My MOBE Bonus – A Free Apple iPad And More

I wrote about Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Licensee program yesterday and got a ton of responses. People really like the idea of a license that gives them the right to resell MOBE products and earn up to 90% commission on them.

I made over $20,000 in my first month as a MOBE Licensee.

MOBE is a great turnkey solution for anyone looking to make money online. With MOBE, you don’t have to worry about the product or sales funnel creation. It’s all done for you. And when you’re getting 90% commission, there’s no need to create your own product. MOBE has over a dozen products, ranging in price from free to $15,000, that you can make money on. You don’t just get paid on the front end sales either. You get paid on all the backend sales as well.

Matt Lloyd giving me $10,000 cash bonus for being a top MOBE Licensee.

One of the best features about MOBE is you don’t have to do any selling. You just drive leads and the MOBE sales team will follow up to close the deal. Just for driving leads, you get up to 90% of the money!

A MOBE License cost $1,997, which is really cheap when you consider the cost of developing your own products and sales system. You’ll be lucky if you can get the sales copy done for that little! Still, $1,997 represents a sizable investment for many people. Therefore, I’ve decided to sponsor a few licensees with an awesome bonus package to make getting a MOBE License a no brainer. John Chow dot Com readers who enrolls as a MOBE Licensee will receive the following:

  • A Brand New Apple iPad (worth $499)
  • My original Blog Profit Camp program loaded onto the iPad (worth $597)
  • Complete Blogging with John Chow system with Automation Empire module and lifetime access to Blogging Done for You module (worth $598 per year)
  • Lifetime access to my WP Blog Videos training (Worth $1,164 per year)
  • A review on John Chow dot Com to promote your product or service (worth $500)
  • Access to my Inner Circle Coaching program (worth $1,164 per year)
  • Two hours of live 1-on-1 coaching at the MOBE mastermind in Fiji (worth $4,000)

That’s over $8,500 of bonuses! These are not made up numbers either. An Apple iPad does cost $499 and advertisers do pay $500 for a review on this blog. To get the bonus, all you have to do is enroll as a MOBE Licensee using this link, then forward me a copy of your receipt. You must use that link to show up in my MOBE control panel. If you don’t show up, I’m can’t send you the bonus.

You will get instant access to the entire Blogging with John Chow system and WP Blog Videos. You’ll get the reminder of the bonus after the 90 refund period. Yes, Matt is so confident that licensees will make money with MOBE, he backs it up with a three-month long refund period. Even if you refund the license, you can keep Blogging with John Chow and WP Blog Videos as my gift to you.

Expires December 31, 2012

This offer is limited to new MOBE Licensees who sign up and forward me their receipt before December 31, 2012. I recommend you get your MOBE License before time runs out.

Enroll In The MOBE Licensee Program | More Info About MOBE

128 thoughts on “My MOBE Bonus – A Free Apple iPad And More”

  1. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    nice offer John but $1,997 is a lot of money esspecialy before Christmas, but thanks for this.

    All the best

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s why I’m offering over $8,500 of bonuses.

      1. Gary Patterson says:

        Hi John,
        I’m excited to be promoting MOBE and learning from you.
        I would send my receipt, but I guess the team is busy celebrating
        New Years and I’m not receiving it. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. faisal says:

    Interesting bonus but expensive system.

    1. John Chow says:

      Depends on how you define expensive. How much would it cost you to create a dozen products and marketing sales system with a phone team? I made my money back in two days and went on to make $20K in the first month. That too me isn’t expensive. It’s damn cheap!

      1. faisal says:

        Everybody won’t be get the same results as you ;(

        1. John Chow says:

          Ya, some do better.

          1. I believe it —-> I am NEXT —-> Daphne D Williams

          2. What an answer… as its shows it would only get better & better if we think its gonna be better… 😉

      2. Hi John — It is NOT surprising that YOU made your $2k investment back in 2 days and went on to make $20K in the first month, when YOU have a publicly declared list of 100 THOUSAND Opt-Ins on YOUR list. It would in fact be indeed surprising if it were otherwise ?

        I have been an MOBE member for 4 months now and have spent a good deal of money on promotions and made absolutulely – $ZERO .

        YOU are concealing the fact that the $2k entry fee is NOTHING — compared to what you are going to HAVE to spend – if you DON’T have a list . You MUST then — have abundant financial resources.

        IF — like me — you are an old age pensioner, a student , or a person on a fixed income , who managed to scrape up up the joining fee – then found that you simply DON’T — have the abilty to pursue the NECESSARY and ESSENTIAL ,expensive List building — then you are pretty well screwed and have REALLY — just simply WASTED your $2k membership fee, – for NOTHING !.

        1. John Chow says:

          If you really spent a good deal of money on promotion and haven’t made any money in 4 months, you’re doing something wrong. No where have I claimed that MOBE is a push button system where you pay and money comes in, and if anyone watched the 80 min. MOBE video (which I hope they would if they’re going to invest $2K), they will see that you need a way to drive traffic, and Matt’s recommended traffic is paid traffic.

