Miscellaneous Ramblings – 9/30/2007

Thousands of Marketing Graphics for Only $10

Today’s DealDotCom deal is the same as yesterday’s deal. However, they seem to have lowered the price to just $10. Marketing Graphics Pro offers thousands of pre-made and ready to use graphical elements for your website or blog.


The package normally sells for $37. DealDotCom had it for sale yesterday for $17. However, they’re offering it for $10 today so I’m going to pick it up. Expect some graphically appealing posts in the future.

Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass

The Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas is coming up in February 24, 2008. A summit pass cost of $949. However, good old Super Affiliate Zac Johnson is giving away a pass to one lucky reader. Here’s how to enter.

1.) Link back to this post from your blog. (5 entries)
2.) Post on your blog, why attending Affiliate Summit would be important to you. (15 entries)
3.) Reply to this post with a comment. (1 entry per commenter, not comment)
Bonus Entry:
4.) Write a Review on this blog and mention the Affiliate Summit Free Pass contest.
(25 entries + a Free MoneyReign.com T-Shirt)
(Blog review / post must be a minimum of 500 words)

How Top Bloggers Display Their Ads

Serverdome has an article on how the top bloggers display their ads. The article outlines 6 of the top bloggers pages and gives you the percentage of ads above the fold. I am number 1 at 27.86%. 🙂

The Prize Blog Steals My Avatar

Thanks to Aaron Cook for the head ups on this one. It seems The Prize Blog is using my avatar for their MyBlogLog profile. I never gave them permission to use my image and I think it’s a pretty low and dirty thing to do. They go around from blog to blog leaving my image in the blog’s MyBlogList list and the blogger thinks I visited their blog. Only when they click on the image do they realized that it was The Prize Blog and not John Chow dot Com.

I will give The Prize Blog 72 hours to remove the image. Their chance of ever being mention in this blog in the future is zero.

76 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – 9/30/2007”

  1. Mike says:

    You said “February 24, 2006”. Do you mean 2008?

      1. I first warned John about this impersonating usurper in http://destinyriches.blogspot.com/2007/09/unacceptable-and-fradulent-prize.html more than 3 days ago, but what was his reply : “I give it a point for creativity and 10 points for evilness.

        Why the hue and cry now?

  2. shaun says:

    By mentioning this in your blog you are just giving him the publicity he wants. When he stole your avatar im sure he knew of the consequences and rewards before he did it.

    1. Most people would know, but do take into account that some people are complete idiots! Brainless! …oh and I’ll tell you this story…one day I finished doing my shopping and sat on a seat with my trolley (I had to insert $1 into a slot to use the trolley and the money can only be taken out when you insert a special key) So then this guy came up and tried to pull the money out of the slot!! I thought he was totally insane! 1) He was trying to steal money in front of me and 2) Only idiots would take money from shopping trolleys! 😈

      1. shaun says:

        yeh too bad there’s not much you can do about it 😆

  3. Lori says:

    I knew the prize blog was using your avatar. He visited my blog to check out my contest and I seen your face but his name. If I had known you didn’t know, then I would have clued you in. I thought about the dealdotcom deal today but can’t decide.

  4. Cash Quests says:

    Yeah, I noticed the prizeblog was doing that. He actually visited CashQuests just after yourself recently which gave me two JohnChow avatars right next to each other. Not cool.

    1. Two John Chows next to each other! I got to see that! :mrgreen:

  5. DealDotCom says:

    John, today’s deal is not the same as yesterdays… but half way through the day we got permission to lower the price $7. Also, stay tuned because we have something special coming that is really cool and is starting tomorrow 🙂

    Also, Lori.. just so you know there is a 30 day refund period. If you do not like it then just tell us 🙂

  6. I’m not really sure but can Prizeblog actually get fined for used another person’s photo without their permission?

  7. So John, the takeaway is put all the ads above the fold. Blind your visitors till they buy something 🙂

  8. goldfries says:

    I’m fine as long as the ads don’t obstruct my reading.

