My Mobile Video Blogging Setup for ASW and CES

I am off to the Las Vegas for the annual Affiliate Summit West and Consumer Electronics Show. I’ll be spending five full days in Vegas to bring you full coverage. Whenever I travel, I get questions about the gears I use. This video will show what I’ll be using to record the two trade shows.

I find it pretty amazing that my video, picture taking, GPS, and pretty much everything else has been replaced by one device. I used to take along a HD video camcorder, a digital camera, a cell phone and a GPS when going on trips. Now, the iPhone 4S has replaced them all!

The other pieces that make up the video blogging gear include:

20 thoughts on “My Mobile Video Blogging Setup for ASW and CES”

  1. patrickallmond says:

    Pretty badass set up John. I started using my iPhone earlier this year for most of my blogging, but I need some of these accessories you have. Keep sharing this stuff. Us geeks love it.

  2. Gotta be pain when someone calls you during a shoot.

    1. John Chow says:

      I put the phone on Airplane mode so no one can call me

      1. Abhik says:

        That’s clever!! But what’s the use of a phone if no one can reach you during that time? You gotta have a secondary phone! 🙂 @John Chow

        1. patrickallmond says:

          @[email protected] Chow When I am shooting my videos I ignore my phone. When I have a phone call I don’t start shooting videos. I’d think he’d be OK.

  3. Harshad says:

    Great stuff. I saw this at the session today and I thought its some professional camera… quiet surprised to see the iPhone in it.

  4. DannyMaddox says:

    Met John Chow at Affiliate Summit West 2012 today, he did a little mini-video blip of me. Meeting John Chow after 5 years of following his blog and having him video me was way cool. Affiliate Summit is a blast!

  5. Thanan says:

    I don’t like technology but sometimes we need to use it.

  6. Tony Garcia says:


  7. Garreth says:

    I dig the setup – I saw it at your Affiliate Summit session this morning, and assumed it was far more expensive.

  8. Abhik says:

    That’s awesome.. But, I a camcorder like sony handycam will produce much better video.

  9. the price of it must have been so expensive right? anyway, it is easy to buy something when you are rich.. 🙂 money really do anything

  10. fas says:

    iPhone 4S for the win.

  11. iphone still rules 🙂 no need to buy other brand..

  12. Tenzho says:

    Wow, Those equipment is so cool.

    Its awesome to be a rich guy!

  13. The most impressive gear here to me is that ZAGG extending battery life up to 27 hours! I wonder if Android has the equivalent of this stuff?

  14. zakton says:

    The right choice for a tripod … Manfrotto.

  15. zakton says:

    The right choice for a tripod … Manfrotto.

  16. Hotdogman says:

    That is such a sweet set up- I had camera envy at ASW 2012. My goal is to have a set up just like this for ASW 2013! You forgot to mention in the post about how the OWLE accepts standard 35mm camera lenses- that is a great feature for people who have a lot of money tied up in lenses and other gear.

  17. alisonstripling says:

    Because I just talked to @notagrouch and he forwarded over this post over to me, I may have just saved $$$$. This set up is neato AND I’m an iPhone fan.

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