          Paid traffic is not the be all end all. If you watch the MOBE case study videos, you’ll see many members got sales with zero promotion funds. They use more creative promotions like free social media. If you give me more information about the type of traffic you’re buying and your budget, I can help you fine tune it so you are making money with MOBE.

          1. Thank you John for your your promt reply and the kind offer of assistance, it IS appreciated. I will PM you with Full details of my Infusionsoft Stats and other relevant data. I am using Solo Ads ONLY – and ONLY buying from those whose lists I am on myself and whom I actually have a reasonabe level of rapport with and whom I trust and KNOW to be straight shooters and hard workers. I have absolutely NO reason to doubt that the clicks I got, were genuine and relevant. My MOBE personal trainer Mr Brian Price, STRONGLY advised me to simply ignore Free promotion, at least until later, – after the Initial Impetus of Paid Traffic had got me earning SOME income at very least. I thought that – Very sound advice.

            — Peter

  3. Cash is what’s left when value exceeds cost.

    Value > MONEY

    Want money? Create value.

  4. Domen says:

    it is good program, I am in and few days ago I have started my first traffic campaign. BUT I dont like prizes you offer. Most worth price would be that you John give your skype to your affiliates and help them succeed. What can I do with Ipad and licence program if I am newbie or if I am no expert!! Nothing! I can play fruit ninja and spend 2k$ on program 🙂 Think about that. Everybody want people money but none are preapared to help.

    1. John Chow says:

      If you want to exchange the iPad for a few Skype sessions, I’m OK with that.

      1. Domen says:

        Sounds great 🙂

      2. Your PRICELESS JOHN CHOW, I think I’m in Love LOL 😉 but seriously that is NOBLE of you.

        I will keep reading and prayerfully I will ACTIVATE & Leverage it all very SOON.

  5. Whitney says:

    Nice stack of cash there John *slowly eases it out of your hand while telling you to “look over there” *

  6. adam says:

    Hey john 🙂 great idea to try and get more buyers with this product. I own the MOBE program and I have all my leads 250 of them but i still havn’t gotten any sales yet but i think i will try this:) and one more thing you should do a post on how you use SEO in your posts because i have a blog and i don’t know if i should put all of the keywords i use for my posts into my homepage keywords??? and i dont know what to many keywords is like i think i might be putting to much in and google doesn’t like it because i only get 2 unique vistors a day:( thanks john:)

  7. Jason James says:

    Hmm. John wonderful post as usual.

  8. Bob says:

    That’s amazing!

    I am now trying the IM Revolution based on your recommended.


  9. ZK says:

    These are awesome bonuses, can’t get any better …$1997 is not a cost , is an inversment in your business which you’ll recover…Ring in a profitable blog business in the new year 🙂

  10. Usman says:

    I’m interested in this offer, but I have a few questions:

    1. I’m currently a small business owner and a full time student, how much time is required to profit from this venture? I’m already extremely busy.
    2. How quickly would it be possible to make a return of $1,997 on this investment?

    Let me know, thanks.

    1. John Chow says:

      1 – Not much time. If you can put an hour or two a day into, you’ll be good to go. Most of the time is really used at the beginning because you’ll need to learn how to set things up.
      2 – That depends on many factors. I got my investment back in two days.

      1. Usman says:

        Thanks for the response. What is included in the “MOBE mastermind in Fiji (worth $4,000)” ?

        1. John Chow says:

          You get two one hour private coaching with me, where we will work on your business and plan out what needs to be done to get it to the next level.

  11. steven says:

    Hi John

    i want to get something clear from you,all i have to do is pay $1997 for the whole programm and bonuses?
    I think you are a live savior.
    Can you do me a big favor.extend the deadline for me to be on January 31.i leave in country where its challenging to get $1997.In my own currency thats about 20,000.00 roughly.But i am up against this challenge specifically for this programm.

    what do you say.?

    1. John Chow says:

      I’ll see what I can do in the new year, but for now, the deadline is the end of the month.

      1. yasmin says:

        i hope you can do that john,
        well i live in a country where it is very difficult to have an internet acces (wich is already frustrating), that’s why i always read your mails very late :'( , besides this offert is very expensive for a full time student with no income.

  12. mrloo says:

    Hi John, I am sold and would like to be one of the licensee but how can I know if I am one of your 10 so I can get those freebies. Appreciate your response so I can purchase it now. 🙂


  13. Nick says:

    Hi John,
    This looks really interesting, but despite some great and generous bonuses from you I can’t really make heads or tails of what MOBE really does. Perhaps I missed the cluetrain but I can’t seem to get any information beyond signing up and videos telling me how much $$$ everyone has made. I’d love to hear you thoughts on the system, or maybe someone else has that you would recommend …. obviously you are pleased with it and others are too, so I’d love to REALLY know more. BTW, I am really enjoying BWJC.

    1. John Chow says:

      There is a MOBE webinar you can sign up to that will tell you more about how it work. Basically, MOBE offers a license that allows you to sell their products and use their marketing sales team. You earn up to 90% commission on sales.

