My First Audio Interview

Last week, I did an audio interview with Talkmatic, a podcast featuring everyday conversations with interesting people. I guess I qualify as “interesting.”

The interview covers my banning from Digg, the rock flight in China and the $10,000 sound system in my car. I heard the interview for the first time last night and it’s always strange when you hear you own voice being played back to you. If you want to hear the interview then check Episode 3 – John Chow, Inside the Mind of a Web Mogul at Talkmatic.

18 thoughts on “My First Audio Interview”

  1. Allen.H says:

    I agree. I’ve recorded 3 podcasts in the past and it is indeed pretty weird to hear yourself, sometimes I wouldn’t be satisfied with how voice sounds and try to make it thinner/thicker. hehe…I shall be doing a pilot on my blog pretty soon though.


  2. Samer Bazzi says:

    Great Interview 🙂

  3. Shawn Knight says:

    Yeah I agree, good interview… correct me if I am wrong, but did he call you “Josh” at around 11:54 into the interview? LOL

  4. Alex Shalman says:

    Uh oh, guest blogger?

  5. vijay says:

    nice interview john.. liked it..

    u have better voice than me..

    btw, whenever i post a comment on ur site with firefox it returns >>

    Ooops…Where did you get such a link ?

    Server cannot locate what you are looking for !

    whats the problem ??

    now i comment on IE.

    1. John Chow says:

      Try clearing your cache and deleting the temp files. I change the name of my wp-comments.php file to kill off spammers. FF may still have the old file name cached.

  6. Martyn says:

    Haha rock fight, Awsome

  7. Kalle says:

    Wow congratulations. Great interview! 🙂

  8. Ryan says:

    I hear you about the hearing yourself thing. I’ve only done one of these in the past, and after hearing it I realized that I indeed sound like a redneck. 😉

  9. hey john,

    yes it was a great interview and we really appreciate you doing it for our little site. maybe you would give tony and I an update on how you are doing in another audio interview with us? 🙂

    we’ll talk more about that later;)

    thanks again,


  10. Tony Chung says:

    Thanks for the awesome chat John! You totally rock, and that is 100% evident in the interview.

    In my defense, that ‘Josh’ was the hybrid of a ‘John’ with a half ‘ssss’ giggle :))

  11. Michael Kwan says:

    Good stuff, John. Great interview.

  12. Nomar says:

    I must say, you have an interesting voice

  13. Cool interview. Interviews are always nice for publicity – I’m sure you’ll pick up a few new readers from this.

  14. Trae M. says:

    Nice interview John. I’ve been interviewed also but it was a while ago. I don’t think I qualify as interesting. I remember when you were getting all that Digg traffic and when your site was as new as mine and you had only several plugins. Good job on doing better than me. 🙂

  15. Leftblank says:

    I’m usually not much of a fan of audio interviews, but this one was quite interesting. Nicely done John (and Talkmatic).

    @Trae M., do you really have to paste your URLs in every reply while they can also be found when clicking on your username? It’s not going to help you much anyway since all links have nofollow 😉

  16. Excellent interview. Every time I hear my own voice it takes me about 20 minutes to stop shouting ‘not listening not listening’ while holding my head.
    Let’s just hope I never attain the heady heights of the ‘interesting’.

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