My Problem with Star Wars: The Force Awakens

While driving to Las Vegas for the Affiliate Summit West, I made a series of Driving with John Chow videos. One of the videos is a rant on the newest Star Wars movie.

There are some major Star Wars spoilers ahead. Do not watch the video if you haven’t seen the movie. You’ve been warned!

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8 thoughts on “My Problem with Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

  1. I don’t think their awareness of others is a directional sense – in other words, they can’t just triangulate or turn 360 degrees to find the direction of the strongest signal.

    A couple of questions came to my mind as well.

    What the heck is Luke’s light saber doing in a box in a tavern basement (an unlocked box, at that)?

    What is it that triggers R2D2 to come out of hibernation at just the right time?

    If you’re arriving by space ship at a place that requires climbing apparently hundreds of steps to get from the bottom to the top, why can’t they just drop poor Rey off at the top? Rappelling would have been so much less work.

    I was also disappointed that Luke only shows up in the very last scene and apparently can’t think of anything to say!

    If you’ve been betrayed by a bunch of your Jedi students, are you really going to wait with your back to the access stairs when you’re (presumably) aware that someone is coming?

    1. Frederick says:

      >What is it that triggers R2D2 to come out of hibernation at just the right time?

      If I remember correctly, he wakes up because Rey comes to the stronghold. Or, well, it doesn’t say outright say that, but it seems to be implied, or that’s the implication I got anyway. Which also possibly implies that either Rey is somehow related to Luke, or maybe he just needed a Jedi nearby to snap out of it or something.

  2. Another thought – it doesn’t seem like the “tavern” has a “parking lot”. Where do the patrons park their ships? Everybody just lands off in the woods somewhere and hikes in to get drunk? I guess it makes it harder to “drink and fly” if you can’t find your way back to your ship!

  3. souki says:

    Janitor in stormtroopers means those that goes in to “clean up” everything, like kill everyone, or demolition, etc.

  4. faisal says:

    John ranting about Star Wars, weird

  5. Rudy says:

    Sorry, I really don’t like kids movies

  6. Rory Singh says:

    I never really could get into Star Wars for some reason. More of a ‘Star Trek’ fan. Captain Kirk is a man while Skywalker remains a boy for eternity.

  7. Armando Ello says:

    Hahaha.. I’ve enjoyed this, saw it too.Hadn’t a good feeling about it..and your puttin it into words. I was like.. yo, where is the action at.. waiting for the final sword fight, and Ray is only poking..

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