  14. John says:

    I like the system but I don’t like competing against the biggest players in the market trying to sell a system that you and other huge names already have a huge head start.

    1. John Chow says:

      If everyone thinks the same way as you, no one would do anything. I’m sure Larry wasn’t thinking about how many times bigger Yahoo was when Google started, or Mark wasn’t thinking how many more users MySpace had when he started Facebook.

  15. Dolapo says:

    Hello Sir,
    am a new blogger and am having alot of trouble getting my google adsense approved i just started my blogspot not long ago and i already have 12000 pageveiwer,
    please have been a very very good follower and a really passionate about writting because i know that the only way i can reachout too world and make my own impact too mother nature and every single life around me and far away from me.
    Please kindly help me out on this.
    I will really appericate it.
    Thanks alot.

  16. John says:

    Is MOBE MLM type business or pyramid scheme?

    1. John Chow says:

      No, it’s a normal affiliate program.

  17. Maciej says:

    How many of 10 spots are already taken? As I understand lucky 11th one gets non of your bonuses, right?

    1. John Chow says:

      That is correct. This bonus is for the first 10 or until December 31, whichever comes first.

  18. Jason Rogers says:

    Tough sale right before Christmas for $2000. The bonus your offering is better than cash for sure. Happy Holidays! Hit me up after Christmas if you’re still giving this bonus away.

    Happy Holidays! Tis’ The Season To Be Rich!

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s also how you separate the serious people with the holiday shoppers. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you too!

      1. Jason Rogers says:

        That is very true!

  19. Sandy says:

    Hey John I sent you an email regarding this offer please let me know if you received it

    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t see anything here. Can you resend? Thanks.

      1. Jason Rogers says:

        So true!

  20. Sandy says:

    Hey John thanks for the great offer. I sent you am email regarding this please let me know if you’ve received it

  21. mark says:

    what can you offer the poor guy without a job and no income, or money. heck I am even about to give up on my blog cause it seems they want more money to put this and that to get it like a blog. it took selling my last bit of stuff to get my blog going, and quite frankly I am lost on doing most of the stuff on it

    1. Rob W says:

      I just read your reply… PLEASE, do not give up hope. I know for a fact that you can easily start your blog-business with very little upkeep. If any person or so called ‘guru’ is asking you to spend more money for hosting, development, SEO, building lists, coaching, etc. and you are not making money, I suggest you start asking questions. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your guru for help, “Hey, Bob, I purchased the Great Shinny Object Passive Income system and I have spent over $1,000 now… I’ve beening working on the program for 12 months now, but I have yet to see one penny. Before I buy more of your recommended programs, or before I sign up for another hosting service (guru’s make a LOT of money when you sign up for hosting because of your referral), I need your time and your help. I have invested a bunch of cash in your products, and I want to make money. HELP ME!”

      I have been professionally working in sales and marketing for over 30 years, with the past 10 years focuses on internet sales and marketing. Here’s the BIG secret that the guru’s don’t want you to know… Almost 95% of the so called guru’s have NEVER done real Internet Marketing. Yes, I actually have tracked the top 50 guru’s over the past 5 years and the fact’s provide valuable information about the foundation of Internet Marketing as a whole. Bottom line, most guru’s never create their own, unique internet marketing system or program!

      Many so called guru’s have never done real internet marketing… let me define IM as 1) representing a product, also known as Affiliate Marketing, 2) creating a REAL product and designing & implementing a complete Gantt charts (marketing-sales plans), this would also include sales strategies, tracking the sales, creating product promotions, handling installations, customer care… the full ‘gamete’. 3) having the credentials to support their level of knowledge with internet marketing. Most guru’s have little to NO education, license, diploma, etc showing they actually studied sales, studied business or marketing, studied for an advanced degree such as an MBA, etc. ANY person can be an Internet Marketer, (unfortunately, you do not need a license) and most people blindly follow the ‘hype’, ‘shinny images’, ‘glitz’, etc. without asking one question regarding credibility. (Would you let anyone take your life savings and invest it for you and your family? How about surgery or health care, would you let any person perform surgery on your children?) 4) never actually performing marketing. Few so called Internet Marketers who have helped other companies by actually designing, implementing or tracking product-service marketing plans.

      So what is the secret? Well, my research shows clearly, that most Internet Marketing guru’s are ‘con artist’. Understand the definition of Con artist, as defined in the Webster dictionary is simply, “one who convinces”, a convincer, an arbitrator … so please, do not think I am degrading – discriminating current Internet Marketers! That is not my intent; my intent is simply to help you through education.