  9. Darin Carter says:

    hey … not bad!!!

  10. Drew says:

    Thats pretty low of the Prize Blog.

    Also, thanks for the heads up on Deal Dot Com lowering the price today. I may pick it up now.

    1. They refunded everybody $7 that bought it yesterday, which was nice of them. 🙂

  11. Casey says:

    Thanks for letting me know, I bought it too. They have some pretty nice buttons and I am not a graphics person so I can’t make nice buttons in my free time. Heck I don’t even care if I actually even use these. They are cool to look at. Haha.

  12. I picked up that graphics package from DealDotCom a few hours ago. What an amazing deal for $10!

    That’s pretty low that The Prize Blog is using your avatar. You should sue them! :mrgreen:

  13. Hey, I wanted to apologize to anybody who was “deceived.” My intention really was not to impersonate John Chow, but I can easily see how that’s how it looks. I did it randomly and I just want to say how sorry I am, not just to John, but all the bloggers who were insulted by that pretty dumb thing I did. Hope you can understand, thanks.

    Brian Aldrich

    1. Cash Quests says:

      Your intention was not to impersonate and there you are with the JohnChow avatar. What sucks is that it takes Mybloglog about 48 hours to update it after you’ve changed it.

      Still, well done for coming out and apologizing. You get my respect at least for that.

      1. Aaron Cook says:

        Hi Brian,

        At least you have the guts and wherewithal to come on here and officially admit it, without hiding. I think that at least says something.

        Lesson learned? Yeah, I think so! So let’s move on and do it like it should really be done! Blogging is NOT a game of, “Hey, look at me; I’m so-and-so!”

        Blogging is an art. Yes, an art. It’s the art of being who you TRULY are – and of having the willingness to share that with the rest of the world. So do it right and you can’t go wrong! 🙂

        Shine on,

    2. Even though, you made the comment in your own name, your avatar is still John Chow! 😮

      1. As mentioned above, it takes about 48 hours for MBL to update.

  14. GettyCash says:

    Great job, Aaron ! 😀

    1. Aaron Cook says:

      Thanks Getty Cash! 😉

      Shine on,

  15. Imed says:

    Just signed up today to your feeds, and first thank you for this informative blog.
    The graphics package looks as a bargain and is a must for every webmaster

  16. Karol Krizka says:

    Well, at least prize blog got mentioned once. They are probably gonna get some traffic from it, and improve their technorati ranking.

  17. Cigar Jack says:

    Wow how can you not expect to be caught when doing something like that? I wonder if he’s using the old train of thought that any publicity is good publicity. Considering so much in blogs depends on good will and community I’m not sure that really applies in the blogging realm.

  18. Anthony says:

    The same package that DealDotCom is offering can be purchased at http://www.marketinggraphicspro.us for $7. Ha! The entire concept is such a rip off and I thought they were meant to be giving you a good deal!!!

      1. Neil says:

        Hahaha, Dealdotcon !

    1. Ohh…DealDotCom just got owned!!!! 😈

    2. DealDotCom says:

      Well kind of hard to compete with people who break resell right rules and do it the day we get “legal” permission to sell it at a lower price.

      Check the google cache of the page out yourself by a href=”″>clicking here
      You can see it is dated the 25th of september.
      If the cache updates to today before you see this I took at screen shot here…

      We will not do anything immoral or illegal to get you the best deal… sorry!

    3. That’s where I got it, Deal Dot Com is running out of ideas already!

    4. Didier says:

      A little whois on “marketinggraphicspro.us” and Anthony’s blog domain name “bloggingdosh.com” reveale something interesting…

      Administrative Contact:
      Media, Flask [email protected]
      MyEzy Web Services
      1 May Maxwell Crescent
      Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905

      Administrative Contact:
      Enterprises, A.Feint [email protected]
      MyEzy Web Services
      1 May Maxwell Crescent
      Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905

      Now Mr. Anthony Feint, tell us : WHO is the REAL SCAM ???


