s ebook and so you know what evil method to use to draw traffic. Link bait is acceptable. Dirve traffic by any means neccessary and always help others on the way.

      “Do I sense a bit of haten?”

  11. Hey John,

    I have sent you a special surprise to your inbox via the contact form and hope that you will get it and enjoy it. :mrgreen: It is regarding BlogRush. To all you others that read this post, check out the blog post that I wrote on combining both BlogRush and Social Bookmarking Sites to maximize your inbound traffic!

    Yes, I know its shameless and I’m advertising here. Muhuhahaha. 😈




  12. Saedel says:

    I missed the top10 commenters! I got caught up reading older posts! 👿

  13. Word Hugger says:

    I was the first commenter twice on techcrunch posts, and each have sent about 40-60 visitors. It is a great easy way to get traffic.

  14. Kanute says:

    Blog Rush, another widget: Good Lord

  15. Klaudio says:

    Hmmm. I would use blogrush too, but I’m not sure if it is useful for my german blog 😕

    1. Googlelady says:

      This is another feature that I would like to see from BlogRush dividing blogs with languages as well and not categories only.

      1. I’d like to see a better breakdown of categories. It seems BlogRush just has the traditional offering. My blog deals with Christianity, economics, and politics. Depending on who you talk to, these three can be integrally related.

        Every site always artificially breaks them up.

  16. Neven says:

    hehehhehe crazy stuff, fun movie! 😀

  17. Darin Carter says:

    Oh man … that video rocks! I love the PSA!

    1. Stephen says:

      Great! I should do more of them! 😆

    2. Ed Lau says:

      Took me forever to find cheesy ’80s commercial/training video music.

  18. Googlelady says:

    I really love your
    Miscellaneous Ramblings. I am testing out the blogrush and see how it will work, and waiting for the report to work. Let’s see..

  19. Kevin Hsu says:

    Good to see that Blog Rush is working for you!
    It looks like a good viral marketing tool. I will check it out! Thanks for the Blog Rush post!

  20. Top 5 Blogging Success Stories – great read!

    1. Matt Jones says:

      I’m glad you liked it Nick 🙂

  21. Bill L says:

    I was sad to find out that http://www.pandalearningcentre.com is already taken. 😥

  22. Click Input says:

    Yes I want to hear about your Grey Hat stuff on the show.

  23. JoeTech.com says:

    I haven’t seen my blog show up yet, but I’ll have to give it some time, I suppose. I’m really waiting for the stats page to be released so I can at least see if my links have even shown.

  24. I hope to be one of those blogging successes after a few more months…

  25. Now thats tough. Being the first commenter on your blog posts. The kind of traffic you get, I’ll need to set up an autorefresh on your site every 1 minute to be the first to catch any new post.

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