      Masterful IM guru’s obtain wealth easily by CONVINCING you 1) to love them, and only them… they are the best 2) they hold the only secret to earning money online, don’t listen to others, 3) only their proven system works, 4) to see their earnings (don’t you get tired of seeing all those click bank summaries? I am sure some are real, but I also am a graphical artist, and know how easily documents can be modified or created) 5) sign up for their email, blog, RSS 6) believe that every email they send you and, every comment they write online, is true, fact, and trustworthy… You should never doubt, have faith, I did it – you can too, don’t miss out, invest and if you follow each system you will, over time make great money. (These comments are those used by all ‘con people’ or convincers!) Why, as people, do we tend to blindly follow people perceived as being some authority or perceived as ‘making it’? Is it our human tendency to take the quick and easy path?

      What your guru’s probably have not told you is they probably have never created a real marketing program, and more importantly, they have never done the work and created a training course as a result!… Let me explain, many guru’s simply find an older program and copy it using their techniques, their actors and their design people in their style (copied). Remember high school or college? Why recreate something new when someone else has already done the work? Just re-create someone else’s old program, using your wonderful style, repackage the program and spam it our to your massive email list, or recommend it on every single online link opportunity (blogs, forums, eBay, chat rooms, Yahoo-Google groups, Google groups, hub, YouTube, podcasts, wiki’s, etc.)

      How the guru’s make money is easy, 1) over time they re-create about 50 plus ‘systems’ (CPA, PCC, Blogging, Passive income, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter you name it)… Go to the online internet marketing forums (warrior forum, jv joint venture, etc.) and look back over time. YOU WILL BE AMAZED how many product name (or similar names) repeat over time. If you check the products in detail you will see almost every ebook, video, PowerPoint, pdf, presentation, looks similar to a prior guru’s work. There is a reason for this, the top guru’s just share programs with each other (or they ‘borrow’ another guru’s program), then recreate them and spam them out to ‘newbies’ using internet marketing program announcement forums, email lists, blogs, forums, craigslist, hubs (any type internet communication possible).

      Do you think your guru has actually done the work associated with new ‘passive massive income blah’ system that they are promoting? Probably not. Seasoned marketers know that they make MORE money selling training, rather than actually doing the work. I site a great example… A m way. Yes, A m way reps come and go, but the training is always needed. Guru’s make more money pushing training programs as opposed to actually doing the work! That’s the secret!

      Now, I am NOT out to bash all internet marketers. There are a few great professionals online that actually create products and training systems as a result of the work they do online, an example would be a guru who actually DOES affiliate marketing and also teaches affiliate marketing! They are out there.

      How do you find the real gurus? Just ask them, in detail, about their products and how specific tasks work (as I have tried to do on this forum). The real guru’s who ‘eat their own dog food’, are proud of their work and are quick to help you. They actually can show you their systems and products, and they will help you when you have questions.

      I recall one time asking my new guru of the week about a system I have invested as a direct result of his email. I asked him a very specific question regarding how to link the recommended program to my website. He stuttered and said, hey, I have one guy who is making tons of money off of this program (he was up to $15 his first week). My new guru had no idea of how to answer my question. Bottom line, if the guru actually did the work in real life (eat his own dog food), he would be quick to recognize specific details of the program and he/she would help you rather than divert your questions or dodge your emails.

      Hope that helps. Yes, you can find great guru’s but do your research on your guru before you blindly follow him or her. Ask questions… “do you actually do the programs you are peddling? Show me… show me more, show me details, show proof, let me talk to others who have been successful with your program over the past year.” If your potential guru double talks you, or can’t show details, they are most likely not the real deal.

      I love sales, and I love marketing (internet marketing). If you have further questions, visit my Google Plus page. (gplus to robpwilson) I’d be glad to help direct you to a person or service of quality and substance. Please, don’t spend money when you don’t really know the person selling the program or they have not proven them selves to you. It will save you a LOT of time and frustration over the long run.

      Let me end by saying this… No life project is easy. Earning large amounts of cash does not come easy. Building true friends is not easy. Building a great business is not easy. Bottom line… if it looks easy, you don’t want it. The true prizes in life, the things, people, money earned, true life rewards, always take YOUR investment… Your investment of time, education, trail and error, networking, being honest, being diligent and working hard to be your best.

      My desire is to see the negative sigma of ‘copy cat’, ‘con artist’, ‘internet marketing gurus’ change from a group of fast-cash, shinny object, email spammers… to a highly respected group of individuals, individuals who have mastered ‘real’ internet marketing techniques and are truly respected as SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) within the community now know as ‘internet Marketing’. This group should be held to a much higher standard than todays, ‘spam and go’ strategy. IMO, if YOU are infested in actually learning real Internet Marketing, and you are willing to invest your time and money in an exceptional program, then you should receive and education that will product RESULTS (make real money). Much like vocational license or a diploma from higher education.. when you complete your courses, you should be well equipped to make money for yourself, and also capable to teaching others.

      I’ve got to run, however, God bless each of you! Happy New 2013 Year!

  22. Ken says:

    What is your inner circle program? Are you offering 2 one hour coaching session? Am I reading your reply correctly?

    1. John Chow says:

      Inner circle include a private facebook group where members can talk to each other and ask me questions. There will also be live webinars, which will be recorded for those who can’t make it. If you come to the MOBE Mastermind in Fiji, you’ll get two 1-hour private coaching sessions with me.

