The Most Profitable Way To Make Money Online

When it comes to making money online, most bloggers stick to the tried and true advertising model. They might add a few more revenue channels, but the most parts, their sites will make money by selling advertising. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the advertising model. It can be quite profitable. However, if you want to get into the really big money, then you have to create your own product. Here’s why.

It’s The Most Profitable Way To Make Money Online

Of all the ways there are to making money on the Internet, by far the most profitable is by selling your own product. It’s like having a money tree.

Having your own product means there’s no wholesale or middle-man markup. You get to keep all the money. I have done very well promoting other people’s product but I’ve made the most by selling products that I control or have an interest in.

You Have Total Control

When you sell your own product, you have total control over it and can control its quality. You don’t have to worry about whether the company you’re promoting will deliver to your readers or whether they will even pay you.

This level of control will give you great peace of mind. You know that you’re delivering a quality product to your readers instead of some affiliate product that you may have not tried yourself.

It’s Easier To Sell Your Own Product

From my experience, it’s far easier to sell your own product than it is to market someone else’s. If you’ve build up a good relationship with your readers, they will trust you and will be receptive to any offer you send them. However, they will be far more receptive if the offer is one of your own products.

It Increases Your Brand Name

Being able to show your own product is a great brand building tool. My first product was an eBook and it help to separate me from all the other bloggers out there. Then I wrote a real book that you could buy at book stores or and that really help to elevate my brand.

When you have a something that the blogger next door doesn’t have, it gives you a leg up and makes you unique in a very crowded field.

The increased brand name has its own rewards. Not only are you more well-known but there’s an entire side income to be made from speaking engagement. Since publishing my book, Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, I’ve received many invitations to speak at various conferences and trade shows. Not only does this increase my brand even more but it also means my conference trip is fully paid for.

How To Create And Sell Your Own Product

In the past, creating and selling your own product was extremely expensive. Everything had to be custom coded. Thanks to advancing technologies, selling your own product got a lot less expensive. However, there was still a huge technology barrier. There wasn’t an inexpensive one-stop solution that did everything for you. For example, with my WP Blog Videos product, I had to get WordPress, Optimized Press, WP Wishlist, Vimeo Pro, PayPal, Aweber, and Clickbank to all play nice together. It was a nightmare!

Fortunately, I have a found a much better solution. It’s call SiteSales, and it will completely change the way you do business on the Internet.

Create Your Own Product Selling Site without Any Tech Skills

SiteSales is a truly unique and robust business building CRM (customer Relationship Management) system that allows anyone to create, launch and maintain a complete sales-website portfolio without any technical skills.

The product competes with InfusionSoft and 1Shoppingcart but it is a very easy to use drag and drop style shopping cart that does everything from 1-click upsells to hosting all of the sales pages, thank you pages etc. It fully integrates with every auto responder on the market. It has full blow reports, graphs and statistics down to vistor value and customer lifetime value.

The great thing about SiteSales is the price. While InfusionSoft and 1Shoppingcart can cost you up to $499 a month, SiteSales cost only $99 a month. That in itself is an amazing deal, but I got an even better deal that will make it impossible for you to say no.

The SiteSales Webinar Special

If you were on the SiteSales webinar last week, then you received an opportunity to get SiteSales at HUGE discount. In addition, you also got the following bonuses.

What kicks SiteSales over the top is that it comes with five “DONE FOR YOU” business where all you have to do is add their PayPal email, and it builds the sites for you!

You will also go through a 6-week webinar series and sequentially released training material not only on the software but also business-models and case-studies on exactly how to leverage the system.

You won’t have to pay $99 a month for all this. In fact, you won’t have to make any monthly payments! Interested? Then watch the SiteSales webinar reply to learn about the most profitable way to make money online, and how to get SiteSales to work for you.

SiteSales – The Most Profitable Way To Make Money Online

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26 thoughts on “The Most Profitable Way To Make Money Online”

  1. Jeanza says:

    Good point to sell your own product, John. Having control over the process is the key. I’m waiting for huge discount from SiteSales in my E-mail box hoping to seed my own tree.

  2. Abhik says:

    Ah!! SiteSales looks good!! I love those all in one platforms. 🙂

    1. Me too, I totally agree with you .

  3. faisal says:

    Making a good product and marketing it well is the real challenge.

    1. Not really! If only you know how…

    2. John Chow says:

      Making the product is actually the easiest part of the equation. Marketing isn’t that much harder either. Both have proven formula to work with it. Building out the technology to support all this is the big challenge and that’s what SiteSales helps to solve.

      1. Nathan Vu says:

        Are you kidding me, John. “Building out the technology to support all this is the big challenge and that’s what SiteSales helps to solve”. Who’s going to believe this?

