My DealDotCom Results So Far

This post will serve two purposes. The first is to show my results so far from DealDotCom. The second is to satisfy a ReviewMe request from them. I guess they felt I wasn’t writing enough about them.

What is Deal Dot Com?

For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what DealDotCom is, then check out this blog post for a refresher. In a nutshell, DealDotCom is a Woot! style site dealing in Internet marketing products. Every night at midnight a new product is offered for sale and once it’s sold out, nothing else is offered until midnight the next day.

DealDotCom’s claim to fame is its two-tier affiliate program. You get 35% commission on tier one and 15% on tier two. Unlike other affiliate programs that place a time limit on your commissions, the DealDotCom commission is forever. It doesn’t matter if the person you referred buys something today or fifty years from now – you’re going to get paid. What’s more, anyone that they refer to DealDotCom goes on your second tier. Anything people on your second tier buy nets you a 15% commission.

My DealDotCom Results So Far

Since joining DealDotCom last Friday, I have managed to referred 239 affiliates into the program. Those 239 affiliates (known as queen bees) managed to sign up another 200 affiliates (known as worker bees), bringing my total network size to 439 affiliates.



The thing I like about the DealDotCom stats reporting is it tells you who your affiliates are and where they live. Well, the name is limited to a username but at least this way, if you referred someone and you don’t see them on your list, you can find out what happen instead of wondering if that person was included in the affiliate count. So how much money have I made from DealDotCom?


DealDotCom has been live for three days and I’ve made $201.62 so far. The day is not over yet so I expect the final three-day total to be a little higher but not by much because today’s item cost just $1.00.

You will notice that most of the commission came from sales of WP Affiliate Pro. I earned $8.05 for tier 1 and $3.45 for tier 2. The program sold for $49.88 so some people may wonder how $8.05 and $3.45 works out to 35% and 15% commission. The answer is the 35% and 15% is the commissions from DealDotCom’s profit. In this case, DealDotCom made $23 per sale. Of that, $8.05 went to tier one, $3.45 went to tier two and $11.50 (50%) went to DealDotCom. Today’s $1.00 item was given to DealDotCom for free. That’s why the commission is 35 cents and 15 cents.

My experience with DealDotCom in the short time I have used it has been quite favorable. DealDotCom works because it’s a win-win-win situation. The buyers are happy because they get something at a nice discount. The sellers are happy because they move more products. The affiliates (us) are happy because we make money with the deal.

Want $1,000 from DealDotCom?

DealDotCom has started a $1,000 contest for the best DealDotCom infomercial. Make a 3-5 minute video explaining the benefits of the site, upload it to YouTube and send the URL to [email protected] with your full name and your DealDotCom user name. On Thursday Sept, 27 at midnight, DealDotCom will narrow the submitted videos down to the final 10, and let you vote to decide the winner.

It sounds great but there is a catch. The $1,000 is not in cash – it’s a credit to buy $1,000 of stuff from DealDotCom. There will probably have a few runner-up prizes as well. Maybe we’ll try to make a DealDotCom infomercial after this Saturday’s Dot Com Pho. I’m sure we can make a funny one. And I’m sure there’ll be a panda in it.

64 thoughts on “My DealDotCom Results So Far”

  1. Cash Quests says:

    I’m not usually one to drop links, but since it’s related and useful be sure to check out:
    Evil Way To Get 50% Off DealDotCom Products

    1. Steven says:

      I figured that whatever DealDotCom offers, you can always get cheaper elsewhere, otherwise they wouldn’t make a profit. In rare cases, they may have a partnership with some companies, but I highly doubt that. Good point.

    2. Wahlau.NET says:

      refer yourself…nice ….i thought of doing that when i decides to buy something

  2. Shaun C says:

    Leave it to John to make a fortune in two days. πŸ˜€ Keep it up.

    1. Not exactly a fortune but not bad for a couple of days!

  3. Thats really awesome profit in such a short period. In a month or two youΒ΄re gonna be making a lot more.

    Too bad I blog from Brazil and it would be almost impossible to get money from this program.