  23. Rebecca says:

    Thats funny give me the money i will gone.

    Who got that money not me thats for sure.

    And why im on here do you read your emails.

    Happy Holidays

    1. John Chow says:

      Read your comments to yourself a few times and then you will understand why you have no money.

      1. Chris says:

        Nicely played, sir!

  24. Sandy says:

    Hi John thanks for the great offer. I sent you an email regarding this offer please let me know if you received it. Sandy

  25. konstantin says:

    Let’s get 5 to 10 people together, start a partnership and buy it together.
    Power in numbers people. [email protected]

  26. Lokwing says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your offer, but to the beginner or someone who are not a internet marketing expert like me. I need more information or training would be better.

    Thanks anyway.
    Happy Holiday.

    1. John Chow says:

      MOBE offers complete training. They have an entire video series on how to generate the leads. They even have co-op advertising you can participate in.

  27. Richard says:

    Hi John

    Great product, great cash. But no thanks. No offence, but I have just saved $1997 and peace of mind.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your website. I enjoy reading your posts.

  28. Syed Danial says:

    Program seems interesting and profitable but being a student i don’t have that much money time and most important experience to successfully run this program.
    will try in future

  29. Mark Chauvin says:

    I cant say whether it is a good or bad deal. I am not experienced enough to know. Especially when I am a newbie and don’t know anything anyway. But I would like to get involved in a program like this but with a sick wife that is in and out of the hospital 3 times this year. I just cant swing $297 a month for however many months.

  30. NishantWorld says:

    John that’s a huge amount to invest for a newbie blogger like us… 🙁

  31. John says:

    US $ 1,997.00 at my exchange rate of US $ 1.00 = TT$ 6.40 adds up to
    TT $ 12,780.80 —– and that is a lot to pay as a one off payment.

  32. Skip says:

    Hi John,

    Like your offer but you haven’t spoken about how much this program is working for you and not just someone who is promoting it as a licensee. Are you actually working it yourself and how much money have your made?

    Maybe you make more money from promoting it.

    Please let me know.


    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t see how me making money from it should matter. I clearly stated at the top of this post (in bold) that I made over $20K from MOBE in my first month. This is a screen shot of my December earnings: As you can see. I’m banking it. Now that you know, I guess you’re going to join, right?

      1. Hector says:

        “I don’t see how me making money from it should matter.”
        Can I has cheesburger??? LOL

  33. Shalu Sharma says:

    Interesting programme and interesting offer. Fascinating.

  34. konstantinos says:

    wtf man? You include your affiliate links 4 times in your post, and you dont even mention that they are affiliate links. I mean…couldnt you just say that they are…you know, affiliate links! lol

    1. John Chow says:

      I guess you haven’t read my disclosure statement?

      “Every link on this blog is a paid link. If it is not a paid link, then it was an oversight on my part and it will become a paid link soon.”

  35. I was wondering when i can expect A Free Apple iPad And More

    written by John Chow on December 28, 2012?

    1. John Chow says:

      Read the post. It lays out exactly when you’ll get everything.

  36. michael main says:

    I would appreciate it if you send me my i-pad to; 2775 cantelmo pl. lenoir nc 28645. That is if you are good on your word.I will keep this e-mail so I can let people know if you keep your word,or if you are like everyone else that simply tells lies to get what they want.I do not think you are like that.I think you are honest,but only time will tell.Time reveals the future,and lets people know who is honest and who is not.Honest people get my business and the amount I am sure thatit is worth every penny.So you do what you say and send me the i-pad

    1. John Chow says:

      I will gladly send you the iPad and all the other bonus. Just follow the direction in the post and you’ll get it. Time will reveal whether you are honest in your acceptance of my offer. :p

  37. FLGent says:

    Hahahaha! Great April Fool’s joke!

    Oh wait, it’s December. Guess I’ll save $1.5K and buy my own iPad (using a family member’s aff link btw).

    ROTFLMAO or as P.T. Barnum is reported to have proclaimed : “There’s a sucker born every minute!” — but thanks bunches for the ‘offer’

    hahaha! Can’t stop laughing ….

    Happy New Year everybody!

    1. John Chow says:

      This is my MOBE commission for Dec 2012: Happy New Year! 😛

  38. Michael says:

    I was an avid follower but after this crooked scheme, I’m gone. This is bogus John and You know it. How can the video show NOTHING about how the system really works. Im so tired of testimonial videos with empty content. People stay away from this!!!!! Goodbye John.

    1. John Chow says:

      I guess you didn’t watch the video from beginning to end because it show exactly how MOBE works. If you can’t invest 80 minutes to watch a video that could change your life, then …. I guess you already know.

  39. Whitney says:

    Dang that’s a crap ton of bonuses lolllll

  40. bagus says:

    this good idea product but unfortunely it’ not free..?

    1. John Chow says:

      If it was free, you wouldn’t do anything with it. Think about that for a bit.

