More Sights and Sounds of Vancouver 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is well under way and the city is just buzzing with activities. Even if you don’t take in a single Olympic event, there is just so much to see and do right now. Here’s a few more videos and photos from around downtown Vancouver.

The first video was taken at the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion. You already saw the pictures of the $1 million coin. Now you can watch the video. The second video shows the Olympic cauldron. I have a great view of the cauldron from my house in West Vancouver. However, the flame looks even better when you’re only 100 feet from it. The BBC was filming at the cauldron when we got there and it seems I got on some BBC news broadcast (I was filming them while they were filming me).

Vancouver 2010

The lantern display on Granville Street. The street was sealed off from cars.

Vancouver 2010

The world’s biggest Canada flag. It draped two sides of a 12 stories building.

Vancouver 2010

The line up to get into the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion was over two hours long.

Vancouver 2010

Sally Chow dancing inside the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion.

Vancouver 2010

The Olympic cauldron looks a lot like Superman’s fortress of solitude.

Vancouver 2010

Sally and her Grandparents in front of the cauldron. You can see the BBC doing their news broadcast from behind the fence.


The Olympic cauldron from my home in West Vancouver. I have the best view in the world!

25 thoughts on “More Sights and Sounds of Vancouver 2010”

  1. Looks like there is a great buzz in the city! I would love to be a part of the atmosphere!

    1. If you want to be than be hurry because this party is not going last long.

  2. Wow that is really exciting – you are lucky to have so much action so close to home, it gives you tons of stuff to blog about as well!

  3. Diabetis says:

    that is exciting. i wonder what it feels to be infront of it all.

  4. Definitely a lot to be seen around Vancouver right now.

    1. This event will help Canada tourism as well.

  5. S Ahsan says:

    Its kind of sweet although I am excited about fifa :D. Thanks for taking the time to upload them! cheers

  6. My buddies flew there for the Olympics. Must be nice to be unemployed. Wait, no it’s not….Suckers.

  7. Sosnovskij says:

    Great video and photos. Vancouver is beautiful!

    1. Yes Certainly Vancouver is one of the most beautiful city of all time.

  8. fas says:

    What a view from your place.Awesp,e

  9. chester says:

    Vancouver is definitely the place to be. We walked around all last night with a big cowbell and drumstick. Need to get a horn the next time around. Party and festival atmosphere in our backyard!

  10. That looks fantastic John

    Its one of those places ive always wanted to visit but never got around to so thanks for uploading those pictures for us.

    kind regards


  11. SEO Tools says:

    wow amazing picture, specially the fire work

  12. Wow I am sure Vancouver people are having great time and when this will over everyone will miss it … that’s for sure.

  13. Last shot is incredible

    1. Yeah I want to see this in big and I even tried in flickr as well but unfortunately john added small photos only.

  14. WOW..Hope you’re having a great time…Enjoy..

  15. John, VANOC awarded media passes to bloggers, you should have applied for one and gone behind the scenes and into the sporting venues.

  16. batting pads says:

    You’re in the heart of the action, and I’m completely jealous. Great picture of Sally dancing!

    1. Sally is certainly having great time in this Olympic event.

      John have you added these photos to Sally’s blog ?

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