Multiple Posts – All At Once Or Throughout The Day

If you post more than once per day, how do you time your postings? There are two schools of thought on this.

The Lunchtime Crowd

The first school of thought say to get all your posts up before noon. This is how major blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo works. The majority of their daily postings are up before noon, and then there’ll be a sprinkling of posts after that. The rational behind this is to catch the “lunchtime crowd.” The theory is based around the assumption that most people check out blogs during lunchtime so you should have all your posts ready for the readers by then. That leaves you plenty of time to get up a post or two for the dinnertime crowd.

Giving Readers Time To Comment

The other school of thought say to spread your posts evenly throughout the day. This will give time for readers to comment on the post and even engage in a discussion with other readers. If you start banging off one post after another in an effort to get them out by noon, reader comments will slow down. If you’ve ever read an Engadget or Gizmodo blog, you’ll notice that comments on each post are very low considering the size of the blogs – Gizmodo get over 1 million page views per day and Engadget gets even more!

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I am not sure I buy the “lunch time crowd” theory. While my traffic does go up during mid-day, it’s not a mega increase over the rest of the day. Then again, I don’t jam all my posts in before noon. It maybe possible that readers of Engadget and Gizmodo know they have most of their posts up by noon and check the site then, making the lunch time crowd a self fulfilling prophecy.

All before noon or throughout the day. Which multi-posting style do you prefer?

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  1. blogdinero says:

    Maybe you can see the difference in the traffic of the morning, if your target is in one continent. But I think your blog haves users in Asia like America, so, when is the lunch time?

    1. exactly.

      i think the way john is doing is the best, spread it out evenly

    2. ya i agree spread it out

    3. Kumiko says:

      Exactly. The internet is GLOBAL! Which ever method you choose, it’s always lunchtime somewhere in the world. If you’re just writing for the north american audience, you’re missing out on a LOT of opportunities!


  2. My blog is only a part-time job…that’s why I prefer to post troughtout the day (basically when I have time to post 🙂 )

    1. Eric says:

      Exactly… whenever I can post, I do.

      To be honest, I don’t think it matters when you post unless you are receiving the number of visitors that Engadget, Gizmodo, and John Chow do.

      I blog in my sleep.

  3. Rehuel says:

    I think it’s also safe to wonder which lunchtime crowd to target.

    The US has 4 time zones. If targeting noon EST, most people in the western parts of the country are just now getting to work, or getting ready for work. By that time, it’s already dinner time for most European countries, while Australians are getting ready to go to bed (if not already sleeping).

    I think targeting lunchtime crowd can only work if you target readers of a certain geographical area.

    Spreading posts through out the day makes more sense.

  4. Alex says:

    I’m totally against posting all at once! As you said, you have to give your readers time to comment. The other thing is that people could come to your blog, read the post on the top and leave without noticing that you published more than one post!

    1. Eric says:

      True… I always wonder that when I post in quick succession. Will people ever see my posts that are lower down?

      Click me.

    2. Thank goodness for TimeStamp! 😎

  5. Krillz says:

    yeah that doesn’t really fit, as topics like make money, programming or other universal topics will get an audience from all over the word, that is of course if the language is english.

    So the noon audience in USA may increase some sure but then you would get the noon audience from the rest of the world, which should spread evenly during the day.
    The question is which audience is greater I mean if you’d for example would have your reader majority from let say sweden (just an example!) your peek would then have been around 6 in the morning east coast time.

    But the self fullfilled prophecy is the most likely cause, if I expect to geet food at 4 I will show up at 4 this same princip works when it comes to blog post updates.

  6. How do you decide on a time when your blog traffic is international in nature?

    I am from the UK and make my posts at around 3pm – but for readers in North America these posts will appear in the morning.

    I say just choose a regular time and stick to it.

    – Martin Reed

  7. Philip Yong says:

    yea different time zones. I prefer breaks in between my posts rather than all at once.

    But there isnt any specific time for postings. Whenever I feel like it. 😀

    Philip Yong

  8. blogdinero says:

    The better is:

    just post. 😛

    1. tru say…just keep posting atleast once a day and keep the momentum building…

  9. It depends on the target audience of the country.

  10. Great post John. I try to not post within 8 hours of each other. I usually post at 1-3am EST to so the post is there for the morning crowd then I try to post 3-5pm so people have something to read when then get home from work / school.

  11. Harry L says:

    I think I get more of my visits after 5pm e.s.t.
    I know if im reading a blog regularly, and for some reason i get multiple new posts to read at once, I tend to skim more and am less likely to comment.

    When I do multiple posts in a day I like to post once in the morning and once in the early evening.

  12. Tyler Ingram says:

    I dont have a set time to post. I just posted on before 10am, but I’ve also posted ones later in the evening.

    I have posted on right after the after though, but didn’t seem to affect much, bit I would like to space it out a bit.

  13. Rhys says:

    Throughout the day, though generally I try and get posts out in the morning. I posted today at 5pm GMT, and has little or no hits!

  14. I try to spread mine out thru the day since my readership is international as well. Ideally I try to do one before work in the morning and then one more during my lunch time.

    That should provide enough of a time gap for readers who haven’t subscribed to my e-mail feed (hint hint) to come back to the blog later in the day and check for new material. If I have time and I’ve put enough previously written posts in que I’ll put out a third post in the evening time.

