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Those who are following me on Twitter know that I recently uploaded a new custom made Twitter background to my Twitter home page. The background was created for me by Hugh Briss of Twitter Image.

Hugh and Twitter Image has created backgrounds for some of the Internet’s biggest bloggers. As you can see from the screen shot above, and judging from the reaction on Twitter, Hugh did a fantastic job on my background. I feel the new background fits my brand perfectly.

Hugh will create a custom Twitter background for only $100. If you are a Twitter influencer with at least 5,000 Twitter followers and will allow Hugh to place a credit for on your background, you may qualify for a free background design. While I may have received my background for free, I would have gladly paid more than $100 for it. That’s why I’m blogging about it. Giving Twitter Image a free post that advertisers pay $500 for is the least I can do for the work Hugh did on my background.

How Much Is Your Brand Worth?

Frankly, I’m a bit taken back from some of the Twitter comments saying the background cost too much. How much is your brand worth to you? By saying $100 for a custom Twitter background is too much, you’re saying that your brand is pretty much worthless.

As your blog gets bigger, you will start to realize just how important the power of the brand is. It’s the only thing that separates you from the other 120 million blogs out there. Your Twitter home page is part of your blog’s brand. It should project the same professional image and not use the same background that millions of other Twitter users are using.

I want to thank Hugh and Twitter Image for creating my custom background. I hope this post brings them a lot of business. They deserve it.

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37 thoughts on “My New Custom Twitter Background”

  1. Tyler says:

    According to Twitter they are having issues with people on Windows machines (XP or Vista) uploading background images for their profiles.

    1. Is this a new issue? I uploaded a custom background last week on Vista without any problems.

    2. I never had any kind of issue and I run Vista.

    3. Looking Good John!!! ANd Tyler, twitter seems to be having a lot of issues lately – kinda surprised to be honest

    4. What kind of issues? I still have XP and I upload a pic and haven´t any problem so far.

      1. fas says:

        No such issues with your computer OS. Its more to do with more people tweeting.

  2. Giving Twitter Image a free post that advertisers pay $500 for is the least I can do for the work Hugh did on my background.<cite”

    Well, it’s not free in the sense that you are using your affiliate link. It’s more of a sales post than a free post.

  3. Pheak Tol says:

    Twitter is just blowing up. everybody and their mother has one nowadays..the background looks good john, it does fit your brand.

    i think $100 is just too much to pay for when you can go to photoshop and create one real quick, the only problem i see is basically getting the dimensions just right.

    1. John Chow says:

      Tell that to someone who doesn’t know Photoshop. 🙂

      1. Or have the money to buy a new software and learn how to use all of its functions.

  4. That’s an incredible work on your twitter profile. I did checkout Hugh’s other work at TwitterImage and most of them are exceptionally well designed.
    I think it’s the right price that Hugh is charging. For those who say it’s high, probably they should re-analyze the talent in his design. Thumbs up from me!

  5. I think the new design is great. I think it truly represents who you are and what you’re about.

  6. there are great sites that do decent ones for free. I agree that $100 can be spent wisely on other ways to push your brand. Even with basic photo shop skills, a person can pump out a nice design. I know mine personally is not as good as many out there, its still cost me $100 less!

  7. Pallian says:

    Why pay a $100 for a BG when I can make you something like mine: for free! Get in touch for the catch.

    1. Luke says:

      Probably because John’s is a lot better looking than yours (no offense) 😛

      Looks like they do awesome work. Definitely something to consider 🙂

    2. I cannot see your background the twitter page is in the front.

  8. Brenden Lee says:

    Nice background John. I agree with you about the power of branding. For those who are shocked at the cost of branding your twitter page, you should see what design & communications firms charge to brand a business. If your blog generates income, it’s like a business. For John, his blog provides sustainable income, it’s his business.

    For something as cheap as $100, I tend to ask myself: Is this too cheap? I must not be getting much value out of it. However, as Sharat Jaswal pointed out, this is good work and I’d say $100 is a good price.

    How much is your blog/business worth to you?

  9. Jake Stone says:

    Like article says, brand is very important in distinguishing your blog from competition. The best way to manage a brand is to turn it into something that people need and then maintain those values unchanged. Therefore design is just a minor aspect of the brand, because it will anyway remain largely static. Too frequent changes just mess poor consumer’s head..

  10. Jake Stone says:

    With design I mean graphic design. Service design has far greater value as well as how you design your marketing.

  11. It may be expensive to no names but a drop in the bucket for you. A good drop, very nice design. I’m sure there are various ways to get one, be it free, trade, or pay. It all depends on what fits your needs.

  12. @HughBriss says:

    Hi John. Thanks for the very nice blog post.

    The thing for everyone to remember is that cost is relative. For someone with a company and a brand to market the cost is negligible but for someone with a hobby blog they write for fun and have no intention of monetizing, it’s too much.

  13. Greg Ellison says:

    It is a very good background that they made. I don’t think I would pay that much but I am not making that much eaither. Once I start to make a lot of money then I wouldn’t think twice about how much money something is. Greg Ellison

  14. Josh Jordan says:

    Very nice. I agree that it fits your brand perfectly. You might even consider integrating it into your main site 🙂

  15. Not to hurt Hugh’s rate as it certainly is a well known Twitter background, but these images could be done for as low as $10 if you look for a designer on forums or “hire a programmer” sites.

    In this economy, it’s better to save some money right? 🙂


  16. The background is very nice. Good job by Hugh. Branding is very important but I’ll not pay so much for it. But it’s just my opinion.

    Peter Lee

  17. Are the social links clickable? It looks very nice background, I need one for myself.

    1. John Chow says:

      No, the links are not clickable because it’s just a background image. All the more reason, I made the links the way I did, with in them. Makes it easier to remember and reinforce my brand.

      1. Do not think you need to “Reinforce” too much, your brand are already made and greatly successful.

        The links looked so neat, that it almost looks clickabel.

        Great design.

  18. This is really excellent background, I am thoroughly impressed.

  19. I like it. It looks way better than your old one. I’m going to be making one myself, but it’s going to be a bit different because the Twitter account I made is for my company, so it won’t be all that personal.

  20. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I just have one word, :WOW! Your twitter background is great John! I’m familiar with Twitter background so I still stick with the default 1. lol! 😉


    1. You should really get a new design.

  21. Pahn says:

    this is a nice one..

  22. If you are a brand in the market than you should choose those fellows who are best in their service as you should never compromise your brand in any sense.

  23. I think I used twitbacks for my background. Real easy and just photoshoped out the “twitbacks was used to create this back ground” and it was all good! Check it out –

    BlogTipsForBeginners’s last blog post: Get Traffic From Forums By Not Being A Loser

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