Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Clickday!

A “click”, is a beautiful sound to any publisher or advertiser’s ear. Those valuable “clicks” are people clicking online ads; which are truly the bread and butter of bloggers and website owners. It’s what empowers them to continue publishing online. There is much speculation about online advertising concerning what factors impact monetization. In this study we ask: Which days of the week online ads get the most clicks?

Infolinks opened up their database of over 40,000 websites and analyzed data spanning all of 2010 to find the answer to this question. After compiling and averaging all of the information, the daily mean was easily extracted. The results of the study are interesting and equally as valuable.

Tuesday received the most clicks out of any other day of the week. So for the purpose of this study, Tuesday is the benchmark and has a value of 100*. Tuesday and Wednesday are clearly the best days in terms of engagement, both performing in the top 10%. Sunday received almost half (45% less) of the amount of clicks as our benchmark (Tuesday) and is the apparently the least effective day to engage response to online advertisements.

The entire weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, received the least amount of clicks. Perhaps on these days, most hibernate from the virtual world and consequently click less on ads online. Website owners can surmise that on holidays and other important occasions there will be less traffic and less revenue because people generally unplug on these days, and it seems that the weekend is no exception.

The favorable results for midweek days are possibly connected with the “midweek slump” many experience. Maybe this phenomenon actually attracts people to take time out to read blogs, which in turn result in a response to online ads? Nevertheless, we can be sure that there is a sure spike in activity during these days.

The results may not be shocking to those in tune with the behavior of ads – but the results further solidify the truth. Advertisers and publishers can utilize this “click” data for smarter investments and also higher payouts. By concentrating advertising efforts on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Monday, higher engagement can be accomplished and in turn higher revenue earned.

* In the interest of Infolinks’ privacy, the exact results will not be published.

The Infolinks Metrics Center provides top notch Internet studies and industry insight. Our research team analyzes data from the Infolinks network, bringing you the scoop on the latest trends in the online world.

65 thoughts on “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Clickday!”

  1. Melvin says:

    Hmmm… Interesting. Personally I don’t really track clicks per day for my ads since most of them are private ads and are paid on a fixed rate. But that data has gotta be interesting.

    But then this is just for infolinks or any inlinks type of ads right?

    1. Abhik says:

      I guess it’s only infolinks as they may not get internal data from other networks

      1. hmmmm…not sure, but good question.

    2. Yes, it’s most likely only from InfoLinks. This makes it less reliable for banner ads etc. But it will for sure make me think twice on what day to release new content on my websites etc.


      1. exactly…typically, weekends do horrible for traffic and conversions.

    3. John Chow says:

      I’ve found this to be true of the entire industry. When I send out an email, I’ve found that sending it out on Tuesday produces the most clicks out of any other days.

      1. d3so says:

        Tuesday is also the day I receive the most traffic to my blog.

        1. my most traffic comes on Weds…but tues is the second highest.

      2. Abhik says:

        John, what’s the CTR of your promotional mailers?

        1. I think the reason is all schedule of a normal people.

          For example on Monday all people are busy to keep their schedule and also wanted to start their week after the weekend.

          They settle down on Monday and hence they started to surf the net and all on Tuesday and Wednesday.

          On Thursday work pressure or laziness increase.

          This is totally depends on the normal public daily schedule and also on what kind of people you are targetting.

          For example if you have game or wall paper website (which attracts teenagers) than you will get traffic and clicks through out the day and on weekend more.

          1. right…people get to the office on monday and are busy catching up from the weekend. But tues comes a long and there is more time to surf the web 🙂

    4. d3so says:

      I don’t really track my private ads either. None of my advertisers have requested tracking but I should implement it for good measure.

    5. I would think this is important depending on what area of Internet Marketing you’re in. The ability to day part ads for example based on clicks and conversions is SUPER important.

  2. I love Infolinks. I was with Kontera before, but their script made my sites slow & they were paying too little compared to Infolinks.

    1. d3so says:

      I’ve tried infolinks for about a month but I’ve only made about $.50. I’ve decided to remove it for now.

      1. Abhik says:

        Well, in that case, there must be problem with your code integration.
        One of my blog which hardly receives any traffic making that much in a day.

      2. LOL…yeah, adsense is what i stuck to.

    2. I never got into kontera…i know John used to have it all around…

    3. Yea, Infolinks are way better then Kontera

      I like them

  3. Abhik says:

    My clicks are almost same on every weekday..

    1. What type of website do you have? I mean what niche are you targeting and what age are your visitors? 🙂


        1. hmmmm…are you PPC’ing or organic traffic…that makes a difference as well.

  4. Tipsy Trivia says:

    Fascinating. This is an interesting study but what could be done to help revenue? Push new content out early to take advantage of early week clicks?

    1. Hugh Kimura says:

      That was my initial thought too.

  5. Peter says:

    Very interesting, I’ll do it on my website

    1. Once you done, share your reviews here.

  6. This is actually really great information. I would love to se something like this for adsense as well since I personally do not use InfoLinks any more due to the low income it gave me.


