My Proven Traffic Strategy For Growing a Dying Blog

Is your blog waxing great or dying gradually and you wonder how to get it back?

Several things can contribute to a blog losing its productive abilities. Suddenly, you found that readers are no longer coming forth, no one is visiting, commenting or even sharing on social media. What is happening to your blog – you ask?

Your theme might be the best ever, great font size and nice visuals to match. But it seems something is going wrong somewhere – actually, it’s not your fault entirely, but you can change this circumstance and smile again.

I’ve only one proven-traffic generation strategy for lifting a new blog from the ‘ground floor’ and I also know how to resuscitate a dying blog. My strategy would surprise you – it’s so simple to implement and once you give it a shot, the good lines would begin to fall in your favor.

The Traffic You Need Is Available!

A few days ago, I had a talk with one of my friends, an affiliate marketer and a business coach. I was surprised when he told me that ‘the right web traffic is too difficult to get.’ “It’s a total waste of time trying to promote your business online because you’ll fail.” He said!

Wow, that’s so disheartening and I still hear people say that. But believe me; all the traffic you ever need to succeed in your online business is available. A blog will suffer lack of traffic and sales if the right eyeballs are not viewing the ‘money pages.’

The irony is this: you don’t actually need so much traffic to succeed online. There is a place for huge traffic, especially for pay per click publishers. But if you’re a service provider, few targeted prospects can generate six figures annually. So, stop searching and trying every possible best to drive 1000s visitors to your blog, pursue 100 responsive prospects – that’s where jaw-dropping conversion lies.

Position Your Blog For Quality Traffic

Oh, I promised earlier to reveal my proven-traffic strategy – well, I’ve not forgotten!

But are you positioned to receive the influx of quality readers, desperate clients and high paying prospects to your business?

Your blog may be dying, but there is a great chance it would come alive again. Positioning your blog simply means writing some ‘epic shit’ and optimizing unique web pages for people and search engines.

Does your blog have quality and helpful contents? Why not start from there and spend time revamping the posts. The traffic strategy I’ll be unveiling in few minutes will not work effectively if your content is weak.

You don’t need to get paid to write on your blog, no permission whatsoever and you can research and write valuable posts today – that’s how to position your blog for my proven-traffic strategy. Enough of the rant, here is what I’ve been creatively drawing you into:

Guest Posting: My Proven-Traffic Strategy

Yes, I’m talking about guest posting!

Are you surprised? It’s the best proven-traffic strategy as far as blogging is concerned. In 2009, my first blog was about to collapse; I literally lost enthusiasm and passion to contribute regularly. A problogger friend of mine advised me to start writing guest posts and when I started, pulsating changes began to happen.
Is your blog dead or on the highway to getting drowned, I have no other strategy to show you, than guest posting. I’m sure you’ve read several articles and watched videos on on the power of guest posting.

But has it worked for you?

A lot of bloggers who discovered the power in guest blogging, started out strong and 87% messed it up during the initial phase of research. It’s very important that you follow a proven pattern if success is your target.

Have a Goal-Map from Get-Go

In order to successfully leverage the power of guest posting and drive targeted readers to your blog, you need a goal. This goal should spell out the duties (plans), and the visions you want to see come true.
Some bloggers actually started out with a goal-map but got distracted on the highway. You know, a lot of things flash in my minds each time we challenge ourselves to be focus. The only secret recipe to winning in guest posting game is to have a clear goal of what you want, and how to actualize it – and remain focused on the ‘goal.’

Don’t allow anything to obstruct your visions about getting featured in A-list blogs. A single guest post on these blogs could result in 400 – 2000 active readers and prospects in 24 hours. Yes, a single guest post I wrote for actually brought 347 targeted readers to my blog within 12 hours of going live.

Avoid “Churn and Burn” Guest Blogging Practice

What does it mean to “churn and burn?”

It’s a simple marketing phrase which explains the relationship between service providers and clients. The success of your business lies in repeated guest blogging and exposing services to potential customers. Some bloggers will write a guest post, get featured in A-list blog and neglect to participate in comments, social sharing, live webinar et al. You need to reply to comments, answer questions and throw lights on complicated issues.

And because you’ve a good and clear goal, replying to comments and promoting the published article would motivate the blog owner to accept your next articles. The first published guest post is only a stepping stone to better and friendlier relationship with bloggers. Learn to build relationships – the traffic you need will never seize – it’ll be consistent, proactive and productive.

To “Churn and Burn” simply means writing and getting published once, and lose the opportunity to guest post again. Why? You didn’t reply, you didn’t proofread for errors, you lost control of your published works – you name it!

Write From Your Heart Consistently

It’s takes time to build a successful blog. Do you think it’s better and profitable to go back to the same 9-5 job? Why not grow the blog with guest posting. And if you must achieve tremendous exposure, traffic and credibility, write from your heart always.

You’re contributing to the success of another blog and this effort will be rewarded for the time being and years to come. Do it because it’s worth it – Do it because it’s a win/win marketing system – do it because you want to give your blog life. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is a creative Freelance writer and the editor of SEO content writing blog. If you’re looking to grow your business, generate better leads and improve sales, hire Michael to write quality and persuasive contents for you.

