My Affiliate Summit East Video Blogging Gear

Affiliate Summit East starts today in New York City. I left Orange County last night at 9:30PM, landed in New York at 6:00AM, got to the Hilton Hotel at 7:00AM, and I’m speaking at 11:00AM. I haven’t slept since Saturday night.

I should really use the few hours I have before my session to take a nap, but I think showing you the video setup I’m using to cover the Affiliate Summit would be more fun. Besides, I can always take a nap after my session. If you see me at the show, be sure to say hi!

9 thoughts on “My Affiliate Summit East Video Blogging Gear”

  1. Solavei says:

    John that is a great piece of equipment.

  2. This is some great gadget out there…You always have a way to get things working the way you want it…I think I like the b-tooth mic system so will check that out rather

  3. was it because of the light that you put that whole contraption together, today’s video camera are small enough to be help comfortably in your hand. Seems like a lot of work and expense simply for a video camera

  4. Abhik says:

    Okay.. Waiting to see what your new gear produces 🙂

  5. That setup is pretty awesome!

    I would probably stick with my iPhone though. Mainly since I already own it and wouldn’t have to spend all sorts of money


  6. Geez, John Chow, you are a beast. Hoping all went well today — you’re probably at the clubs by now with all that nifty equipment. Remember to make time in your dot com lifestyle for some beauty rest. 😉
    Thanks for compiling the video…

  7. faisal says:

    Awesome gear as usual.

  8. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Thanks for sharing the video here John.

  9. Wow. That’s great. Thanks for sharing this video.

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