MixRank Helps to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

When we talk about making money online on this blog, we usually do it from the publisher’s perspective. Today is a little bit different, because we’re looking at it from an advertiser’s perspective. At the same time, you also have to realize that these go hand-in-hand. After all, you might be paying for advertising to draw more visitors to your site so that you can make more money, right?

Google AdSense is easily one of the most popular platforms out there, but you can waste tons of time and buckets of money tweaking your ad campaigns for utmost efficiency and effectiveness. MixRank is a service that helps you minimize that wasted time and money by spying on the competition. Let’s get down to the review and see what it does.

Spying on the Competition

If it works for someone else, it could very well work for you too. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pay attention to your direct competition. MixRank does exactly that, but with a very specific focus.

It doesn’t completely break down their marketing plan, but it does take a look at how your competition is using Google AdSense. After you provide the domain of another company, MixRank scours the web to see where its AdSense ads are being displayed, getting the exact ad copy and ranking the published ads based on a number of factors.

In doing so, you gain several insights into the competition’s campaign, seeing exactly how small tweaks to the wording can make huge differences in how often the ad is displayed and how effective it is in driving traffic.

Breaking Down the Text Ads

When you submit a domain to MixRank from the homepage, you are given the first page of results. If you want to get more information, you need to register for an account. That’s free right now, but MixRank may charge for a premium service in the future.

In my example, since I’m a freelance writer, I looked up the ads for Freelancer.com. Shown above are the top four text ads that the site has placed through AdSense. Seeing more ad creatives would require signing up for that free account.

Going through this list of active ads, you see the exact ad copy, as well as the maximum number of publishers running this ad in the last month, the last time this ad was seen on the web, the number of times the ad has been displayed on various publishers’ sites in the last month, and the average position in AdSense.

You can also sift through the other tabs on the left to gain more insight into ad reach and the best performing ads. The “keywords” and “demographics” tabs aren’t ready yet, but they’re being planned for a future update.

Checking Out the Top Traffic Sources

And that’s not all. Learning what kind of wording is more effective is certainly useful, but you might also want to know where the ads are being the most effective.

Scrolling down the results page, past the banner ads section, you find a section for traffic sources. This allows you to see not only which websites are displaying your competitor’s ads, but also other critical information about these sources like the number of uniques in the last month and the average position the ad had on these sites.

Why is this important? If you find that one of your competitors is doing very well advertising through a certain site, it may be worth your while to approach that site for a direct advertising opportunity. Since Google takes a cut on AdSense, you could find a middle ground that makes the publisher more money, yet costs you less money to get the same or similar ad slot.

Reduce Your Trial and Error

Considering that it currently doesn’t cost you a dime to use MixRank, it really doesn’t make much sense for you not to use it if you are an active advertiser through Google AdWords/AdSense. Take a look at what your competition is doing, adjust your ad copy accordingly, and even reach out to those top traffic sources to see if you can get an even better deal on some really great and converting ad space.


47 thoughts on “MixRank Helps to Improve Your AdWords Campaign”

  1. wow , definitely a tool to use.

    1. Yes we always wanted to have these kind of features at one place and nice to see that we got this kind of software which offer this.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Looks neat. I will certainly check it out. I have used other competitive intelligence tools such as Compete, Spyfu, AdGooroo, and others. This is a good one to add to the mix.

      2. There are only few powerful tools available free like AdWords, but seems some people wanted to spend money with it too….

        1. PPC Ian says:

          That’s a great point, Shanker. The free tools available these days are simply amazing. Both Google AdWords and also Yahoo!/adCenter offer some amazing free tools.

  2. I actually signed up and it does really show results for fellow blogs,correct me if I’m wrong

  3. Justin Dupre says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m pretty sure those involved in Internet marketing will check out MixRank.

  4. MykeTech says:

    I’ve always found better results in SEO then in paid advertising.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      In terms of SEO vs. PPC, I see them as very complimentary. In my own business (affiliate marketing and web media publishing), I find that SEO is better since I’m running at a smaller scale and the huge (nearly 100%) margins really help. However, at large companies, where you are selling big ticket product and are not an affiliate, PPC can work extremely well (and have solid margins). Combining PPC and SEO media channels creates an unstoppable marketing mix for larger operations.

  5. These days we are getting many product review posts …

    John please add a post about your different ways of link building as Google have changed its alogo a lot in these days.

    1. I support this request, we need it from you

  6. Taylor says:

    ZK @ Web Marketing Tips –

    What I have figured out is that in order to be successful in this game these days, you actually have to prove to people you’re worthy of them.

    You have to give your followers a reason to follow.

    I have covered so many blog topics, but it took me watching an interview with John Chow to realize, “Damn. We really do have to write about what we are passionate about.”