    1. John Chow says:

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  41. Hector says:

    John have read your comments, you are very defensive/protective/unreal about your comments…. maybe the people that follow you are like the people that follow apple??????

    1. John Chow says:

      Of course I read my comments. How am I defensive/protective/unreal about my comments? If I was, then I would just nuke all the negative ones and let in the positive ones. But I love all the comments, good and bad.

  42. osagie says:

    Can it work in Nigeria cos its a lot of money in my country and how do i get my money back cos paypal aint acceptable here except libertyreserve

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I believe they offer licenses in Nigeria. MOBE doesn’t use PayPal, credit cards only. Payment is done by check or wire.

  43. Jamison Sweet says:

    Im not sure where to send proof…but here is the main part of the email I got. I cut some off because it had login info and passwords.


    Hey Jamison,

    We have received your M.O.B.E. License agreement and
    our team is now reviewing it. If we need any other information from
    you, we’ll let you know.

    Otherwise, let’s get you started!

    You now have access to your M.O.B.E. License Training and
    the five Licensee products in your back office.

    1. John Chow says:

      I got it! I will email you your bonus shortly.

      1. Pantelis says:

        Help me please I just want to work to make money to provide
        for my family so we can enjoy life.l am from Greece and our economy sucks at these days.

  44. Jason James says:

    Hey John can you put a static link to this on your front page, so we can get more clickthrus to our links attached to our posting names?

    1. Pantelis says:

      What should i do so i can get starting making money.Tell the steps 1,2,3 etc.

  45. The program is attractive but the cost is a big scare. I intend to sign up hoping John will assist out in coming up with such high returns as he did

  46. Frank says:

    Hi John,

    Some great bonuses there.

    Matt’s program makes a lot of sense, and its a really good way for Matt to promote his products and get affiliates to sell for him.

    First he sells his product to people via the MOBE license program and then he gets them to promote the products for him. He’s a genuis.

    He’s says that all you need to do is send traffic and his system will do the rest, but isn’t this the exact concept of clickbank and you don’t need to spend $2k for the priviledge.

    My point here is that if people want to send targeted traffic to an offer and make sales then they can do it now, without spending $2k.

    What I see is going to be the biggest problem here is what every newbie Internet Marketer faces and that is driving targeted traffic.

    Sure he will show you how to do it, but I’m pretty sure it will be paid traffic as he mentions in his video.

    So on top of the initial outlay of $2k to purchase the license program, you will also need money to buy traffic.

    In my experience with any new paid traffic method, you are going to need to do a lot of testing to get it working just right, which could easily be another $1 – 2k, so if you think about it, you hold a lot of the financial risk.

    So for me, this is not quite the deal I am going to invest in – for now.


    1. John Chow says:

      Hi Frank,

      Those are good points you raised. To answer your question, there are some great difference between MOBE and Clickbank. For one, the average Clickbank product offers only 50% commission while MOBE goes up to 90%. Another is Clickbank products rarely exceed $100. MOBE products goes up to $15,000. Which is easier, finding 405 people to buy a $37 product or finding one person to buy a $15,000 product? Believe it or not, it’s easy to find a single $15K buyer than it is to find 405 $37 buyers.

      Clickbank also doesn’t have a phone team working for you to close the big ticket items. Clickbank doesn’t lock in your customer in for life. If a person who purchase a CB product from you goes clicks another link of another CB affiliate to buy something else, that affiliate gets the commission. With MOBE, your customers are yours for life. Anything they buy in the future is credited to you no matter where they clicked from.

      Clickbank doesn’t offer training. You either know how to market it or you buy some $1997 course that teaches you. MOBE has complete video based training,

      Yes, you will need to spend money on traffic if you haven’t developed your own traffic source, but that’ll be case no matter what you promote. And given the choice of promoting a low priced CB product that doesn’t lock in your customers for life, or a low priced MOBE product that has a phone team who will call up the lead to sell the big ticket stuff and give you lifetime credit for the customer, I’ll take MOBE. You’ll have a hell of time trying to get the EPC of a CB product above $1. This limits the type of traffic you can buy. Without even trying, my MOBE EPC is over $3. I have tons more options when it comes to buying traffic.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Rob W says:

        Good to know we get future business. Does Matt have a listing of what programs Matt will be creating over 2013, and outwards? Can we see this list and can we provide input as to the programs we would like our followers-prospects to see? (Mobile marketing, social marketing programs, etc?)

        I do have a question… if Matt’s team in interacting and closing my leads, then Matt has a huge advantage… with this interaction, Matt’s team will build a relationship with my base that I can not do (unless I hire a huge telemarketing team to support my efforts). I know from experience that people buy from people they trust. If Matt’s team creates a dialouge (as shown through Matt’s presentation – his flowchart for calling prospects), then he will build tremendous trust. I will in fact lose my base to Matt! What does Matt do, within his calling script, to endorse my leads to follow me? There is a VERY HIGH RISK that I will lose my followers to Matt simply through his ability to remain in calling contact with them! (Yes, I’ve done telemarketing for over 20 years as part of my extensive marketing background.) What will Matt do to promote me as an Internet Marketing Expert and not take away my base?