    1. d3so says:

      I’ve received low clicks and payouts from infolinks as well. I’ve gotten more success from adsense but unfortunately my account was banned.

      1. Of course adsense is generally more profitable but Infolinks is a nice alternative for anyone that can’t monetize his site with Adsense, CPA because they are bannedé

        1. these are def things people should be testing on a weekly basis to find out what works for their specific niche.

      2. Abhik says:

        You can’t compare those two..
        Adsense in contextual and infolinks is in-text.

        It helps you to get additional revenue where adsense is one of the main earners.

    2. Adsesne has lots of feautures and it allows you to track it properly i think.

      Do you disagree?

  7. Great post. I always love raw data like this. Here is what I have observed as a webmaster: I get the highest earnings usually from Tuesday through Friday (which seems to match with that a graph a lot).

    On the weekend, my traffic tanks a bit, and so do my earnings. On monday they usually pick up, and then do great through the week.

    Also, I have noticed on most holidays my earnings and traffic decrease a bit, and during the summer too (but I am sure it is the opposite for travel related niches).

    1. you live and die by the numbers in this world!

    2. Well it happens with everyone

      Same is with me also.

      On 14th which was Valentine day i have the worst day of the month

  8. Interesting post! I never checked my clicks in such a way. And i hardly get clicks, since my blog is still in infant stage. 🙁 i need to work hard to reach there John 😀

    1. d3so says:

      I made the same mistake by implementing infolinks on a blog that hasn’t fully developed. The rarely received any clicks. You have to build traffic first before considering infolinks.

      1. I try not to monetize a site unless I’m getting 800-1000 uniques a day…less than that may be hard to gather the right data.

        1. 500 Visitors is also enough to gather the right data.

  9. Dino Vedo says:

    Never really made much with infolinks… prefer cpa way more!

    1. d3so says:

      Depending on the site, you’ll have the potential to make more with CPA ads.

      1. I’ve never tried infolinks…but might be worth looking into.

    2. Abhik says:

      Amm!! I am not sure if we can really compare them.

    3. same here

      CPA has performed best for me

      But i PPC also make some money

  10. I also haven’t made much with Infolinks. I prefer Adsense or CPA but those are interesting stats.

    1. Same here bro

      CPA is my best money maker also

  11. PPC Ian says:

    Interesting stuff. This data is generally consistent with what I have experienced in online marketing. That said, there are verticals that tend to deviate from the standard trends, so it would also be interesting to see this by category.

    1. exactly…there are those niches that do best on weekends when people are home.

  12. Hotdogman says:

    I use Infolinks too and I have found Mondays and Tuesdays are the best “click days” on most of my sites. Thursday is third, Wednesday is fourth and the weekends are generally low on clicks. There are exceptions, but that is the overall trend for my sites.

    Analytics can be very interesting and they can help you pinpoint when to put certain content up on your site. I know I want to put my better posts up on the days that generate the most clicks. I also use this type of data to gauge when I put up posts with affiliate links- another example of how to leverage a PPC network’s data for upping affiliate sales.

  13. ikki says:

    nice stat, later i will use infolink in my blog

  14. Monday-Thursday is by far the “cha-ching” days and the weekends ALWAYS take a dump. Holidays always kill my traffic and consequently my clicks as well. Best time period for my blogs…Monday – Thursday / January – August

    1. jajajaja…i like the cha-ching days.

  15. Interesting but you need hundreds thousands visitor to make it real.

    1. I really dont think, why we need hundreds of thousands of visitors to make it real?

  16. Abhik says:

    This article has been cross posted from infolinks metrics blog.
    That is a direct violation of John’s Guest Post Guidelines. 🙂 I highly doubt John was aware of this.

  17. Clay Burt says:

    Great stuff and it follows my traffic almost perfectly. I just went back and looked over the last few weeks… did anyone else see a huge slump Super Bowl Sunday – half of a normal Sunday 🙁

  18. Pumama says:

    Hi John how, I think this post is duplicated. I’ve read this post at FamousBlogger in January. And here is the link : famousbloggers . net/infolinks-clickday-publishers-advertisers.html

  19. Thursday and Friday are typically my highest days, I’d like to see a little more research and evidence on this theory before I based a decision on it. Interesting.

    1. My best days are the weekend. It’s a bit logical, people don’t work and have the time to surf online to check out some offers. I haven’t tracked my statistics enough to really tell but when friday or sat comes, you are sure to make sales.

  20. Traditionally i see an increase for clicks on Mondays on my affiliate sites.

    What is more i see a huge increase in traffic and clicks after new year’s and at the beginning of September

  21. fas says:

    Well Infolinks is really coming up with some awesome features, helping its users stay ahead in the game.

    1. yes thats why infolinks stands up from others, it’s the service they give. You won’t be a millionaire with infolinks but they offer such a good service, it makes you want to be a publisher ( which I am too).

  22. anitha says:

    I have use some of like adbrite but they not paid me much

  23. christina says:

    Many affiliate programs available now but we have to choose the right one before that your blog or site must have traffic so that you can earn something

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