Miscellanous Ramblings – Literal Rick Rolled Edition

This edition of the weekly miscellaneous ramblings is brought to you by Twitter. Before, I would have to go out and look for stories out on the net. Thanks to Twitter, the stories comes to me. Follow me on Twitter and your story might be listed here.

Internet Marketing Top Blogs – I’m #5

According to Winning The Web, I am the fifth biggest/best/coolest/whatever Internet Marketing Top Blog. I may not be number one but at least I beat my arch rival, Shoemoney. Where do you rank?

The “Bicycle Lifestyle” Web Event

Darren Alff is putting together a bicycle lifestyle web event.

The event, titled, “Bicycle Travel As A Modern Lifestyle Choice,” will take place on the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd and will feature a jam-packed schedule of articles, interviews, videos, and live Q&A sessions having to do with bicycle travel, commuting, and lifestyle design. The event is aimed at anyone interested in learning how to use a bicycle to change the way they live, work and travel.

Network Outside of Your Silo

Last night was the Vancouver Blogger Meetup, which I missed it because I completely forgot about it. You can read a great recap of the event at Jan Karlsbjerg’s blog. During the meetup, Shane Gibson did a podcast with meetup organizer, Rual, about networking outside of your silo. It’s a worth a listen.

Apple iPhone vs Google Android

Joe over at JoeTech got his hand on both the Apple iPhone and Google Android. Which one is better? Head on over to JoeTech and find out. I would try an Android but it’s not available in Canada yet.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Business Passion

Jamie Harrop has not one but five ways to maintain the passion for your business. It’s interesting to note that there’s also five way to lose passion for you business. Must maintain a balance, you know.

Think Outside the Box and Win a 2GB Flash Drive

Heather of Boating in Beautiful British Columbia is the crew leader for the new IZEA Insiders Program. As part of the program, she needs a amazingly creative, off the wall, fun, ‘outside the box’, totally original, ’says it all’ Crew Team Name.

Help heather come up with her team name and you could win a 2GB biometric flash drive. I recommend, “The IZEA Goddess Crew Leader from Beautiful British Columbia who enjoys boating.” I’m sure the domain name is available. 🙂

Literal Rick Roll

We’ve all been Rick Rolled, but have you ever been Rick Rolled literally? Enjoy!

45 thoughts on “Miscellanous Ramblings – Literal Rick Rolled Edition”

  1. Liang says:

    John Mcain getting barack rolled is also really we done!

    1. Heather has the longest domain name I think I’ve ever seen. lol

      1. Ben Pei says:

        Lol.. you’re right dude

  2. Study Babes says:

    lol winning the web is such BS, thats the worst list ive ever seen

    1. How dare they leave off the powerhouse known as StakLoaded.net and keep benjaminpatton.com listed even though his web hosting account is suspended. Ha!

      1. Study Babes says:

        haha i know right! stakloaded.net is by far the best mmo blog!

        1. Rich Chick says:

          Hehe, actually, I think the list is pretty cool.

    2. Someone wants to rank high here 😉


      1. Everyone wants high ranking

    3. Ben Pei says:

      Why would you say that?

  3. I am no more number one on your Top Commentators .. hmmm, I need to get working on this

    1. Pheak.T says:

      from the times i’ve read on johnchow i seen you were always first, what’s going on?

    2. Ben Pei says:

      You can always get back up there dude..

  4. rowell says:

    No doubt you would be on the top 5 of internet marketing blogs. It’s actually a really good list but nearly impossible to get read them all.

    You’re going to start the literal Rick Rolled trend just as I thought it was fading away

  5. Darren Alff says:

    Hey John! Thank you so much for mentioning my “bicycle lifestyle web event” I am conducting this website. You rock!

    But you didn’t answer my question. “Do you ever ride a bike?” ha!

    Thanks again! Have a great weekend.

    1. who rides bikes? Maybe I should find out by visiting bicycle lifestyle.

      1. Rowell says:

        I ride my bike to work at least once a week. Makes me feel great the whole day :]

  6. Taris J says:

    I used to know of a website that you could prank call someone from and they would get rick rolled – I will try to dig it up for our fellow bloggers to make use of!! 🙂

    1. here is a good prank site —

      http://prankdialer.com/ (not mine but still good)

  7. BusinessX says:

    Maybe Heather could just use a symbol like Prince did.

  8. That was funny for the first 2-2 1/2 minutes.

  9. Dave says:

    Twitter is a great tool. I’ve only been using it a week and already see a direct relationship between marketing and networking your site. With the live feeds from all you follow, it’s great knowing whats going on in the zoo.

  10. Joe Tech says:


    I got my G1 demo unit today, too, so I’ll have an even more in depth G1 review up over the weekend.

  11. So, WHAT do you get when you win the web???

    That was the best Rick Roll ever – some people are so creatively crazy! Love it.

    Thanks for the link John 🙂 and your idea of a very creative – very, very, very LONG crew name – I think even I would have trouble remembering that one!


  12. Michael Kwan says:

    FYI, Google Android is not the name of the cell phone. The one currently available is called the T-Mobile G1 (also known as HTC Dream G1). Google Android is the operating system, like Symbian or Windows Mobile.

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s just shows the Google has a bigger ad budget than T-Mobile.

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        No, not exactly. To my knowledge, the Android OS hasn’t really been advertised other than to handset manufacturers, etc. The bigger reason is that more people are excited about the new software platform than they are about the hardware. The hardware isn’t all that revolutionary, but the OS is.

        1. Joe Tech says:

          That’s it, exactly. People had been calling the upcoming phone the “gphone” or “Google phone” long before anyone knew what hardware would be first to run on Android.

    2. Google has more bigger budget than T-Mobile

  13. John,

    Thank you for the opportunity to ‘tweet’ my way onto your blog! “Patience grasshopper, Blog-Master Chow will see you at the PHO”.

    Vancouver is a long walk from San Francisco, I’m starting now…maybe make it by the next PHO meeting? The DOT COM LIFESTYLE on two feet…..

    Respectfully, Nicholas – ‘the video guy from BlogWorld Expo 2008

  14. lol.. those are some awesome stuffs
    and your fight continues with shoe !! 😀

    1. I can’t believe you’re ahead of shoe. I thought shoe had it locked down.

      well anyways good job.

      1. Rich Chick says:

        well, john does have about 10,000 more subscribers than shoe, so…

        1. Study Babes says:

          your lp is too long, and a 10 year old beamer isnt exactly what i’d classify as “ballin” 😐

  15. I don’t even want to think about Google’s budget…

  16. Takumi_86 says:

    Being a successful Internet marketer is everyone dream, there is no doubt that blogging is the best business out here, and even for a 18 years old!

  17. The Rick Roll lives on, thought I would never hear that again since leaving NE

  18. Carl Jordan says:

    It’s nice not to have to search for or think up posts. I am thinking of addding Skribit to my Blog. John or anyone have feedback on this?

  19. I like the passion list.

    Also, Rick Astley was nominated for an award this year. I think it was an AMA?

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