    If you’re passionate about something, and you have UNIQUE information that readers are seeking, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting backlinks.

    People will automatically link to you.

    Of course, waiting to be found is not ideal. That’s why I recommend having a plan. For me, my plan is to build 15 pounds of muscle and show people my before and after pictures.

    How am I going to get my name out there?

    For starters, I am using Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. These are all great tools that you need to be using, because they will allow your readers to connect with you.

    Secondly, you need to go out and WRITE GUEST POSTS.

    If you know what you’re talking about on your blog, and you have done something amazing (in my case, gaining 15 pounds of muscle), then website owners won’t have any problem linking to your website.

    But here’s where people often go wrong. (I didn’t fully understand the topic until I watched John’s interview)

    People begin blogging for the money.

    The minute you begin blogging for the money and the money only, is the minute that you’re going to begin heading in the wrong direction.

    I have written blogs about home remedies, getting your ex back, yeast infections, etc… None of those blogs made me any real money.

    Now that I am talking about something I enjoy (and know what I am talking about), I am easily grabbing subscribers, making friends, and making money.

    To get back to your question, the game is changing.

    If you want to be truly successful in the long run, you have to distinguish yourself from others.

    If you are getting 30+ unique visitors a day, but you’re not getting any questions or comments, you’re probably not appealing to the visitor.

    To answer your question directly though; Guest Blogging will always be the BEST way to capture subscribers and backlinks.

  7. Are you doing advertising on the Internet, this is a tool you really need.

  8. I’m always on the look out for cutting edge tools that help me save money and be more effective. I’m definitely going to check MixRank out. Thank you for the great info.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah that’s the point. We need tools that help us to save the money and work a lot more effective. So, let’s check out this one then.

  9. Nice tips for adwords campaign

  10. Got an useful information about adwords campaign

  11. fas says:

    People use facebook ads more than adwords!

    1. Amani says:

      I think Facebook ads is a little bit expensive compare to Adwords.

  12. Dang! Adsense reverse engineering! I love it…:)


  13. I will surely try the free service from mixrank.:)

    1. Why not Brookyn but have you read entire post?

  14. nice review. its a good tool for those who use ppc

  15. Caleb says:

    Although its cool that all of these gauging metrics are given for free, the main info that really got my attention was the future planned Demographics area…thats something ive been wanting to focus on more because once you nail down the right demographics of a offer you can greatly maximize revenue with just a little traffic 😉

    1. All information that can assist in finding the best ad revenue is good; you just have to understand the figures correctly.

  16. Erwin Miradi says:

    That’s a nice tool. I’ll definitely try it.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Me too! I’m going to take a look at MixRank. I had not heard about this one before. There are so many good competitive intelligence tools these days.

  17. Essays says:

    I have crated my id through the link, given at the end of this post. It would be amazing, if i know, where my competitors is adverting and with which keywords.

  18. fazal mayar says:

    nice tool, will try the free stuff

  19. Looks great, I just registered.

  20. Worth using tool …!

  21. It’s a not comfortable thing guys that MixRank may charge for a premium service in the future.
    What do you think….?

  22. Well Michael i’m personally a big fan of you because you are a knowledgeable man indeed.
    Keep such sharing for our information.

  23. Just a little update. I tried this software on sites which are my competitors. Whatever came up on the first page, the software wasn’t able to find data. Then I tried my own site, no results.

  24. i have not tried this strategy for adwords would like to check it out

  25. Zak Show says:

    SEO is always better than paid advertising, that’s why I always go with optimization and organic.
    Sometimes I get no data nor on me or my competitors!

    1. I had pretty good luck with paid advertising. I certainly see where SEO is better on the long run, but when time is a commodity, the paying method is faster. Also, I have noticed that pages get indexed faster when there is a paid campaign associated to them.

  26. babyadsense says:

    nice tool, but i’m about to learn adsense more rather than adwords. to date,i not yet involved in adwords.

  27. J.D. Meier says:

    I usually think in terms of blue oceans (going to where the competition is not), but I like the fact that if you are playing the competition game, that this seems like a useful tool.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Blue oceans are great. The good thing about a tool like this is it can also help you research a new niche that you think is a blue ocean. It will help you prove that it is a blue ocean and not too competitive.

  28. Agreed Michael on this point Google Ad Sense is easily one of the most popular platforms out there indeed.

  29. Nice tool Michael i appreciate your hard work and this very informative post.

  30. Nice tool for adwords campaign

  31. if we are in right point adwords campaign so that we can earn a lot

  32. adwords campaign are the best method to earn some traffic

  33. Dress Making says:

    many adwords campaign are available but choosing one among them are the important

  34. who2india says:

    Looks like a good tool to give a try.

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