  15. Rhea says:

    I post several times each weekday. I notice that when I post two items in quick succession, the first item is always ‘short-circuited’. In other words, many fewer comments come in because there is now a newer post up. So I usually try to post several hours apart. Although sometimes I try to use the short-circuit to my advantage, such as if I am posting something controversial, etc.

  16. When I have an idea for post and time to write it down I blog it right away no matter what time it is.

    1. It is the same for me, I usually post from 11 at night till 1.00 am or 2 am, when I am home, before going to sleep. (That is my time GMT-4)

  17. I think that considering the English sites, are visited by America and Europe mostly, it is difficult to say what time is good to post, unless you have too much traffic from only one source.
    In my case in the last 30 days I got 32.000 visits from Americas and 22.000 from Europe.

    1. Every blog is different, but this idea that onlyNorth American or European visitors. The idea that only North American or European readers visit English blogs is not right in my view. My blogs are totally in English and yes the majority of my readers are US … but Asia accounts for as many visitors as Europe .. and an interesting stat is thta my Asian visitors stay on the site twice as long and read twice as many pages per visit than either North American or European visitors.

  18. Ed says:

    With the global reach of the web, it seems very small minded to think in terms of posting by noon in your town. One man’s lunchtime is another man’s breakfast.

  19. Slaptijack says:

    I wonder how posting time affects RSS subscribers? It seems that they are less likely to miss posts that are “lower down” since they have to scroll through so many posts anyway.

  20. Scott says:

    I’ve tried posting experiments where I posted at 9 AM PST, 12 PM PST and 3 PM PST, and then spread out evenly, to see where I do better at and it seems better at 12 PM PST, or spreadout evenly – the other times don’t really matter. Still I was glad I experimented and tried it out.

  21. Zahra says:

    I try to post once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I find that that my Kuwait readers check out my blog in the morning while they’re at work and international readers check it out while I’m asleep on this side of the world.

  22. Lisa says:

    I’m a still very “wet behind the ears” blogger, but I have noticed that a lot of my traffic comes after 6 p.m. at night. My blog is a mom blog, so maybe it’s just a mommy thing. I don’t know. 🙂

  23. A Marques says:

    Although I don’t have a high traffic site and rarely post more than once a day, I’m still trying to decide what is the best time. I wouldn’t expect time to affect much of the RSS readers, but might be good to know this for the “normal” visitors.
    But again, as was mentioned so many times, if you have a diversified readership (geographically speaking) it might not matter that much.

  24. Sabrina says:

    If I post more than once a day I try to post midmorning and midafternoon.

  25. Wolf Stone says:

    I like the ‘post all important posts before lunch’ theory but most of the time…i think of and make up posts as i it’s that option doesnt really apply to me cause i dont think ahead for pretty much everything !!

  26. Dy says:

    I’m a believer that quality content draws people back, but I see the argument about visitors leaving comments. I’d try to get a posts in early and then get one a night.

  27. I woould so it throughout the day…so readers keep checking in anticipation of something good.

  28. Rich Minx says:

    I try and post at least once before lunchtime. I’m not targeting any particular country, but most of my readers so far are US-based so I keep those time zones in mind.

    As a blog reader, I subscribe to my favourites so open them whenever there’s a ‘new post’ alert. (I’m almost surgically attached to my computer.)

  29. Jason says:

    You know what I think? Anything is fine, as long as you STICK TO IT. Don’t post 3 things in 10 minutes one day, then the same amount over 12 hours the next. Keep it simple, keep it consistent.


  30. kaiwah says:

    The most important thing is to have unlimited contents to be blogged regardless of the timing because without contents, we got nothing even though we got lots of time!

    The idea of spreading it out is good as well as lunch hour tactics.

  31. In this case, the time of day you post is not that big of a deal. Sure, John’s based in BC and a huge number of his readers are from North America. Commentators/readers do flock quite heavily during the day (PST, MST, CST, EST), but there are a lot of them who come from other global regions as well. Whatever posting technique John’s using is working quite well.

  32. KennyP says:

    I don’t have certain period of time, I post whenever I want 😆

  33. well i my opinion

    write when eva u like

    bcoz ur blog is readed by the people of the world and not only my american



  34. I guess there is no secret special magical posting time; yeah, just do your thing when you feel like it. If you post it, the readers will come…and comment (cross those fingers).

  35. Kumiko-san is right … a large number of blogs are North American based and a large number of these bloggers forget that there is a whole world out there. Back when I used to play the job game I don’t think hardly anyone was on the ‘Net at lunchtime … but in the hour or two after lunch so many were surfing that our network gurus were constantly moaning about the bandwidth, blocking streaming sites, etc.

    I run my web servers on GMT (UTC or World Coordinated Universal) time … On my tiny traffic streams there are still distinct peaks at 0900, 1300 and 2100 … which just happen to roughly coincide with the start f the business day in my three largest reader regions … The UK, US mainland and Tokyo, Taiwan, and Australia.

    Might not be a deal-breaker for many blogs, but anyone planning when to post 1, 2 or 3 times or more per day might want to visit their server logs and plan based on the times where their visitors are.

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