Miscellaneous Ramblings – 9/22/2007

Top Trackbackers for WordPress Plugin

You know how I have the Top Commentator plugin to encourage more comments? Well, it seem someone made a plugin to encourage sites to link to you because they could be displayed in a Top Trackbackers list. Blogging Tips has the full story.

I came across a fantastic little plugin the other day called Trackbackers. Written by Michael Wales, this plugin will list the top domains which have linked to you. It’s very similar to the top commentators list except this plugin lists all the blogs which have been linking to your articles (generated via the trackback list).

You can download the Top Trackbackers plugin here.

Blog Rush Adds Some Flavors To Their Widget


Many bloggers running the BlogRush widget are asking for the more color choices so they can better integrate the system into their blog. It seems BlogRush has been listening. They will be coming out with BlogRush Flavors in the next few days. You’ll be able to choose the color of your choice so it more closely matches the design of your blog. It’s a good start but I would like to see more customizable features, especially the ability to adjust the width of the widget.

My Ad On Bob Buskirk

John Chow

I’m running the ad on the right over at Bob Buskirk’s blog because He wasn’t making anything from Google (they had the spot before). What do you think of Bob’s creative ad design? Would you click on it?

I’m thinking of buying more ad space on other blogs. If Google is not doing well for you, then make me an offer. I am only interested in 300×250 ads that are embedded into the article itself.

Speaking of banners, what do you think of my new DealDotCom banner at the bottom of this post?

Should You Start a Make Money Online Blog If You’ve Never Done It?

I am glad to know that I am not the only pro blogger to get asked this question. Darren Rowse answers the question, “Should you start a make money online blog if you don’t know how to make money online?” Not only did he answered the question but he did it in a video post as well.

One mistake that many bloggers fall into when they discover the idea of making money from blogging is to start a blog on that very topic.

It is understandable in some ways – many people first read about the idea on a blog on that topic and automatically assume that to make the kind of money that that blogger is making they just need to copy what they are doing.

Bose Suspension In Action

Bose is most commonly known for its stereo systems and other home entertainment gear. However, they hold a bunch of patents for stuff that we would have never thought of. One of them being a really cool suspension setup for the car. Check out this video of the system in action.

Source: Autoblog

Picture To Get Your Weekend Started

Sally Chow

This is Sally relaxing in front of the plasma screen. She can actually stay there for 30 minutes before getting bored. For a baby, that’s a pretty long attention span!

My New DealDotCom Banner

Last but not least, what you think of my new DealDotCom banner? it was designed for me by Rainer of Think Referrals. It’s based on the BlueFur DealDotCom WordPress plugin.