        Your right about creating the product. It’s easy when you have a good idea. But marketing had always been the most difficult part and cost some companies billion of dollars per year.

        And the technology? If you have a book find a publisher or print it yourself and sell it yourself on Amazon. If you market it right and give it a lot of exposure you are guarantee to make sells. Paying SiteSales $99.00/month? LOL. The profit is gone in a flash.

        1. John Chow says:

          And if there was no Amazon to build the technology, how would you sell the book? What about PayPal. If they haven’t created their technology, most wouldn’t be able to sell anything online since banks don’t like issuing merchant status to IM. Creating and marketing is formula driven. It’s a roadmap that anyone can follow. The tech the powers everything is not.

  4. Oliver says:

    Hey, John.

    Great post. I, also believe that creating your own product is the way to go. it is fine to get started with contextual advertising or affiliate marketing, but at some point, you want to create your own product. In the free video course I offer, I make a point to try to have everyone that uses the course thinking about creating a product right from the start.

    You can create your own product for almost any niche, so people can’t really say “I don’t know what to create.” That is what being an entrepreneur is all about, creating solutions that solve people’s problems. Aside from the beautiful feeling that you get once you finish your stellar product, you get to enjoy all of the advantage that you have mentioned above. If you can properly market your newly-created product, it is very much comparable to a money tree.

    The Internet converts your products into a money tree because you can reach customers all over the world. If you tried to create a product and sell it in a small store on the corner, you probably will not make much money at all. Personally, I love creating products. I don’t have many under my belt as of yet, but I would like to create many more free video courses in the future that I can use to help people.

    Thanks, John, for the refreshing outlook on why creating your own products is such a great idea, and why this form of monetization will almost always trump contextual advertising and most other monetization methods.


  5. Whitney says:

    I would agree that building your own product would be highly profitable, just based on what I’ve heard. So far I’ve only done affiliate marketing…it just seems to be easier and I don’t have any idea what I would make for a product, but maybe it’s time to get busy lol.

  6. Nathan Vu says:

    The easiest product to create is an educational product such as a Book. The best place to sell your hard-cover book is Amazon (seriously). But a lot of people created books that are worth nothing because all they care about is making quick money.

    You either have a strong following from your blog/website or get a publishing company to do it. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki was rejected by all before it became a best seller.

    You have to not give up if you know you got something good and original. But most people are not even one bit original. I’ll get to reading your book one day, John. You do have a strong following.

  7. Albert says:

    Making a product is not difficult but to promote it online is the difficult part.

    1. Yes, this part I do agree!

  8. Great point and great software. I’m also looking to create my own product. But I feel I need to wait some more time and learn more n more about my niche. Anyway Thanks.

  9. I’m also same as you. But my first product may be an ebook

  10. Gary Darling says:

    This is awesome advice. But I still think I am little ways away from doing this big of a step. Give me a few months to a year though and then maybe I will be looking into something like that.

  11. Charley says:

    Great review John but why is there nothing but BAD reviews all over the internet about SiteSales? All over the Warrior Forum there is nothing but negative complaints about SiteSales and there are A LOT of unhappy customers. Are you just promoting it to make a buck since it is a high priced item or do you genuinely think the software is a true GAME CHANGER? Come on I thought you we’re the last person to promote something that was not top notch is this REALLY worth the $500 price tag???

    1. John Chow says:

      Not only am I promoting it, I also purchased it to use for myself. So far, I have zero problems with it.

      1. JP says:

        I thought you always got things for free. Since you are promoting them I would think so in this case too.

  12. meka says:

    that’s so right, i was making peanuts until i started selling my products online
    ads bring money when you have massive traffic

  13. tina says:

    its an amazing content which shows you can make money online

  14. Charley says:

    Hi John,

    Do you have an y examples sites or sales funnels you have built with SiteSales that you could show us? I would love to see it LIVE and in action or maybe you can do a webinar soon and show all of us who are interested in the product how you use it for your own businesses. Look forward to your reply.



  15. Hey John, thank you for recommending this website. Let me check it out. Hopefully can make something out of it.

    The only challenging part is always traffic…

  16. Joydeep says:

    I’m agree with you about selling yourown product is the most profitable of all. Though I am not convinced with your comment “It’s Easier To Sell Your Own Product”. To me It’s Easier To Sell Your Own Product when you know howto”. I think for someone new to internet marketing he/she still needs to know quite a lot about how to create and sell own product while it’s very easy to become affiliate.

    Thanks for your post though it’s a nice read.

    Cheers from Germany.

  17. Jecquelou says:

    Only stick to what you had known and guaranteed real to avoid fraudulent projects that will only put you in vain. Also get some information that will help you determine only the best way to earn money online.

  18. Hi,,, Thanks for this wonderful blog. I’m looking for more information for this blog. I learn a lot of things.

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