  19. Israel says:

    now thats a slick move by the prize blog. lol. dirty, but slick.

  20. Dan says:

    I don’t know the guy, but get off your high horse John.

    The guy was creatively marketing himself, I’m sure he meant no harm by it. I’m sure a private e-mail to him letting him know it’s NOT okay and he would’ve removed it straight away.

    If somebody used my image, I’d be flattered. Try not taking life so seriously.

    1. Doesn’t that all depend on whether or not he was posting good comments?

  21. Nick says:

    I noticed the avatar issue about a week ago on my blog. I even had two John Chow avatars in my MyBlogLog widget for awhile (thanks for stopping by) and thought you must have noticed it then because he was there a while before you.

    Anyway, at least he apologized for it and admitted he was wrong. Other, less decent, people would have made a big fuss about it and tried to justify themselves.

  22. McBilly says:

    LOL at the $7 price of the dealdotcom item for the day. Anyway, its cool to see the prize blog apologize for his stunt. Plus getting the exposure and publicity for his blog. :mrgreen:

  23. max says:

    I think the guy erased it already…

    1. Damn! I hoped he would give John a good fight! :mrgreen:

      1. J.D. says:

        Is John a good fighter?I mean, give him an axe or broadsword, or something…would he come out on top?
        Oh crap, an idea just popped into my head…a top bloggers brawl.
        Shoemoney’s got to have someone that can promote that.
        How about Shoemoney vs John Chow vs Darren from Problogger in the OCTAGON!

        Ok, I didn’t say it was a GOOD idea. Would be fun to watch though.

  24. Etienne Teo says:

    copyright images and contents should never be used without the permission of the other party..its ethics. 😉

  25. Zac Johnson says:

    Thanks for the link back to the contest! This promotion will even be better this week, with even better chances of winning!

  26. Aaron Cook says:

    Thanks so much for the kind mention John! I’m just glad I came across it and was able to let you know it was being used in such a manner. 🙂

    Hopefully they’ll be “smart” and stop using your photo immediately. Like I said, it’s not only a form of copyright infringement – it’s also just plain LAME!

    Shine on,

  27. bolehan says:

    Aaron cook is dirty but very smart trick!!! This can be called “evil”!!! 👿

    1. Aaron Cook says:

      Yes, please reread the post. I was the one who let John know about it, not the one who used the photo.

      Shine on,

  28. Wahlau.NET says:

    avatar is removed..hehe

    the prize is pretty tempting but it is in US…..flight will be more expensive compare to the prize won

  29. If anyone would like to read my personal blog post about this you can find it HERE.
    Thanks everybody!

  30. What a rip off, the website is selling for only $7. Thank goodness I didnt buy it at $10.

  31. Didier says:

    I’m the creator of Marketing Graphics Pro. I have sold reseller licenses for this product. I asked resellers not to sell for less than $17 (I sell the product myself for $37). What can I do and what can DealDotCom do if some resellers decide to sell it for less ? Nothing !

  32. You may want to get your facts together before you jump in the bandwagon.

    1. This was not the deal of the day for two days.. only Sunday. The product is a resell product that the license says must only sell for no less then $17. Half way through the day we contacted the creator of the product and he gave us permission to sell it for $7 less.

    2. The person selling for only $7 does not have permission or a license to do so. This is from the product owner himself…

    No I never gave the permission to anybody to sell
    for less than $17. Never. Some asked me, and I said
    no. The only exception is DDC.

    I spent a lot of time tracking resellers who sold the
    product for less, and convinced all who didn’t play
    by the rules to sell for at least $17.

    For your information, MGP.us was selling the product
    for $17 until ??? maybe yesterday (after they see the
    DDC deal ?)

    3. The deal the day prior was actually a niche research product.

    4. We never said we are always the best deal. Just like woot.com, there very well may be places that sell for less but I guarantee 90% of the time that will not be the case.