    😈 :mrgreen: πŸ™„

    1. They pay by PayPal as well, Brasil isn’t covered by paypal?

  4. Deepak Dutta says:

    Well, I did not know dealdotcom is an MLM program. Was woot an MLM?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s not MLM, it’s a two-tier affiliate program. Those are actually quite common. Woot! does not have an affiliate program.

      1. Cash Quests says:

        Maybe that’s why Woot! provides you with really great discounts while DDC is still overpriced…. πŸ™‚

        1. John Chow says:

          You will be amazed at how many Clickbank affiliates can’t sell five items (required to get a Clickbank commission). Clickbank banks on this. If a person “off the street” signs up for a Clickbank account hoping to buy the WP Affiliate Pro for $97 in order to get back $72 commission in 45 days, chances are he will end up paying $97.

          Last time I checked, $49.88 is a saving over $97.00 πŸ™‚

          1. Cash Quests says:

            Sure, that’s true. Although, you’ve really got to wonder about the worth of the internet marketing product in the first place if a person can’t use it to generate a measly five sales.

            Furthermore, if a person “off the street” is going to buy these products without doing research beforehand to know if they can actually use it to generate a profit, they’re probably the sort of person that has been ripped off before and will be again. But they’re also the sort of person that affiliate marketers love!! πŸ™‚

  5. Sweet……439 affiliates!! Not bad John, not bad at all πŸ™‚ .

  6. Having an affiliate program based on sign-ups for products is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

    You should be paid to promote a product – not to get people to sign up. That’s like amazon paying me a commission for every sale I get from somebody who I signed up. It doesn’t make any logical sense what-so-ever.

    In some cases – paid to sign up works – when you are selling multiple products it doesn’t. I hope dealdotcom doesn’t actually expect people to promote these products if they aren’t going to receive a cut.

    Also – cash quests (link in the first post) points out a good reason why you shouldn’t even bother with dealdotcom unless you want to fatten john’s wallet.

    1. DealDotCom says:

      Actually they do receive a cut. If someone follows your link and buys you get 15%

      So if john signs you up but I email you and you buy john gets 35% but if since I emailed you, I get 15% .

      Not sure why you think it is stupid… it is workign out very well so far for a lot of affiliates.

  7. DealDotCom says:

    Actually, we negotiate with every product owner and make sure it is a deal that is not available anywhere else. You will not find a better deal on products. To say overpriced… if you can show me where you could get the three products featured so far at a cheaper price I will take back my words.

    1. Cash Quests says:

      Just because you can’t but it anywhere else cheaper doesn’t mean that it isn’t overpriced. It just means that there is an extreme lack of competition amongst those selling the product.

      I worked out that the markup on the product was about 185%. That’s higher than almost every offline store that you’ll go to. Considering the comparable lack of expenses involved in selling online and your claim that you’re providing rock-bottom prices, I’d still call you overpriced.

      I could probably get someone at DP Forums to code the same product for me for about $15 too.

      1. Poker Sharks says:

        Do you have to dissagree with everything John or anyone in a position of authority?

        Dissagreeing is fine, but when you do it continuously it becomes old and tiresome and you start to look a bit of a fool.

        1. KingJacob says:

          If someone is wrong should you not disagree ❓

        2. Cash Quests says:

          Yeah, I should really agree mindlessly sometimes. That’d work….

    2. Googlelady says:

      For the owner of DDC: do you contact companies/products owners or they contact you to make an offer in DDC?

  8. KingJacob says:

    Its not surprising you made money off this though Im stil highly doubtful about the products being offered on DDC, as all the products offered thus far have free counterparts, then again almost any web product has a free counterpart.

  9. Contest Beat says:

    That’s a sweet amount of referrals and some nice passive income!

  10. GettyCash says:

    John already earned nice amount from DDC πŸ˜€

  11. selamiye says:

    You nailed it at the fourth program with DealDotCon, John. Great review!

