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Have you ever noticed that the only time your website ever seems to goes down is when you’re away from it? This has to do with the fact that most people are actually away from the computers more than the are in front it. If you depend on your website or blog for income, then making sure it stays up is of the utmost importance. This is where the subject of this review, Free Site Status, comes in. Free Site Status monitors your website or server and alerts you when it’s down.

Free Website Monitoring and Status Alerts

Let’s face it, your website cannot make any money if it’s offline. Making sure your websites availability is critical to your success. An inaccessible website reflects poorly in the minds of visitors. Especially in the minds of first time visitors who may never return.

Free Site Status offers free monitoring of your websites or servers from their monitoring network around the world, and notifies you via email or SMS of any website downtime. Other features include:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Monitoring
    Unless you are a robot, it is infeasible for you to keep checking your website or server to see if it is available. Leave this tedious job to Free Site Status automated service, and enjoy peace of mind!
  • Multi-Protocol Support
    Free Site Status supports ping, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP, MySQL, and any arbitrary services running on TCP/IP.
  • Downtime Notification
    Be the first to know when your website or server is in trouble! Free Site Status notify via email and SMS.
  • Global Monitoring Locations
    Free Site Status monitor your website & servers from a global monitoring network not just to make sure they are up but also available to worldwide users.
  • Add “Live Status Report” to Your Site
    Are you a web host with reliable service but having no way to convince your (potential) customers? Free Site Status let you easily display an up time report on your website. Gain more customer confidence and sales.
  • Send Reboot Request to Your Provider During Downtime
    You can use Free Site Status to automatically send email to your provider during downtime, to request for a reboot or any additional investigation.
  • Up Time & Performance Reports
    Do you know the up time and performance of your website or server? Free Site Status make all these available to you in easy-to-read reports.
  • False Alarm Elimination
    Free Site Status employs advanced verification technology to eliminate false alarms. No more waking up at nights just to find out your website or server is running fine.
  • Maintenance Scheduling
    You can define (one-time or recurring) maintenance windows so that Free Site Status will pause monitoring during those periods or simply exclude them from up time reporting.
  • Free Data Migration Service
    Are you using another monitoring service? Free Site Status can import the up time history into your account for free, making the switch easy and painless.
  • Easy to Use
    No complicated software to install; all you need is a web browser.

Free Site Status makes money by offering a paid professional account along side its free account. The pro account start at $2 per month (plus 25 cents per SMS) and offers a ton more features than the free account. Here’s a side by side comparison.

Free Site Status

Everyone signing up to Free Site Status will receive pro account features for the first 14 days. After 14 days, it will revert down to free account feature unless you tell them keep it at the pro level. No negative option billing here! I like that a lot.

Make Money with Free Site Status

Free Site Status has a really nice two-tier affiliate program that can pay you for life. You can earn up to $0.35 commission whenever someone you refer signs up for a FREE account. That’s right, they pay you for anyone that signs up to use the service for free. No upgrade to the professional service is required. You can even sign up to use their free service using your own affiliate link and earn commission for your own sign up! There is a limit to 1 sign up per affiliate, however.

Not only do you make 35 cents per sign up, but you will make 5% lifetime income of any affiliates you refer to their affiliate program. Free Site Status also sets a two year cookie to track leads. That means you could refer someone today and they might sign up within two years later and you would still get commission for that sign up!

Overall, I say Free Site Status is a no brainer. Sign up for the affiliate program, refer yourself make 35 cents. That’s even better than free! If filling out an affiliate application form to make 35 cents seems to much trouble for you, then just sign up for Free Site Status and enjoy the piece of the mind that your website is being monitored.

Website and Server Monitoring by Free Site Status

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  1. Ableblogger says:

    Hey thanks for this post, I have been using statcounter for a while now.. but i will definitely check out this one too and the referral part is cool

    1. mel says:

      statcounter doesn’t monitor a websites/ server downtime — it monitors visitors stats. if statcounter does something like that, i would like to know where it is because i use statcounter.

      1. Melody says:

        So would you recommend it?

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      2. fas says:

        And I thought this was not a sponsored review since it was not written by Micheal Kwan.

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        1. Ryan McLean says:

          Sounds interesting
          But not incredibly amazing
          It would be good to know when my site crashes thought so I can fix it
          Thanks for the info

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  2. sajitha says:

    Thank you John for your great info.

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    1. That’s a good one. Will give it a try.

    2. Certainly seems useful!!

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  3. That’s a good one. Will give it a try.

  4. That sounds interesting, but I don’t think I need a service like this for now

  5. I’m willing to try most new things once. Thanks for the tip, we will see how it work for a PF blog.

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  6. Looks like a good utility. I am self hosting and lost my Internet connection a few weeks back when I couldn’t get access to the server. This could have realy saved me time. Thanks for the post.

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  7. Paul U says:

    I’m going to use them now!

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  8. Jason says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for that info on the website monitoring program. Will check
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  9. this looks to be quite interesting. The payout on referrals is a small added bonus that could be quite nice also. Thanks for the heads up on a nifty tool John!

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  10. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    This tool seems great, it’s FREE and the referral program attract me, lol! I’ll be looking more into it. Thanks John for this great tool! 🙂


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    That seems a good one, Let me blog about it, and it seems a good CPL offer as well.

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  14. Another tip from Chow. I will have a look at it. Could be useful.

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  15. Peter says:

    There are many web site monitoring tools available but the mysql support makes this really useful. The web server can still be running but without the database it’s useless !!!

  16. Allan says:

    That is pretty cool I use something similar for my site. The only problem with the free version is that its very limiting. monitoring every 60 minutes is kinda long. $2 isnt bad at all though so just have to not be cheap lol

    // Ace
    // Follow Me
    // Get free traffic to your blog at

    1. Hi Ace, you may want to try, which offers 15 minute monitoring for free, or 1 minute monitoring for $5/month. Plus it does support monitoring various databases.


  17. Silvia says:

    I think the info might be useful for me. Thank you for recommending it.

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  18. This service looks pretty affordable ony 2 dlls per month, I will consider this site for my biz.

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  19. diabetes man says:

    that’s great service to make easy my job…… thanks for good recommend

  20. thomas says:

    Ive been looking for something like this for a while, and was tempted to write my own – why reinvent the wheel? Thanks!!

    reborn dolls

  21. Sounds like a good service. I’ll have to check it out.

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  22. It does sound quite good and I might just sign up. Thanks John.

    Peter Lee

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  24. Wow, if it really is 100% free, I’m all over this! Especially when it has free SMS 😀


  25. Vu Tong says:

    Very useful indeed, thanks!

    I have over a hundred sites and its difficult knowing if one goes down and when, so I could complain to the appropriate host.

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  26. If this one is free and have such kind of huge advantage than certainly I would love to use this one for my main blog.

    I am sure if I got the right kind of information about my visitors and their behave than I would be able to serve them in a better way.

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  27. Online TV says:

    This is a very good tool, especially for reporting when your web server is down.

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