  33. If you are looking for a DDC widget that runs without wordpress or php you might have a look at this:


    I hope you like it,

  34. Man, stealing your avatar is a low blow. Evil, to say the least.

  35. Crenk says:

    I wonder how much Chow is making on these DealDotCom Deals???

  36. Steve says:

    well, about an hour ago I paid $7.00 from the website mentioned above. Haven’t received the download link yet, but think that I got a pretty good deal. I will blog about it when I get it.

  37. Didier says:

    [John, I made a little mistake on my previous comment. Please correct it. Thanks.]

    marketinggraphicspro.us :
    Administrative Contact:
    Media, Flask [email protected]
    MyEzy Web Services
    1 May Maxwell Crescent
    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905

    flimble.com :
    Administrative Contact:
    Anthony Feint ([email protected])
    Fax: +61.0000000000
    1 May Maxwell
    Canberra, 2905

    bloggingdosh.com :
    Administrative Contact:
    Enterprises, A.Feint [email protected]
    MyEzy Web Services
    1 May Maxwell Crescent
    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905

  38. Didier says:

    [Well… in fact my “previous comment” was not posted… 😕 ]

    Anyway, what is important here is Anthony Feint (bloggingdosh.com) tell the world DDC is a scam BUT he registered marketinggraphicspro.us HIMSELF !

    WHO is the scam, Anthony ???


  39. Didier says:

    I just posted the Whois data on Anthony Feint blog at

    and Anthony Feint DELETED them !!!

    Who’s the bad apple ? DealDotCom or Anthony Feint bloggingdosh.com ???

    Tell us, Anthony…


  40. Didier says:

    1- The whole article at
    has just been deleted !

    2- What is “not clear” is the following :

    – marketinggraphicspro.us (Anthony Feint domain name – see Whois data above) has this text at the top :
    “From : The Desks of Didier Faucher and Jack Sinclair”

    – Jack Sinclair purchased a reseller license from me. I have his name in my customers list.

    – Jack Sinclair runs marketingraphicspro.com (1 G – my site, the official site of the product is marketinggraphicspro.com).

    – I don’t have Anthony Feint in my customers list.

    – marketinggraphics.us (Anthony Feint site) has the following text at the very bottom :
    “Privacy Policy”. This text is linked to… http://www.marketingraphicspro.com/privacy_statement.html
    which is Jack Sinclair domain name !!!

    If Anthony modified the link when you read this, here’s the Google cache page :

    So for me there are 2 explanations :

    * Anthony Feint & Jack Sinclair are “friends”, and Jack gave away for free the product, the reseller material, and a reseller license to Anthony, which is not allowed.

    * Anthony Feint purchased a Personal License from an authorized reseller, and ROBBED the reseller sales site from Jack Sinclair.
    In this case this is absolutely scandalous ! Especially when you consider Anthony :
    – Still sell my product.
    – Called DealDotCom a rip off and made the buzz about that !

    I can’t see another hypothesis.
    Maybe I’m wrong. Please correct my mistake if I make one…


  41. It is apparent that Anthony did this purposefully, but what is the real benefit he will reap from this? Fame? Traffic? Or what?

  42. Nate says:

    Anyways… after all of this. Where do I really go to buy the product? Can I get it LEGALLY for $17? It looks good (unless someone jumps in here and warns me not to buy it.) I’d appreciate any response, thanks.

  43. Didier says:

    Nate, I currently run a Warrior Special Offer where you can get MGP for $17 :

    [John, if you think my comment is not appropriate, just delete it.]


  44. Didier says:

    Nate, I currently run a Warrior Special Offer where you can get MGP for $17 :

    It’s legit, as I’m the original creator of the product. 😉

    [John, if you think my comment is not appropriate, just delete it.]


  45. Teejay says:

    I guess The Prize Blog loves you so much

  46. Why are you giving the cheat con artist …. free publicity. A link from your post is worth thousands of hits ….. I only dream of it 🙁

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