Miscellaneous Ramblings – Twitter Edition

This edition of the Miscellaneous Ramblings was brought to you by Twitter. Instead of going to other blogs to look for interesting stories, I made the following post on Twitter and had the stories came to me.

I’m going to do a miscellaneous ramblings post. If you have an interesting story, send it to me now. It might be included.

Here are the stories I received so far. This is one more reason to follow me on Twitter.

Well, that was a pretty easy way to create new content! I should do all future miscellaneous ramblings post this way. I expect more people will be following me on Twitter now. 😈

33 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings – Twitter Edition”

  1. Bujes says:

    Maybe it is easy to creat this kind of content, but it is not useful and interesting post. I think you should work on quality of this blog…

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      Well, not all posts are miscellaneous Ramblings. We do get lots of quality blog posts from John. So I dont think the quality is going anyway down. Or if you dont like it, maybe you should not come here? 👿

      1. Still, it is a clever idea. Not everyone gets others to provide content for free!

    2. elezend says:

      It’s actually an online marketing way in my opinion… follow him on twitter so if your post was up, it will provide a backlink 😈 😈

      1. John Chow says:

        First person to figure out the true reason for this post.

        1. Robert says:

          It’s ingenious. Nice way to offer free links!

    3. Not all blogs are high quality consistently and well generally the quality of the posts on John Chow dot Com is good.

  2. elezend says:

    😯 I did not expect a story that I randomly stumbled on will be posted up >.< Should have twittered my own post ._.

  3. And by the time , you select few good ones from the number of posts you recieved, I think it will time for next misc rambling posts. But as bujes said, this was the most uninteresting Misc. Rambling post i read on Johnchow.com

  4. derek says:

    Dang, I missed your tweet as I am compiling the ultimate list of dads on twitter – which includes you John – and would have sent that over to you.

    1. ms danielle says:

      derek, you twit! 😉

  5. Thats one way to get more followers on Twitter 😈

  6. Sarah Hughes says:

    There is never anything useful on this blog. Useful to Chow, yes, as he tries to get all his gullible readers to sign up for his affiliate crap so he can make money. Get a clue.

  7. Hannah says:

    Marketing is what makes John all of his money. Even the rambling posts are money making lessons!

    Personally, I want to see more of John’s lunches, but I guess I should be thankful for the useful marketing information…

  8. Mike says:

    “Naki Chiam on some pregnant guy who used to be a girl. ”
    I think that was probably the most disturbing news story that I have seen.

    1. Terry Tay says:

      That was definitely something different that’s for sure. When I first heard about it somewhere else, the story didn’t initially say he was a girl before. It just said “Guy is Pregnant”.

  9. Hey John! Thanks for the mention… 😉 I’m hoping tons of bloggers get naked with me tomorrow!

    Great idea on the hit-and-run approach to the twitter review!

    1. Azrael says:

      I thought that I will see you naked! 😳

      1. Mayank Rocks says:

        Lol…really? haha

  10. Infogle says:

    nice way to actually honor your users in a way which will likely help them. excellent thoughtful idea

  11. Zero and Up says:

    Twitter is getting so popular recently. I’ve seen these all over the place 😆

  12. Glen Hughes says:

    wow, that animated gif that went out with this story on rss is totally obnoxious!

    Twitter is the big buzz lately but unless you have thousands of friends I can’t see any profitability to it. I’m on there and post regularly but its more cathartic than promotional.

  13. Hello, John Chow, I have followed you. My name is Han Dingchao, my twitter address is http://twitter.com/handingchao


  14. Chetan says:

    This is one more way to make more followers.. This is a good way for followers to get backlinks.. And this is a good way of marketing 🙂

  15. I checked out Cow’s xbox 360 elite contest. I think I’ll have to get in on that one.

  16. Chetan says:

    Oh wow and yeah Twittertech is something cool to check out.. Got some cool stuff through twitter 😉

  17. Fitness Site says:

    you said probloggers new BLOOk .. what is blook ? 😆

  18. Azrael says:

    Now, I’m considering submitting my site on Twitter!

  19. ms danielle says:

    i must’ve barely missed it…just got on twitter today! 🙂 but i did find out Radiohead tickets are going on sale tomorrow thanks to Mark @ 45n5!

  20. ms danielle says:

    oh yea and if ur on a mac, bob buskirk recommended twitterrific to me. thanks bob! …i think…….

  21. Mike says:

    “So I dont think the quality is going anyway down. Or if you dont like it, maybe you should not come here?”
    You can’t expect John to hit a homerun every post. Some posts are bound to not have a lot of content. That’s ok, considering most of his posts do have good content.

  22. issa says:

    eviiil idea john! but, what else is new?? 😈

  23. Mike Huang says:

    Twittering your evil thoughts away I see… 😈


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