  12. Wallace says:

    it can estimate that the income will jump through the second tier.

  13. Andrew CHo says:

    They’re really getting their $400 worth out of their review πŸ™‚

  14. Googlelady says:

    Hey JC did you tried to cash out the comissions? I would like to know the process that they take.

    1. John Chow says:

      DealDotCom pays affiliate commissions 30 days after the end of the month via PayPal. There is no “cashing out.”

      1. I wish more peop would pay in paypal – I hate dealing with cheques – especailly when some companies (I’m looking at AMAZON) charge $15 for a cheque (the only option for us in the UK) and then our bank charge us an additional fee for the pleasure of screwing us on the exchange rate!

      2. Googlelady says:

        Thanks JC let me know when you get the payment will be nice to see those payments and see that they really pay. Not just you but also other people that are advertising this site and trying to make money with them.

  15. David Brown says:

    JC that nice picture with nice money inside, how do you that

    1. By referring others to sign up with Deal Dot Com πŸ˜‰

    2. Kanute says:

      Here we are helping him to do it. It’s all about the “TRAFFIC”. There more you have it the more you make money

  16. Etienne Teo says:

    Its an auto featured that is paid out by the moneky coders over at dealdotcom! Its a deal! :mrgreen:

  17. boringmang says:

    Hm.. it is impressive but I’m not shocked coz u are famous blogger..
    It is easy to get more affiliates..
    But I will try to learn from you..

  18. Kanute says:

    “You get 35% commission on tier one and 15% on tier two.” impressive

  19. CatherineL says:

    It sounds like you’re doing really well from it. If they keep churning out great value products – you could double your blog profits this month!

  20. svi says:

    I did not get it . For referring 1st tier you get 35% the second tier is 15%. What about if you make a direct sale?

    1. A direct sale is the “1st tier”. You refer someone to open an account, and if they buy, you get 35%. It’s worded a bit funny because you refer people to sign up, not to buy :/

      I suspect if you buy something yourself you get nothing, and your referrers get 35%/15% respectively!

  21. Alex Shalman says:

    But John, where will you get a panda on such short notice??

  22. The earnings look a bit small to me πŸ‘Ώ

  23. John Cow says:

    Are we the only ones that see “Since joining DealDotCon last Friday…” ?

    1. Cash Quests says:

      Hahaha!!! Best internet marketing Freudian slip ever!

  24. As long as you are an associate and a seller, everything is fine. Both get paid what is reasonable.

    The buyer is paying two in betweens a commission for a higher price.

    If the same could be knocked off, the buyer would get it that much cheaper. This is what a buyer would expect when shopping on the net instead of at a regular shop!

    Who guararntees quality and condition of the product?

    1. But without the commission, who would drive the buyers? πŸ˜€

      Consider that extra fee being for the referrer finding you the bargain πŸ™‚

  25. Clement says:

    John, Lucky you. Sometimes I do not like these referral systems because only the first sign-ups and high profile bloggers like you are only ones who really benefit.Late sign-ups and small bloggers will always lose out with these referral systems.

    Clement Nyirenda’s blog world

    1. Motivation to become one of the high profile blogs πŸ‘Ώ

  26. Darin Carter says:


  27. yigit says:

    Hahaha!!! Best internet marketing Freudian slip ever!

  28. “DealDotCom has been live for three days and I’ve made $201.62 so far”

    Plus the ReviewMe fee… Looks like you’re doing pretty well out of them so far. I’ve got 0 referrals πŸ™

  29. Kanute says:

    So many figures I’m lost…

  30. Hoto says:

    hey 200 $ are ok but not to much for a 400 people network. lets see how it does grow in the future. πŸ˜‰

  31. For all of you not using wordpress i made a small widget displaying the current deal each day automatically. You can find it at my blog (
    . Integration is as easy as the blogrush widget.
    John, i hope this is fine with you but i tried to contact you and didn’t get an answer.

  32. scribblewiki says:

    400 members involved and only $200? Interesting to see where this goes though.

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