        1. John Chow says:

          The customer is yours for life. You will get a commission on anything MOBE sells, and the phone team only sells MOBE products. So you’re not really losing customers to Matt. They are still your customers.

    2. Rob W says:

      Great comments Frank! Please, everyone, ask questions before you jump on these shinny objects. Make sure you understand what you are truly getting. I am sure Matt is a great Internet Marketer, but I have never spent $2k just to promote someone as an IM guru. In fact, if you think about what is happening (sending referrals), you never pay to refer people to new JV or WSO offerings. I for one need to understand what I am getting, the process of how this work, the written assurance that my followers (base) will not be ‘sold’ away from me, and so much more (ongoing support, do we get access to future offerings, etc). Can’t wait to hear more about Matt and the details of his offering.

      1. Rob W says:

        Any updates? I realize I am asking after the great ipad giveaway, but my questions remain unanswered. Bottom line, I’ll invest if I feel confident in the offering and the value for my base. Until that time, I will be iPadless. Good luck!

  47. Lutz says:

    Lots of chatter about products. Were are these products? How can I see them without signing up for the MOBE?

    1. John Chow says:

      You can buy them from a MOBE licensee. 🙂 Here’s the sales page of one of them:

    2. Rob W says:

      Yeppers! I would love to see the products that have been developed. What is the content? How acceptable is the quality? Is the content easy to follow, and easy to implement? Is the content even VALID? What topics are covered? Is there logic to the system whereas users can easily follow the process and actually make money? Does Matt provide any tracking, tools or product support? Is the content original, or is it just an older program that has been re-written (yes, this happens.. lol).

  48. mrloo says:

    John, since I bought the licensee program, I forgot to ask what is the model of iPad? You just mentioned brand new ipad. Brand new ipad1, 2 or 3?

    1. John Chow says:

      The newest iPad, which I guess would be an iPad 4 if they were keeping count.

      1. Louie says:

        Hi John,

        Sent you an email regarding the bonuses from buying a MOBE License. It is almost two months since I purchased it on your link and need to know when you’ll send the iPad 4. Isn’t it the money back guarantee is only 45 days?

        Appreciate your response.


        1. John Chow says:

          You get the remainder of the bonus after the 90 day refund period, or after your last payment if you took the payment plan.

          1. Louie says:

            Ok, the MOBE rep made a mistake on telling me 45 days refund period. I’ll patiently wait for it. How can I send you my mailing address?

            Another question in your bonus, the Access to my Inner Circle Coaching program. How does this work?

  49. marietjie rabe says:

    Hi John, love the offer. Just too expensive for me. My husband and I survive on a monthly pension of $150 (R1500) less $100(R1000) for his monthly heart medication leaves $50 barely enough for rent and groceries. I will definitely reccommend for people who can afford it.
    Thx again for all the emails with valuable information.
    Luv Marietjie Rabe([email protected])

  50. Rob W says:

    Hey, what’s up with the promise of a FREE ipad. I’m here, and I have not gone beyond your ‘deadline’, but when I click the link to sigh up, you want money! Sorry if I am confused, but in my world, when you are asked to pay for something, you are not receiving any “FREE” gift… if fact, the buyer should always know that he/she has paid for their own tablet!

    I’m paying 2013 will be a year for HONEST Internet Marketing, oh, well perhaps my tablet is in the mail? I can send you my address if you need it for the shipment!

    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    1. John Chow says:

      Read the post again and you won’t be confused. If you’re still confused, then read it one more time. If you’re still confused after that, ask someone who understand english what it says. 😛

      1. Rob W says:

        John, I sent you a detailed email regarding this offer. I have not received an answer, so for the sake of your deadline, I will ask publicly!

        If I invest almost $2K in Matt’s product line, do I have full rights to brand his programs using my name/brand? Why do I ask? This is simple. I have my own, dedicated group of followers who expect to see training and products designed by me or jointly with me. I need to approve all products I offer and I prefer to have name on the products I sell, offer or endose (marketing 101). If Matt’s name is everywhere, well then I am just a sales rep for Matt and I am doing nothing to endorse me, as Mr. super IM marketing and everything to endorse Matt. Why would I pay $2k to tell my base, “hey guys, Matt has all these great products… sign up with him, start working with him… and I lose all credibility and most of my base.” Yes, I make quick cash now, but the long-term loss of my customer base destroys my name as a reputable Internet marketer.

        Also, does Matt do endorsements for his paying license holders? I would hope to see videos, written endorsements, etc showing that Matt and I, jointly created and promote these programs (or for most PLR work, you just assume ownership).

        Perhaps my goals are different than many, but I believe that sending mass emails recommending other people degrades my role and the service I am offering my followers. My followers look to me to provide quality information and value add. If I have to send my followers to others, than I am not a true Internet Marketing expert, I am just a sales guy pushing almost every offer (JV’s, WSO, etc) that pass my inbox. That is not my style!