26 thoughts on “My Proven Traffic Strategy For Growing a Dying Blog”

  1. Justin Mazza says:

    A lot of great points here Michael. I would definitely tell new bloggers and blogs that are dying to spend the majority of their time guest posting , commenting and connecting with other bloggers.

    1. mikecoder says:

       @Justin Mazza Thank you very much Justin for sharing your opinion on guest posting. It’s a proven system, we should all do guest post and do it well.

  2. huasang says:

    Hi Micheal, I’ve read somewhere that guest posting is definitely one of the way to attract targeted traffics. I’ve personally done a few guest posting before, even though the outcome is not as huge as I am expecting but I did see some good effect.

    I guess the destination blogs that we are guest posting made a huge difference too! 😉


    1. mikecoder says:

       @huasang You’ve read the right thing Huasang. Guest posting is powerful, it can bring back a dying blog. Thanks for coming around!

  3. HealthWrong says:

    John, I am sorry. For a while, I thought the title says “My Proven Traffic Strategy For Growing A Dying Dog”.

  4. rabbistarak says:

    Guest posting is the best thing to do when your traffic is going down, through guest posting you can get popularity, traffic and backlinks so this is a win win situation.

    1. mikecoder says:

       @rabbistarak You got my point dear. Guest posting is effective, but we must do it well!

  5. MatthewJones says:

    Great post, i find to revive a dying blog you need to change your strategy. maybe a blog isn’t the right answer. It could be a static website.

    1. mikecoder says:

       @MatthewJones A static website can be profitable and has it’s place. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Guest posting will be very good if you know how to find a blog that is really established. Some blogs only have PageRank but no traffic so will not help in driving traffic.
 is a great place to do guest posting as all the people here are really active readers. Mashable is another great one which I find will be harder to guest post unless you have really good solid content.

    1. mikecoder says:

       @Life Insurance Over 85 So true friend. JohnChow is a great place to guest post and other top blogs too. Relationship is the first key, afterwards, pitch a great idea and you could get a “YES.”

  7. Abhik says:

    I like the guest post idea.. It definitely pays off.

    1. mikecoder says:

       @Abhik Thanks for your comments.

  8. fas says:

    It is a long term activity but as you said a proven one.

  9. Americas News Now says:

    Thanks John Chow dot Com

  10. melgalima says:

    great tip, thanks for sharing! it also helps to have a bunch of online acquaintances who involuntarily help you out just by sharing/+1/likes
    just like what i did now 🙂

  11. Great tip, will definitely incorporate this into my blogging strategy!

  12. Undoubtedly, quality content is going to be the key from now on. No more scrapped stuff, no more junk articles, no more copy/paste stuff. Good ole quality articles. 

  13. Brendan Carl says:

    Guest posting is one traffic generation method that I am trying to get into. It has been recommended to me by many people online, especially other marketers from WarriorForum. Generally, everyone that does it recommends it to others.
    Also, what’s great about guest posting is that it provides near-residual traffic. Traffic keeps flowing and flowing.

  14. MikePhillips says:

    I write articles and blogs, and what surprises me is how many people actually do read what I write (and I write from the heart), but leave no comments! I encourage comments; I bring up controversial subjects; I spring clever titles and make people think…but no comments and basically no activity.
    Have you encountered something like this? I’m sure I’m missing something important. Thanks.

    1. mikecoder says:

      @MikePhillips Hello Mike, I understand the point you’re coming from. It’s good to write from the heart, but do you write what readers want to read. Does it solve problem or add ‘something’ to their lives. If you’re sure of these questions, hit me up and let’s talk about it.

      1. MikePhillips says:

         @mikecoder  @MikePhillips @mikecoder: You asked if I write to engage and solve problems. YES! Every article addresses a need or taps into an interest of the time. I’m starting to wonder if something else is wrong with my model. One article I wrote has over 7000 views…I recently was asked to provide an interview for a journal on my company, which the journalist found out about me online…I’m often at the top spot in google for my keywords…but to be very pragmatic, none of this matters without conversions and orders. Thanks for your thoughts; I’ll keep at it!

  15. Semidoppel says:

    Thanks for sharing this, seriously. I am in doubt if how guest posting will help me in blogging. Now that you made me realize that it really works, I think I’ll compose new articles, helpful and informative articles and try to ask bloggers to publish my articles on their sites,

  16. “The irony is this: you don’t actually need so much traffic to succeed online”.
    True. You just need the “right” traffic. Of course, it could take a large amount of trial and error to find your ideal audience.
    It’s techniques, like your suggested Guest Blogging, which show how the Internet ecosystem can really shine and revisit it’s intended purpose.

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  18. Hey nice blog. Thanks for sharing this. Writing a Quality Content is very important. If our content is not Quality Content then no one take interest to read this. Guest Blog Posting is really great strategy for growing a dying blog. Via Guest Blogging we can connect with new bloggers, which can ultimately benefit us. Many people don’t get the actual importance of quality backlinks which are provided from guest posting. It’s very essential for a blog’s success and sustainability.

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