        My products need to either be created by me, or in unison with another IM expert such as yourself, Matt, or other. There is power and real credibility in true joint marketing!

        Also, I need to know what products I am buying… I recall the video discusses 24 total products, but what exactly do they cover? What will I get, in detail, in exchange for this money?

        I realize I have so much to gain (the ipad), but really, I am most interested in the true value of the products I can offer my followers… what are the products, and what will my followers and potential followers learn? Will they be happy and want to give my name to others? Will they continue to follow me and be hungry for my next offering? I need to know just what Matt is offering that will compel me to sign up and also compel my followers to engage!

        I listened to Matt’s entire presentation, but Matt did not disclose the content of His 24 offerings/products. I realize I can buy and try, but I really need a detailed listing of his offering. What is he offering? Yes, I realize I can spend 3 months evaluating his products, but I also know that he can provide a detailed, high level product listing for our review. All of us should be busy creating new product for 2013 (I do) and I need quality information so that I can determine if it is worth my time to listen and invest in his 24 programs. Plus, I have a huge inventory of other programs which I can ‘spin’ and sell myself… what makes his product line different from all other ‘offering’ which are available either via the warrior forums or those collected over the years?

        Ok… sorry, for the long wall message, but everyone is busy celebrating the New Year (I’m a geek, working on Marketing). I need a listing, detailing each of Matt’s programs (all 24), and I also need written verification that I can use Matt’s products as my own, as if I developed them. This would be PLR, where I have rights to use the material as my own. I will assume that Matt has written this material generically, so private of joint marketing branding can be done.

        Please advise as your New Year’s clock is ticking away! I don’t want to lose out on the iPad, but I also want to make an informed decision. Plus, I am sure other internet marketers have similar questions! This information will certainly help each of us as we start 2013!

        Peace and Happy New Year to you!

        1. jokulhlaup says:

          Great post. Why is it that the only post on here with real substance is the one that does not seem to be worthy of a reply?

          1. John Chow says:

            That’s because the comment is so good, I emailed him the reply. 🙂

        2. Rob W says:

          Thanks for checking with Matt. This is very important, especially if I am to consder purchasing his product line for my use. Thanks – Hope you each had a blessed New Years Eve!

  51. Jason says:

    Sounds good, but another affiliate offer that I have to spend $2grand on that leaves me with a big question mark??? If I’ll even make any money. It’s a big if.

    I miss the days of PPC were I started out small and gradually grew and not having to fork out 2Grand to get started.

  52. Julie says:

    If you were to offer a solo ad to your mailing list then you would be talking. That gives everyone to recoup money spent on program. I don’t have a large mailing list. Thanks, julie

  53. Thanks a million for the offer Mr Chow…. but I reside abroad..and given the current exchange rate between the US dollar and our local currency, $ 1,997.00 converts into almost 4 times my monthly salary.

    Instead I might want to start with you on your bloggingwithjohnchow program.

  54. Girisha says:


    Give some idea, am really fed up by working on internet methods, not making money.

    Really many tries fails

  55. SENEM says:

    if I could afford it now, ı could join the seems very fantastic. John can give chance for 1 person with raffle

    1. John Chow says:

      I might do that in the new year. I will see.

  56. ahmed says:

    Hay please let me know what actual is it

  57. Hi John,

    I am on fixed income.

    I wish I could invest the initial $1,997.

  58. Greg De Tisi says:

    John it is clearly a great offer and especially since you are a man of integrity and success which is rare. I have read the entire comment thread here and it is good to see that people are realistic today about actually making an income with such a large investment. I would say to make anything ‘worthy work’ and when I say worthy I mean A) a great duplicatable system and B) the knowledge to market it, THEN you have a much greater chance to profit well.

    after 8 years of working online myself I can advice that anyone who is serious needs to treat the business as a business and focus on something with integrity and knowledge. Simply hoping and paying the $2k is no good without the after marketing skills.

    it is no secret that we are all trying to make money and for me it takes time to master certain areas before throwing money at things over and over again. This is a sound system when you know how to drive it.

    I have alot of time for John and have to agree that nothing is an overnight success unless you can master what you do plain and simple!

    All the best for the New Year all,


  59. Aleks says:

    Hey John, im ready to pull the trigger on this program, just wondering if I am still able to snatch the awesome Bonuses? I found out about Matt through your blog, so i will for sure make the purchase through your link, thanks!!

    1. John Chow says:

      I sent you an email. I can honor the bonus if you get the license in the next 24 hours.

  60. Gary Patterson says:

    Hi John,

    I signed up 12/31 … have I shown up in your b/o yet ?

  61. Rellie says:

    Are you still offering that bonus?

    1. Rellie says:

      And where do we forward the receipt?

  62. pat says:

    Hi John

    Was sick the flu, missed your e-mail. I would like to join but was unable to get in your MOBE offer. I respect you and what You have accomplished.
    Can I still get in.


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